Editor’s Note: What’s Hot and Happening in June


Welcome to June! It’s drifting into the 100 degree range in Dallas, Texas this coming week. Trust me, we are not looking forward to a long summer of this! But we have plenty of distractions ahead. While things are heating up outside, we are working on some hot topics for the month.

We have a new contributor, a gerontologist, who will be contributing monthly and she’s going to focus on aging vibrantly. (Who doesn’t want to do that?)

We interviewed actress and former model Angie Everhart to find out how she’s doing after battling cancer, and what’s next for her.

Other topics for June include the benefits and fun of traveling solo after 50, the latest report on the effectiveness of the Nordic diet, the use of probiotics to prevent Alzheimer’s, which companies appreciate older workers, reinventing yourself professionally, and the fitness craze – hula hooping! Of course, we’ll be covering fashion and beauty, too, so we have something for everyone.

One more big change is happening in June. We have heard from subscribers that the Thursday email has so many articles they want to read, its overwhelming. In response, we are going to spread those articles out into three short emails each week. You’ll have an option to stick with the one email each week if you prefer. Watch for the first email and adjust your preferences as desired. We don’t want to lose you as a subscriber! Please email us if you have any questions about how to adjust your settings.

Favorite Posts From May

While you’re waiting for those great articles and more, here are the topics from May that had our readers buzzing.

We are always on the lookout for new hairstyles, so Modern Hairstyles for Women Over 50 was a great reference and inspiration piece.

Readers were really drawn to the article Grief Happens in the Brain – Healing After Loss.

Many related to the humorous and insightful piece Enjoying My Cloak of Invisibility.

Could This be Our Year? was our take on the entertainment industry and the summer films Book Club and Mama Mia: Here We Go Again.

Turns out, everybody is looking for that most versatile of all summer pieces – A Great White T-Shirt.

We also learned how to make our lips look luscious with Full Lip Tips.

Skincare Trends That Actually Work was another popular post, and no wonder, with all the ways to boost collagen from within and out.

How do you get mentally prepared for retirement? Retirement Readiness: Mindfulness and Slow Movement provides some tips.

Lastly, we shared thoughts on those milestone birthdays and the mental gymnastics that accompany them in Barely 50 and Overthinking and Why You’re Having a Midlife Crisis.

We look forward to hearing from you in June!


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