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Senior Sports Feature

Senior Sports: You Can Still Be An Athlete

I started composing this post with the intention of providing information about a certain sports organization. As I researched I realized that my goal is deeper and wider. I want to throw the doors of senior sports open to all of us who were athletes when we were younger and… Read More
  • Linda Teliha |
  • September 16, 2018
Family & Friends

Making Maui Memories

I had my children early in life. In so doing I missed having freedom in my 20s. The trade off has been adventures with my now adult daughters. For other posts I’ve written about backpacking with my youngest daughter and walking the Camino with my third daughter. I know the… Read More
  • Linda Teliha |
  • August 19, 2018
Family & Friends


One definition of dignity is "the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect." It is a good, general, solid, definition. There are many forms of dignity and many seem to apply to our age bracket. Today, I lost one of my best friends. I watched her suffer… Read More
  • Linda Teliha |
  • July 19, 2018
becoming a grandmother
Family & Friends

Becoming a Grandmother, Granny, Nonni or Memaw

"Hey, Granny," is probably not the way any of us ever wanted to be addressed. Fortunately, actually becoming a grandmother is whole lot different. It’s getting there that has its challenges. Who among us that have children haven't heard someone say, “You'll love becoming a grandmother”? As we raise our… Read More
  • Linda Teliha |
  • June 16, 2018
Featured Women

Inspirational Women in Their Prime: Margaret Danner

When I was 30 years old playing soccer I said I'd be happy if I was still playing when I was 45. That was before I met Margaret Danner. Margaret started playing soccer when she was 45 years old. She is 67 now. In my 30s I thought Margaret was… Read More
  • Linda Teliha |
  • May 24, 2018
living with an elderly parent
Family & Friends

Living with an Elderly Parent: When my Mother-in-Law Moved In

When the topic of Grandma (aka my mother-in-law) moving in came up, I'll admit I was nervous. We haven’t always seen eye to eye on things. We are quite different. The thing I was certain of was the fact that I was lucky to have room for another adult in… Read More
  • Linda Teliha |
  • April 18, 2018
learn something new

Try Something New! Stand Up Paddle Boarding

The heart and mind of an athlete never changes. When our legs don’t move the way we want them to, we get creative and we improvise. That’s exactly what my friend and long time soccer teammate did last summer when we decided to try something new. The two of us… Read More
  • Linda Teliha |
  • March 16, 2018
chronic medical condition
Family & Friends

Letting Go: When Your Chronically Ill Child Grows Up

As we mature, we form our identities and begin to find purpose. Many women who are mothers find our identities have been formed by the role we play in our families. As we enter our senior years, we begin to reshape who we are and who we want to be.… Read More
  • Linda Teliha |
  • February 24, 2018
camino de santiago
Featured Destinations

A Life Changing Trip: Walking the Camino de Santiago

Nobody could have prepared me for what happened on the Camino de Santiago. The humility, the pain, the grief, the fear, the pure human kindness and greater understanding of God's love - and the weeping for all of it together and separately and the finality and great feeling of accomplishment.… Read More
  • Linda Teliha |
  • December 9, 2017
backpacking trip
Family & Friends

A Mother-Daughter Backpacking Trip Reveals Unexplored Territory

The new ways of learning humility never cease to amaze me. Most recently my lesson occurred on a backpacking trip  with my youngest adult child, Olivia, and my friend, Laura. My definition of a backpacking trip meant hiking into the forest/wilderness/mountains several miles and spending at least one night in… Read More
  • Linda Teliha |
  • November 5, 2017
off to college
Family & Friends

The Mixed Emotions of Sending Kids off to College

It's that time again. It's back to school and many of us are sending one of our babies off to college. It isn't until you reach the point of actually sending your baby away that you really know the perplexity of the situation. It is a conflicting time. We are… Read More
  • Linda Teliha |
  • September 8, 2017
adult soccer league

Over 50 and Still Kicking: Why I Joined an Adult Soccer League

For most people, the top five things to do at age 50 probably do not include playing soccer, traveling to play soccer or planning to score a goal AND win. They are, however, on my list and on many other healthy senior soccer players' lists. As a former D1 college… Read More
  • Linda Teliha |
  • August 8, 2017

About Linda Teliha

Linda Teliha

Linda Teliha holds a bachelor's of science degree in health science and a master's in special education. A former track and cross country athlete, she now shares her experience through occasional coaching, but is a frequent soccer player, bike rider, runner, walker, paddle boarder and hiker. Linda is a mother of four grown daughters and is the partner in a property management company with her husband.