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Organization and Tips

Deciding When to Let Go: How to Handle Inherited Home Furnishings

I’m currently in the process of packing up my life and preparing to move to another state. This experience has me thinking about the huge amount of stuff one can accumulate through the years. The plan is to downsize and sell many of the things in the house. Of course,… Read more

Money & Finance

Playing with Dough: 10 Steps for Managing Your Portfolio to Last a Lifetime

This summer, I took a 4 hour course at King Arthur Cooking School in Vermont. The class was titled “Bread Making 101.” My mother was an accomplished bread maker and taught me many of the basics of “Being Betty,” but bread baking was not one of the lessons I learned.… Read more


Shop for the Styles that Flatter Your Body Shape

One of the biggest challenges in shopping is finding clothes that flatter your body shape. We all know that weight fluctuations can make our faces look very different, but the fundamental bone structure that determines body shape will not change. There are five basic categories of women’s body shapes, give… Read more

Finding Balance

Secret to a Happy Life: When I’m Hungry, I Eat. When I’m Tired, I Sleep.

When asked the secret to his calm and happy life, a wise guru replied: When I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m tired, I sleep. The answer may seem trite to the point of being trivial. It might even generate annoyance in those of us who are less placid than the… Read more

Featured Women

A Second Act Career Story: Julie England, Engineer Turned Artist

In this series, we interview Prime Women who have made the transition to a second act career. This month, we are interviewing PrimeWomen contributor and artist, Julie England.  Julie, can you briefly discuss your corporate background - where you were before you began this second act? After my chemical engineering… Read more


What Does Magnesium Deficiency Mean to Your Health

Life after 50 should be fabulous – a time in our lives when we finally gain emotional clarity and balance. The daily stresses of raising children, climbing the corporate ladder and keeping up with the neighbors a distant memory. Unfortunately, chronic disease, diminishing bone health, fatigue and sleep issues can… Read more


Building Client Loyalty: 3 Strategic Branding Tips for Your Business

1. Know Your Client Intimately Intimately means deeply enough to have more meaningful conversations! Our company is based on the premise that people do business with people they know and trust. "Relationships are built on trust and respect – cemented with shared experiences." Valerie and Company Philosophy When building client… Read more

Career Maker

Ready for a Career Break? Tips to Make A Smooth Transition

What if you wake up one morning and there's NOTHING you absolutely have to do?  The general manager of an all news radio station proposed this to me as a recurring program segment when I left Dallas to join my new husband on an expat posting in the U.K., circa… Read more