Stay At Home Hair Challenge for 50+

What do we do with our hair in the midst of COVID-19 #stayathome challenge with beauty salons across the country closed? I can literally see my roots growing out, with the line separating my gray and brunette hair slowly moving further down my head. Something needs to be done.

gray hairstay at home hair

What To Do and What NOT To Do for your Stay-at-Home Hair

Please do not purchase box color. So much can go wrong, especially on white hair. White or gray hair will quickly attract the base tones of a color. For example, a warm brown can end up orange, and ash brown can end up green. And blondes, you can easily overdo it and end up with breakage. No matter how attractive the color looks on the box, do not be tempted. Many salons currently offer curbside pickup of your very own tint, along with your regular home nurture products.

Better to reach out to your hairdresser and ask for this and once you have it, only do the bare necessity like part lines, around face line and nape area, don’t forget the crown area, the part we never see and the part that often lays flat exposing roots after sleep. The rest can wait till the salon doors are open.

If your bangs are too long, please do not snip them. Change up your hairstyle instead. Opt for a side part or add some curl to your bangs to shorten them up. Braiding is also an option to cover a thousand sins and certainly will free the eyes from hair. Decorative clips and headbands can be a practical fix until you can get snipped.

woman with headband stay at home hair

This is the perfect nurture time for your hair and skin. Spa your hair with your favorite shampoo, conditioner and nurture mask. Take the time to make it a once a week ritual. You will feel so good within yourself once it’s done. Fill the bath with sumptuous bubble bath and bath salts and just lay back and enjoy this moment of well being.

If you have a natural curl or wave, perhaps take the time to embrace this movement and allow the natural texture to be free. This post will guide you on how to embrace your waves and curls

Perhaps you end up loving your new stay-at-home hair, and maybe this will be the turning point to stop coloring your hair or change your bangs to a side sweep. Embrace what’s happening but at the same time nurturing your hair. Lay off styling products like sprays, mousse and gels. These all build up over time not only on the hair but also the scalp. If you need a serum, choose one that won’t build up.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to book your salon appointment when you can. Get in early even without a precise date lift on confinement so you can be one of the first on the list for when salon doors do open.

Stay safe everyone.


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