Have you ever considered how to go grey gracefully? I am here to tell you, as an expert in the business for over 30 years, that it is possible. In fact, there are many pathways to achieve this sophisticated style!

To start, I encourage reflecting on why you want to go grey. Are finances a concern? Perhaps you are looking for a budget-friendly style. Are you in a busy season of life, looking to cut down salon visits? Going grey may support your schedule. As you contemplate this decision, also notice your current color. Does it compliment your grey hair? Is it growing out well? You may just need to change the tone of your natural color. As you begin this journey, amidst the uncertainty and excitement, remember that you always have options!


If you not quite ready to part with your blonde hair but still want to embrace your grey, try to add the right amount of blonde highlights to blend your grey.

As your hair begins to naturally grey, you may add highlights to help compliment and/or camouflage the grey. Without doing an all over tint, the highlights will allow your grey hair to start growing in slowly over time and can end up looking like highlights. Think of it as showing off your natural highlights. The highlights also help break up any solid lines.

Low Lights

Mature Woman with Grey HairIf you have a considerable amount of grey but want to create contrast without being a slave to covering your roots every month, I suggest adding lowlights throughout the grey areas. This helps your color pop and creates movement in your hair. By adding low lights, your grey hair serves as your highlight and your color grows out more forgiving.


Finding and using the right products is key when you are going grey gracefully! Several products help eliminate brass or yellow tones from the hair, supporting a silvery grey look rather than a yellowy, dingy one. Search for shampoos and conditioners with blue and violet pigment, as they can be combined with your everyday shampoo to alleviate unwanted hues. You may also use a clarifying shampoo a few times throughout the month when needed.

I encourage collaboration between your stylist and colorist. Wherever your hair naturally falls on the grey hue continuum, a chic, sophisticated hairstyle always compliments the look. Remember to choose a haircut that is accessible for you, has movement, and compliments your features! Having grey hair doesn’t have to age you as long as you have a youthful style that is up to date and sophisticated.


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