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A Summer of Artistic Adventures and Art Exhibit Exploration

When most of us think of summer, we think of sand and beach. But for some of us that can't easily escape to the cool blue waters or are trying to avoid those aging and cancer causing UV rays, a little bit of air conditioned fun may keep us entertained… Read more

Family & Friends

Pet Adoptions: How Much is that Doggy in the Window?

Do you remember the song? I know I do. There have been many times in my life when the thought of adopting a pet has come up. Often I decided nope, it’s not the right time, or circumstances dictated that I couldn’t have a furry friend by my side.  At other… Read more


Is DHEA the New Wonder Drug for Health?

There has been lots of press about DHEA recently. Some women swear by it and others say it’s all just hype. So I thought I’d share my experience about using DHEA both personally and professionally. What is DHEA? DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a steroid hormone and is produced by the adrenal… Read more

Personal Growth

Insights on Work, Life and Love from Diane Keaton

Legendary actress Diane Keaton has received the AFI Life Achievement Award. Much beloved, she was feted at a star-studded event by Hollywood luminaries, including co-stars and former lovers, who celebrated her brilliant career. During a visit to Dallas a few years ago, she generously conducted an intimate Q&A session with theater… Read more

Food and Wine

Notable Wines: A New Wine Brand Simplifying the Wine Aisle

Every time I shop I observe folks standing in the wine aisle, struggling over which wine brand to choose. I eavesdrop on their phone conversation, or on their inner dialogue. It goes something like this: “Hi. I’m at the market. Which Chardonnay should I get? The one with the critter… Read more


Tips and Hair Advice from Celebrity Stylist Paul Labrecque

We are sad to announce that long time PRiME contributor, celebrity hair stylist and entreprenuer Paul Labrecque has submitted his last article for Prime Women. He has written a number of wonderful pieces on hair styles, hair color and hair care for our readers and will be greatly missed. Please… Read more

Leadership Growth

Step 7 of 8 to Join a Board of Directors: Corporate Directors Groups

Join a Professional Corporate Directors Group In prior steps we discussed your experiences and capabilities and the people you know who have access. In this step, we tap into professional groups that leverage the power of numbers and invest in governance research. Early in your process, find a local corporate directors… Read more


Bare Shoulder and One Shoulder Tops are Summer’s Key Trendy Pieces

Every year, as the seasons change and the new trends hit the magazines I am tempted to pitch everything in my closet and go shopping. I mean, who doesn't like new sparkly items hanging in your closet? But one thing I have learned as I have become more "seasoned" is… Read more

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