Mayraki Hair Regrowth Ulti-Nutra Laser System: Effortless & Affordable

If you have thinning hair, you may think you're stuck with it. But the Mayraki Hair Regrowth Ulti-Nutra Laser System with red light can help.
Mayraki Hair Regrowth Ulti-Nutra Laser System with red light

If all you needed to do was run a brush through your locks to have thicker hair, would it be a no-brainer way to gain self-confidence? Enter the Mayraki Hair Regrowth Ulti-Nutra Laser System. Both effortless and affordable, here’s everything you need to know about the product and why it may be the new ideal hair tool in your cupboard. 

Disclosure: My take on beauty has always been “you do you.” Having written that, if you have hair loss concerns and want to try a new hair regrowth product, please continue reading. Afterward, contact your doctor for more information and guidance if you still have questions or concerns.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Looking back at photos from my more youthful days, I never really gave my hair a second thought. It was shiny, full (compliments of spiral perms – who remembers those?), and easy to style. I even had those cute little baby bangs that we all love. 

But these days, I notice a bit of thinning, especially around my hairline, compliments of gray hair coming in instead of light brown. I think it looks worse. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women have hair loss by the time they hit 40 years old.

I’m not writing this to scare you; it’s simply what happens as we age. And while we often consider hair loss to be a man’s issue, the truth is that it also happens to women quite frequently. It’s caused by issues such as alopecia, hormonal changes, heredity, and aging, as well as thyroid issues. 

For decades, there have been products that help with hair loss, but they could be quite extreme. I remember when a common way to thicken your hair was to go under the knife to have small plugs of hair from the back of your head transplanted to the thinning areas or try various chemical treatments. Both work well, but the invasiveness and high cost tend to turn people off. There are other over-the-counter treatments, but their success levels are hit or miss.

Enter laser therapy. Easy to use and painless, the hair growth results are pretty staggering. Here’s more about the at-home treatment known as the Mayraki Regrowth Ulti-Nutra Laser System to help you decide your next course of hair regrowth action. I, personally, have been using the system for about a month and have already seen improvement. 

First, What’s A Hair Regrowth Ulti-Nutra Laser System?

Mayraki Hair Regrowth Ulti-Nutra Laser System

Straight from the horse’s mouth (aka Mayraki’s official website), the Ulti-Nutra Laser System is a revolutionary hair regrowth system that combats thinning hair and promotes regrowth. If that wasn’t enough to make you want to pull out your credit card immediately, clinical tests have shown up to 94% hair regrowth over three to six months. The system comes in at $299 with free worldwide shipping, and while that’s not cheap, compared to the cost of chemical treatments and hair transplants, it’s not expensive. 

But what about the pain factor? Happily, there is none. The system is non-chemical and non-invasive. It uses low-level laser therapy, known as LLLT, to stimulate hair growth and improve your overall hair health. 

How Does It Work?

When I wrote above that the system is effortless, it’s truly just that. When it arrives at your home, give it a full charge for at least five hours (a USB cable is provided) before using it for the first time. Simple instructions are included with the brush-style piece, and it’s as simple as brushing your hair slowly to allow its 12 laser diodes to deliver low-level (but still powerful) laser therapy. 

Additionally, the system uses Radio Frequency and Electrical Muscle Stimulation to help activate hair follicles that have gone dormant, improve your hair’s look and feel, and promote hair growth. 

And while all of the above is working its magic, a Low Cycle Wave Vibration Massage (it doesn’t feel weird or too strong, trust me.) feels like a nice hands-on scalp massage. This feature helps to promote blood circulation and to stimulate hair follicles as well. 

Lastly, using an Ozone Sterilization technique, the system kills bacteria, detoxifying your scalp. This also improves the overall health of your hair. 

Tips for the Mayraki Regrowth Ulti-Nutra Laser System

The first tip is to make sure you use the system properly. Start at the hairline, where your hair meets your forehead, and comb through your hair from front to back. Pause for four seconds every ½ inch to allow the vibrations and laser to work. Also, remember to keep the comb (although it looks like a brush to me) constantly in contact with your scalp during your session. 

As with any new product you will use, do a test run for sensitivity on your forearm before fully committing to using it on your head. Stop using the system immediately and contact the company if you notice any redness or irritation. Mayraki offers a 30-day return policy. 

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