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5 Best Hair Straighteners

hair straighteners

Hair straighteners are a thing I struggle with. In my day it was all about perms. I think my generation was the last of the loyal perming crowd. We had Julia Roberts to thank for that. Who didn’t want to have hair like her after watching Pretty Woman? With that in mind, I have been a little resistant to the whole hair straightener following.

I have four daughters and somehow, three of the four managed to get hair like I never imagined. The other child got my hair but missed any of the perming madness. The other three regularly have their hair lopped off, think nothing of it, and donate it willingly. The thickness of their ponytails requires reinforced hair ties. No generic ties work. Their hair ranges from wavy to curly to otherworldly almost untameable. Out of this, I have learned of the elusive hair straightener. Here are the best hair straighteners on the market.

5 Best Hair Straighteners

1. Drybar Brush Crush Hair Straightener, $145

best hair straighteners

Since we know all lists have some sort of bias, I will lead with my personal favorite. It is not really a true straightener. It’s a new generation of hair straightening tools called a straightening brush and it is made by Dry Bar. It’s called the Brush Crush. Since I have fine, thin hair I use the travel version. People with thicker hair will need a full-sized version. I love this product because it works faster than a traditional straightener and doesn’t require as much patience. I think I’d probably call it more of a smoother because you can’t really get that bone straight look. It does really help with the frizzies and gives you a smoother look. It’s a little more versatile than a straightening tool. What I mean by that is that I am able to maneuver it better than an actual straightener.

2. Blow Out Freak One-Step Dry + Volume Hair Straightener, $59.99

best hair straighteners

The next product is the blow dryer brush. This tool looks like a round brush with a cord. Does the job of a round brush, but attached to a hairdryer. There are several brands to choose from, and two that are frequently compared are the Dry Bar Double Shot and the Bed Head Blow Out Freak One Step. Dry Bar is more expensive, but both can be found for good prices on sale or with a coupon. Reviews show these products doing well on thicker, curlier hair.

3. HSI Glider Original Hair Straightener, $99.99

best hair straighteners


For the actual best straighteners, also known as flat irons, the HSI straightener is versatile and has a reasonable price. It has a wide range of heat settings that allow for the straightening of thin or thicker, curlier hair. It also comes with a heat protectant. The barrels are made of ceramic which is the newest product proven to do the best job with heat.

4. GHD Platinum Pro Performance Styler, $249

best hair straighteners

The GHD Platinum Pro Performance Styler is the go-to for celebrities. It is also the brand of preference for one of my gifts for my hair godchildren. It’s expensive, but according to the reviews online and of my daughter, it’s worth it if you have wild hair that needs to be tamed and wants luxurious looking hair. Although some like the idea of several heat settings, the theory of this product’s designers is that it’s better to have one consistent heat setting to decrease operator error. So, it has one setting and it heats up fast. It has ceramic barrels and has a couple of choices for width. The edges are rounded so as to keep things smooth. It has a sleep mode so it shuts to off on its own. It is everything you`d hope for with the best straighteners at this price.

5. Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Straightener Iron, $139.95

best hair straighteners

For the thin hair many of us have, the Karmin G3 Professional Styling Iron is the most suggested. It is top-rated for those who have thinner hair because it has a low heat setting. It does also have a high setting for those with thick hair too. One-inch barrels allows the iron to be more versatile for styling your hair with waves or curls. It has ceramic barrels with a tourmaline coating which helps give your hair additional shine. The sleep shut off means no worry about forgetting to turn it off. It is also on the pricier side.

The great thing about today’s retailers is that most will let you test drive their products so you can find out if you really like them. Sometimes it just takes a little practice to get the technique down and you can hardly do that in the store. The reviews people leave are helpful too. They sound real because they are. If you`ve been sitting on the fence about a straightener, check out the list and then dig deeper if you need to. Look for specials because it seems like you can always find one. And give the product a test. Even Julia Roberts has tossed her treasured curly tresses for a straighter version. Big hair is no longer better. Natural anything having to do with beauty is never completely natural, but now we have the opportunity to get natural-looking smooth or straight hair using the best straighteners.

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