Expert Tips On Long Hair for Women Over 50

long hair for women over 50

This big question is often asked. Now that I’m over 50, can I wear long hair? The answer is: YES! Most definitely!

The key to long hair for women over 50 is how healthy your hair is.

No matter the colour – brunette, blonde, auburn… I do truly believe, even long grey or white hair can be equally elegant and very youthful. Don’t think because white hair is setting in or that you have reached a certain age you must cut off your locks. Absolutely not!

Hair Cuts for Women over 50 with Long Hair

long hair for women over 50Even though your hair may already be long, regular cutting is important to keep the ends healthy. The same goes for regular trims as you are growing your hair. Just be sure to inform your hairdresser you are growing length to avoid any unpleasant scissor surprise. Keep the cut more on the classic side. One length cuts work best on long hair after a certain age. Graduation around the front areas can certainly be softening to the face but try and avoid heavy layering if possible and certainly avoid bangs. A young face can wear any length of bang but as we mature it’s better to dissolve these bangs into a graduated length that is softening for our ageing features. Long hair for women over 50 can be any length that can successfully be tied back. For example, a medium length bob could also fall into this category.

Long Hair Styles for Women

In fact, you will find long hair extremely versatile and possibly easier to look after than any mid-length layered haircut, and the variations can add a lot of spice to your life.

A simple, low ponytail is very chic for any occasion, especially the office or around home as the face is free of hair. Wear it tight or with a little added volume. A simple twist attached with a clip is a 5 minute hairstyle that always remains elegant. A long braid is very “on trend,” but the trick here is to keep the hair perfectly groomed or simply wear your hair beautifully conditioned and free.

long hair for women over 50

long hair for women over 50


Consider the Hair Color and its Maintenance

The more length, the more maintenance is required on color. Avoid at all costs having a regrowth of white or grey – especially if deciding to abandon colour all together. I recommend having a colour treatment to “ease in” the grey without any harsh radar bar regrowth lines visible.

There are many color shampoos available without peroxide, which is a wonderful way to add color to the hair without adding permanent color. These however will not cover white hair but will deliver a gorgeous hue of color to brunettes, aurburns and also blondes.

long hair for women over 50

Vitamin Intake

There are certain foods that deliver vitamins to give hair strength and aid hair growth, these are easily attainable from your every day supermarket. After all, it is true – you are what you eat!

Zinc: Pumpkin seeds and lamb are sources not only of zinc but also selenium, niacin and vitamin B 12.
Vitamin C: Stawberries, oranges, leafy greens
Vitamin D: Tuna, salmon, soy milk and cereals
Iron: Parsley, broccoli, and spinach are excellent sources of iron
B complex: Peanuts, fish, chicken, yogurt, mushrooms, avocado and sweet potato

Repairing the Health of Your Hair to Enable Length

To even consider growing long hair for women over 50, we need our strands to be healthy. Take a look at our previous article on regaining your silky hair texture for more on diet, hormone replacement options and products like the Iles Hair Mask that can be used once or twice a month as an extra added spa moment for your hair.


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