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What’s in Laura Dern’s Closet?

IT'S HARD to imagine an actor, let alone a female actor who recently turned 51, who has had such a good run in the past year: “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” on the big screen and HBO's “Big Little Lies,” for which she won a Golden Globe for her performance as Renata… Read more

Organization and Tips

Personal Property Auctions: Pros and Cons

Downsizing and dispersing estate personal property can be challenging. In this series of four articles I have attempted to give you readers information to make knowledgeable decisions. The first article discusses finding a qualified appraiser. The second article discusses the ins and outs of estate sales as an option. This… Read more

Books and TV

Sandy’s Selections: Book Recommendations for Spring Reading

Sandy Dominy is what we'd call a "professional reader," and she will be sharing her book recommendations with us each month. Enjoy! The Shape of Water by Guillermo Del Toro and Daniel Kraus Sci-Fi/Fantasy The Best Picture Academy Award winner of 2017 was released in book version two days after the… Read more


The Link Between Alzheimer’s, Estrogen, and Menopause

In March 2018, genneve CEO Jill Angelo and I were fortunate enough to do a podcast with neuroscientist Dr. Lisa Mosconi. The following information is derived from that conversation and from Dr. Mosconi’s book, Brain Food: The Surprising Science of Eating for Cognitive Power. “Getting older is not a linear… Read more

Books and TV

India Hicks Offers a Grand Slice of Her England

THE UNEXAMINED life is not worth living. I believe we learned that from Socrates. Or was it Mr. Rogers? By way of an admittedly tortured analogy, there doesn’t seem to be an unexamined corner of any house in which the English lifestyle entrepreneur India Hicks has lived. In 2015 we… Read more

New Surroundings

Find Your Happy Place as an Entrepreneur

When I ask an entrepreneur how they feel about the fact they’ve created an income producing venture out of thin air, the responses are similar but they all have the same theme – they’re really happy. Through my blog VentureMom, I’ve had the privilege to interview and profile over 300 female… Read more


Feminine and Flirty – The Bow Shoe Trend

What's the latest shoe trend hitting stores this spring? Shoes that are at once flirty and comfortable. Cutting-edge and as soothing as the slippers you wear around the house. It doesn't sound possible, but turns out... it is. And maybe it will break the cycle of suicide by stiletto we've… Read more


7 Steps for Coping with Stress

Having just experienced a 6-month period of upheaval and uncertainty, I am acutely aware of the symptoms of ongoing stress. In my case, it came with fatigue, headaches, “brain fog,” and insomnia. Doctors report it’s common for people to experience high blood pressure, heart problems, skin conditions, depression, and worsening… Read more

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