Hairstyles for Women Over 50 on Instagram

Looking for inspiration for a new hairstyle? Check out these 10 hairstyles for women over 50 that can be found on Instagram.
Women taking a selfie for Instagram

If you’re like me, you love browsing the internet (especially Instagram) for hairstyles. And not just any hairstyles. I want to find ones that suit my face shape, age, and style. If they’re also easy to keep up with (aka, run your fingers through them and go), I call them winners. Here are the best hairstyles for women over 50 on Instagram that you’ll definitely want to check out.

The Pixie Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women, Pixie Bob Haircut

Remember Twiggy and her super short, super adorable pixie cut that essentially only looked good on her? While I always wanted to try it, it was not the style for me or my facial shape.

Enter the new, improved pixie bob hair style for women over 50. Still short in the back, it offers longer layers to give hair more of a full look. And with those layers, it’s a breeze to blow dry or, depending on just how long you want the layers to be, add some large Velcro rollers to it and let air dry. Then, all you need to do is use your fingers to smooth out the edges.

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Medium Blunt Cut

Woman with medium-length hairsyle

This style works especially well on women with finer hair. You can leave as is and have your hair all one length or mix it up with curtain fringe (also known as bangs for us old schoolers).

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The Shaggy Lob

Get a wavy lob hairstyle like Meg Ryan

Remember how adorable Meg Ryan‘s messy hair always looked in the ’90s? If you want that type of hairstyle, check out the shaggy lob. The length is ideal as it’s right around the shoulders, although a little longer or shorter looks cute, too. It’s a messy, shaggy look that you can literally style one day and then tousle for the next couple.

The messy pieces easily frame the face, and if you really want to show off the longer layers, ask for a few highlights around the front of your head that are a couple of shades lighter than your hair. If your stylist likes razor cuts, ask for curved edges towards the chin for a more flattering effect.

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Hairstyles for Women over 50: Classic Bob

Short vs long hair for women over 50

With super easy upkeep, the classic bob never goes out of style, making it one of the best hairstyles for women over 50. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s super easy to maintain and style, the bob should be your go-to cut. Additionally, the youthful kick it gives our faces only helps to add to its appeal. It can be parted straight down the middle, to the side on your natural part, or made a little more whimsical with some piecey bangs.

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Curtain Bangs

Hairstyle for Women: Curtain Bangs

Even though the curtain bangs are super trendy right now, they’ve actually been around for a while. Remember Goldie Hawn and her tousled hair and bangs that adorably framed her face? Those were curtain bangs!

Different from traditional bangs, which are bluntly cut across the face from the top of one ear to another, curtain bangs remind me of tied-back draperies that your grandmother always had in the living room. Yes, they’re super adorable and are much easier to upkeep when compared to the traditional ones, too.

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Feathered Hair

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda

I’m not talking about Charlie’s Angels hair, but a much shorter, all-over feathered hairstyle. It’s a classic hairstyle for women over 50 who want minimal upkeep, but because of its short length, you will need to visit the salon more frequently.

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Inverted Bob

Victoria Beckham Inverted Bob Hairstyle
Victoria Beckham

The inverted bob has hung around as one of the most popular hairstyles for women over 50 of the 21st century due to its super cute factor and how it works for women with straight or wavy hair.

Using an A-line technique, the style is a bit longer in the front than the back and is adorable when you add a piecey fringe or curtain bangs to it as well.

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Layered Medium Curly

Blythe Danner curly lob haircut
Blythe Danner

If you’re looking to rock your naturally curly hair, going with a medium-length curly look may be right up your street. You’ll want to ask your stylist to take advantage of your gorgeous curls and use longer layers to define them. This cut works especially well for ladies with thick hair strands.

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The Shag

Goldie Hawn long hairstyle for women
Goldie Hawn

I remember my mother talking about shag haircuts when I was a little girl, so the style has been in and out of style for decades. Again, think of Goldie Hawn‘s messy tresses with a kick. This hairstyle is ideal for women over 50 with thinner hair, those that want an easy-to-maintain hairstyle, and those who want something youthful but still age appropriate.

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Rounded Bob


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If you’re not a fan of the blunt nature of the classic bob, check out the rounded bob cut. It offers a softer, less harsh style and gives some volume where the traditional style lacks. Ask for soft angles if you decide to give this one a go.

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