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Day Cream Vs Night Cream

Why Creams?

Focusing on the effort it takes to maintain our health and looks can prove to be a huge task! Awakening each day and looking in the mirror can be a deal-breaker, especially when the aging process overcomes us. As we transition through the decades from youth to senior years, it becomes even more essential that we take the right steps to enhance and protect our skin. Figuring out if you should use a day cream vs. night cream can be difficult, but we have the best tips and products to get you on your way to healthier more beautiful skin. 

A vast majority of women use day creams because it moisturizes and is easy to apply before adding any makeup or other products to your face. It lubricates and keeps the skin from feeling dry and flaky. Day creams also help to minimize fine lines, crows feet, and crepe skin. If you experience puffiness around the eyes, day creams and anti-aging night creams can help shrink those areas as well. Is there a difference between the two? It’s worth investigating before opting for surgical procedures to achieve the results you are seeking.

day cream

Day Creams

Day creams moisturize your skin and help protect it from being overexposed to the intense ultraviolet rays from the sun and other environmental elements. These are usually lighter creams. As we age, we tend to lose collagen in our skin, and it can become saggy around the cheeks and neck. Day creams can help keep the skin firm and looking vibrant. Every individual’s genetic chemistry is different, so the selection of day cream products may vary. 

Regardless of your ethnicity, sunscreens are as essential as a day cream. It protects the skin from heat exposure and helps guard against skin cancers and minimize age spots. Exposure to direct sun can cause sunburns on all types of skin and can be very painful. Applying the right sunscreen SPF (Sun Protection Factor) can help alleviate this extreme condition. However, selecting the right day cream or SPF number can be complicated because of the many choices available. Take the time to read and research the ingredients in the products and familiarize yourself with the terminology. Rule of thumb, what works for one person may not work for you.

The higher the number, the more protection it provides. For extended outdoor activity, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends an SPF30 or higher day cream. If you are uncertain of the number, ask a pharmacist, dermatologist, or your physician.

Because of the many day creams and anti-aging night creams available, remember first to do your homework to determine your skin type and whether it is sensitive, oily, dry, or a combination. Learning your skin type should give you an idea of the kind of day cream to apply. Choosing the wrong product can cause adverse reactions. Your goal should be to carefully select the right cream that works for you!

Benefits of Day Creams

  • It protects your face from the suns harmful rays
  • It’s a great base for layering makeup on top
  • Heals your skin

Our Suggested Day Creams

As a good practice, particularly if you regularly engage in sunny activities such as walking,  biking, or sunbathing, you should include an anti-aging night cream.

night cream

Anti-Aging Night Creams

Just going about daily routines can cause stress on your skin. The facial muscles get tensed, and a lot of times, we unknowingly frown or squint. Frowning or squinting can create permanent lines between the brows.  Applying an anti-aging night cream can help smooth and relax those lines and make them appear less visible. An anti-aging night cream should be applied after you have removed your make up and washed your face just before bedtime.

Benefits of Anti-Aging Night Creams

  • Provides moisture to the skin throughout the night 
  • Boosts collagen in the skin
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Helps renew skin cells and nourish your skin
  • Even skin tone complexion
  • Penetrates the skin while you sleep

Anti-aging night creams top the list when compared to day creams. Since you apply it at night you will often see greater results. 

Best Anti-Aging Night Creams

There is the perfect day and night cream for every skin type and budget. Try several, if need be, until you find that one that works for you.

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