Smooth Out Wrinkles and Soften Skin with SiO Beauty Patches

Neck wrinkles SiO Beauty Feature

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Do needles give you the heebie-jeebies? No time in your busy schedule for the downtime and maintenance associated with injectables and skin peels? If so, then the SiO silicone smoothing patches might be perfect for you! SiO patches are a brand of second-skin patches in different shapes that you can adhere to certain parts of your face, neck, and chest to smooth out wrinkles and soften skin. Wear these patches when sleeping or bebopping around your house for 6-8 hour stretches. They can be worn up to 10 times if cleaned and applied correctly. Here is the science-skinny on these patches, how they work, and my experience with them!

What Are SiO patches?

SiO Chestlift plunging neckline patches

Normally when I research and write about anti-aging creams, I feel as though I dive through all sorts of chemicals, compounds, and even naturally-occurring ingredients. I really try to find what each thing brings to the table to help us turn back the clock and get the best results. But my SiO investigation is brief because these patches are one thing and one thing only: 100% medical-grade silicone.

Silicone is a combination of Si and O (hence the brand name SiO, a clever combination of their elemental symbols). When cross-linked with hydrogen and carbon, they form medical-grade silicone! Doctors have endorsed this for years because of its safety and comfort human, biocompatibility, and durability.

How Do They Work?

SiO Lifestyle image with patches on face

When we pop these puppies on, the patches protect and block off that area of skin, similar to how a bandage protects a wound, and it creates what doctors call occlusion. Occlusion is an awesome little micro-climate that draws all of the skin’s moisture to the surface. So not only do they plump up the skin, but they also smooth and soften it as well!

Also, as we age, our bodies lose elasticity and the ability to create collagen. Not being human Barbie dolls, we move our bodies. We laugh, stretch, smile, and very slowly, over time, we break down that collagen ourselves. These little patches stimulate blood flow to the area where they are placed, so they plump the skin to help it look more youthful. They also comfortably flatten the skin when worn and prevent new wrinkles.

Fun fact: Silicone skin patches are also used to speed the medical healing of burns and scars with this same science. By creating a seal while still allowing the skin to breathe and boosting the blood flow and moisture to the area, it is a formula for all things magical!

My Experience…

SiO Lifestyle image with patch on chest and face

Just to lay a little groundwork here…I am a woman in her 40s who loves to nap with her dogs and is an ultimate side sleeper. I was also a competitive swimmer who grew up in the time when we used baby oil for tanning, so I was burnt to a crisp more times than I can count and lived in the sunshine. Acne (and a few skin cancer scares) has followed me into my adult years as well, so the fact that this product is exclusively silicone and not comprised of 45 unpronounceable ingredients alleviates my misgivings about breakouts.

Upon receiving the package of the chest lift patches, I saw it was cleanly designed and very easy to understand. Simple things are fantastic when adding something new to my beauty regime. When faced with an item that reads like a Doctor Bronner’s soap bottle, intimidation sets in double-quick. The directions are clear, straightforward, and even have an illustration, so you are not flying blind…thank goodness!

Prepping for Application 

SiO Chestlift patches

When applying the SiO patches, you don’t want to have any lotions, serums, medicines, or creams underneath. You want the area as clean and dry, so the adhesion keeps as long as possible. I cleaned and toned my decollete to get any excess dirt and oil off my skin, then popped it on and smoothed out the air bubbles. The instructions say to apply it to the area where you feel like you have the most wrinkles (for me, it’s right above the cleavage).

When applying, you do not want to stretch your skin taut prior to putting it on. Upon first application, I was surprised at how pleasantly comfy it was. At first, I was worried about it slipping off or my cleavage pushing it together and it bubbling or having the sides come up, but the patch stuck comfortably throughout the entire night, and I never even noticed it.

After removing the patch the next morning, it really felt like my wrinkles had smoothed out, and my skin felt plump and insanely smooth! I was super shocked to see overnight results. Of course, it is not entirely permanent, but when used frequently, it can really help you out.

The directions state that when you take the patch off, you are supposed to hold your skin taut and peel it off, place it on the little board it came on, and store it in a cool, dry place. If it starts losing its stickiness, you can gently rinse the patch with water to get any body oils or dirt off. I am on night 5, and I am still going strong with my first patch!


SiO Lifestyle image with patches on face

A few years ago, before I knew this product existed, I actually looked for a little cleavage pillow or
something I could put in between my breasts while I slept to keep the wrinkles at bay. I even
attempted to sleep on my back, very still like a geisha, but I will give you one guess how long that
lasted. This patch feels like you are not wearing anything and does not affect your sleeping. My favorite part is that it keeps you from wrinkling further when applied (MIND BLOWN).

There are so many creams and serums on the market that you might start seeing results after a few months when used every day. It’s refreshing to see a product that is so simple and effective. I am also excited to have these if prepping for a big night out because I can just pop these babies on for a few hours before getting dolled up and feel all shiny and new!

I am officially a believer of SiO and am thinking about joining their subscription service (yes, they have that!) for other patches. Also, I am interested in the neck and under-eye ones for even more anti-aging success. I am not worried about my under-eye wrinkles as much, but I absolutely LOVE how these plump everything up and help it feel so soft without any chemicals while actually protecting you from more wrinkles.

You know my side-sleeping self will like that protection in the long run since my face is all smooshed into the pillow. The founder of SiO, Gigi Howard, went through 180 prototypes, 2 clinical trials, and 4 years of development to get these little babies perfect, and it shows.