Get that Summer Glow: Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

makeup tips for mature skin

Our eye shape, skin color and texture change as we get older. It can be tricky to find the best colors and textures in cosmetics. Below are a few makeup tips for mature skin to achieve that summer glow:

1. Foundation

Generally, we see more age or pigmentation spots as we get older. We want to cover them, however, we do not want a heavy “pancake” makeup that looks artificial. I think foundations look good when they have some moisture and highlighter in them. This creates a healthy glow to the skin, looking more youthful.

Cream Foundation:

makeup tips for mature skin
GIELLA Cream Foundation

This foundation gives you a “creamy” feel with a flawless finish. It can be used for both sheer and full coverage. If using it as a sheer coverage, mix it with a little moisturizer or hydrating oil such as grapeseed, marula or avocado oil. Then apply it in spot areas. You can use more where you need it (under eyes or to cover brown spots or capillaries.) The GIELLA custom blend formulas all have soy or Shea butter, vitamin E, pore minimizer, sun protection and glow in them. They are very easy to use and control the finish you like.

BB Cream:

This is the new term for MULTI FUNCTION; you get 8 products in one! It’s a combination of a primer, foundation, SPF, glow, pore minimizer, anti-oxidant, color corrector and moisturizer. This is a great way to brighten your skin in one step. If you need some extra coverage for capillaries around your nose or dark circles, use a moisturizing concealer over the BB cream. If your concealer is not creamy enough and looks dry, try adding some moisturizer to it. Mix a little in the palm of your hands and then apply it to the areas you want to conceal.

Liquid foundation:

This option is the BB cream that’s not so sheer. It has the same benefits and uses but you would use a separate moisturizer underneath. So, if you prefer to save some steps, try the BB cream.


Another important makeup tip for mature skin – avoid powders as a foundation on aging skin. You can use powder in areas that are oily, typically the T-zone. However, powder all over the face can look less natural, even if it is a high quality mineral powder. Water is the most natural finish on mature skin and that is our goal – a hydrated, flawless finish!

2. Brighter Colors

Cheek and lip:

If you are used to neutral browns on your cheeks and lips, try going a little brighter; a little more pink, plum or coral. This little “pop” of color is fresh and fun. Browner tones can call more attention to darkness in the skin. A less made-up eye with a brighter lip is a very classic, chic look.

If you are afraid of brighter colors, choose a sheer version of color in a creamy lipstick or lip gloss. Rose Pop lipstick is one of my favorites. It just gives you that flush of color in your lips without looking too harsh.

Or, use a sheer cheek tint rather than a powder blush. Cheek tints look great on mature skin as they have a more moisturizing finish. It gives you an easy glow of color. Apply it on the apples of your cheeks rather than on an angle. Smile and apply the cheek tint in a circular motion until it blends into the skin. You can also use this on your lips, too!

Try Feather, Spicy Mauve or Peached – so easy!

makeup tips for mature skin
Spicy Mauve
makeup tips for mature skin
makeup tips for mature skin

Eyeliner and Mascara:

Put an extra minute of eyelash strokes into your mascara application. I guarantee you it will wake you up. My favorite mascara tip is to throw your head back and lock the brush under your lash and roll the brush under your lashes. It’s like blinking into the brush. It will cause a lift and curl in your lashes. Go for the extra minute in roughing up the lashes, it will give you that needed POP! Watch this video for instructions.

Eyeliner is another way to brighten your eyes. I would avoid using brown and taupe colors. You might think black is too harsh but brown can attract more redness to your eyes. Choose a Sage (gray-green) or Midnight (deep navy) or Teal – they will brighten your eyes. Depending on your eye shape, you can try eyeliner on the top of your lashes or on the bottom lash line or even in the water line. It will depend on what eye shape you have.

Remember, as far as makeup tips for mature skin go, keep it simple but choose colors and textures that will work for YOU to achieve that summer glow! You can find out how to protect your makeup and give it longer life in the heat here.

Now, for more makeup tips for mature skin – watch Giella’s video.


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