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Haircuts for Women over 50 with a Square Face

Sandra Bullock best haircut for square face

Fifty. That golden age where you’re still young enough to eat life with a big spoon and old enough to know other people’s opinions don’t dictate how you do it. At this age, the quickest way to get your sass on is by getting a new hairstyle. And nothing says “bold and stylish” quite like short hair. 

Short haircuts are a killer look for women over 50 because they don’t pull your face down; they make you appear younger. What’s nice about these styles is that they’re easy to maintain so that they won’t take up much of your grooming time. So, let’s explore some winning haircuts for women over 50 with a square face.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, there are some questions you need to ask yourself:

Do I have a square face?

You can tell whether your face is square by its shape. If you have a pronounced jawline, wide cheekbones, and a large forehead, then yes, you have a square or angular face.

When doing your hair, the aim is to introduce curls or waves that will soften the look, such that you get curved angles and make the strong lines less prominent. Wavy bob haircuts for a square face

Which types of haircuts are best for a square face?

The best haircuts for a square face frame the face and distract the eye from the angular facial lines to the softer curls of the hair. To achieve this, choose a haircut that:

  • Covers your sides
  • Falls to your forehead
  • Extends to the chin level

You want to keep the length of your hair at chin level so that you have strands going over part of the jawline.

Choose curly or wavy styles that will soften your look. Styles with layers also work great because they add volume and give the appearance of fullness.

If you have a broad forehead, go for bangs to cover most of the forehead and soften the face. 

If your jawline is prominent, opt for side bangs that are chin-length to cover part of the jawline.

Opt for versatile styles that you can play around with; something you can slick back, tousle, sweep across your forehead, or make wavy.

Layered bob cut

The layered bob cut works for all hair textures, so thinner, 50-year-old hair is no challenge.

Get the most out of this style by cutting the hair to extremely varying lengths. The greater the hair length variation, the more voluminous your hair will look.

Long bob

The long bob frames your face perfectly, and the fact that it extends to chin length makes it a good choice for softening the jawline.

Wear it wavy for the best look.

Natalie Portman Lob

Classic bob

A timeless cut that you can grace any occasion in, the classic bob frames your face beautifully, with its shapely curve giving your face a delicate look. 

You can cut it such that the hair extends slightly below the chin if you prefer. Paired with the flawless side sweep, it’s a look you can sport on any occasion. 

Asian woman with bob haircut and a square face shape

A-Line bob

Defined by its long front and short back, the A-line bob works so well for older women with angular lines because it is long enough to extend beyond the chin at the front. Plus, you can also layer it to make your hair fuller.

Short and shaggy

This shaggy haircut differs from the layered cut in the sense that it is choppier and messier. Wear it tousled for a playful look. You can pair it with bangs for an even more striking look.

Razor cut

The razor cut gives the best results when applied to straight or wavy hair. Because of the technique used to create it, the razor cut leaves your hair looking more textured. You can have it graduated and rounded so that it has a bowl effect on your face. Or you can add a fringe.

Bonus tips for great hair for women with an angular face

The Morning Show Marcia Gay Harden

The Morning Show Marcia Gay Harden

Once you’ve mastered your go-to haircut, it’s time to add some pomp and color—literally—to your new look. 

Here are some things you can do to make your new haircut stand out even more:

Color your hair

Adding a bit of color to your hair will instantly brighten your face. You can go for all-over color or opt for highlights. 

Highlights are a safe way to make your pop when you don’t want to go all out. But they can also be bold—it all depends on how much contrast and intensity you want them to have.

They’re also a way for you to see how you like your chosen color. If it turns out great, you could apply it to your full mane in the future.

Pick between full and partial highlights. With full highlights, you’ll have the color done all over your mane. But with partial highlights, only a section of the hair is colored.

The secret to a beautiful coloring job lies in choosing colors that complement your skin tone. A good hairdresser should be able to help you identify the most flattering shades for your complexion. 

How to maintain your color:

Without proper care, your color may start to look old and faded. Keep those tresses looking bright with these three easy steps:

1. Use a toning shampoo, also known as purple shampoo. 

Because colored hair is bleached hair, you’ll notice that it begins to take on a yellowish tone. This change happens when you regularly expose your hair to the sun or mineral deposits and chlorine in swimming water.

To restore your hair’s color, use purple shampoo, followed by conditioner. Purple shampoo works by releasing deposits of the color purple into your hair. And that reverses the yellow back to a darker tone. 

Note that you can use purple shampoo on both brown and lighter highlights. You can use it on your natural hair, too.

2. Apply hair treatment to your tresses a couple of times each week.

Regular treatment gets rid of frizz and limpness and gives hair a silky, shiny, freshly-moisturized appearance.

3. Lastly, get your roots re-touched on time.

Get regular trims.

Regular trimming removes the thinnest part of your hair strands and gives your hair a fuller look. Whether you do it at home or get it done at your hairstylist’s, do it regularly. 

You can have so much fun with these haircuts. Which one are you going to try?

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