Prime Pick: The Best Eyelash Curler

You Ask, We Answer: Our Pick for the Best Eyelash Curler

One of the top questions we get from Prime Women is, “What’s the best eyelash curler?”

Today we’re featuring a product that we think a lot of you will absolutely love: the Surratt Releveé.  

Why should you care about curling your lashes? Doing so lifts the lashes, which opens up the eyes, for a more youthful, “wide-awake” look, which is great if you’re like me, and have deep-set eyes, or any pronounced wrinkles that affect your overall eye shape. (Aptly, releveé is French for ‘raised’. Oh la, la!)

Creating the Best Eyelash Curler: How Tony Surratt Changed the Game

Did you know you should pick your eyelash curler based on your eye shape? As crazy as that sounds, the variety of eyelash curlers are designed with different eye shapes in mind, but the Surratt curler is different.

Its creator, Tony Surratt, was determined to refine the shape of his eyelash curler to avoid the typical pinching and crimping that happens to many of us-and swore many of us away from them forever. Makeup artists and celebrities have picked this as their fave over, and over again, namely because a squeeze of the curler won’t give you that awkward 90-degree ‘kink’ in your lashes.

The Surratt Releveé Eyelash Curler is only available at a few stores, so here’s where to shop this Prime Pick:

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Amazon, $37

Barney’s , $34

Neiman Marcus, $34

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