10 YouTube Beauty Channels for Women Over 50

Looking for beauty inspiration when it comes to hair, makeup, or fashion? Here are the best YouTube beauty channels for women over 50.
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If you’re all about keeping up with fashion and beauty trends but want them to be catered toward your age and style (aka, women over 50), you’re not alone. These days, women are finding tons of help via YouTube and its knowledgeable base of beauty channels for women in their second chapter. Here are 10 YouTube beauty channels for women over 50 that you need to check out now.

While I still love the idea of flipping through magazines for hair and makeup inspiration, I find myself heading to YouTube for tips. And, honestly, it’s become my nighttime regimen: I run the bath water, plop into the tub with a bath bomb or some bath salts (depends on the day!), and turn on the tele. It’s 20 minutes or so all to myself, and I use that time to check out YouTubers with makeup and fashion tips. Here are my top suggestions.

Lisa Monique


Lisa Monique wears many hats: she’s a wife, mother, photographer, military veteran, empty nester, travel lover, beauty enthusiast, and gardener. On top of that, her 156,000 subscribers go to her channel for videos that cater to mature women.

Her top vid, “Beginner Makeup Mistakes Women over 50 Make! How to Apply Makeup to Look Youthful and Put Together,” has over 3 million views and gives 9 mistakes we’re making when it comes to applying makeup to suit our skin.

Glam Girl Gabi


Gabi’s take on YouTube is easy: beauty is her life, and sharing it with us is her passion. Her channel goal is to help women achieve the best hair of their lives from home. To make life easier for us, she’s on a mission to demystify hair and to make us feel the best version of ourselves with easy tips and hacks.

Her top video, with over 2.2 million views, is called “Women with THIN FINE Hair LOVE this Hair Style (I can see why!)” and delves into transitioning fine hair (which I’ve lived with all of my life) into wavy hair with bounce and fullness.

Hot and Flashy


Hot and Flashy offers beauty advice with an honest spin. Featuring straightforward and easy-to-watch videos, Angie’s spin is exactly what we need. Her channel mantra: If you’re over 50 and are looking for style and beauty tips, anti-aging advice, and health how-tos from a woman the same age as we are, you’re in the right place!

Her top video, “How To Look Good on Video Calls | Zoom FaceTime Skype | Blogger Secrets!” has an impressive 5.3 million views and has been praised for its honest tips and simple instruction.

Tracie’s Place


Watching Traci’s Place is like hanging out with a good friend. Offering advice and tips on everything from hair, fashion, food, travel, her favorite things, home makeovers, thrifty finds, home management, and more, she’s a breath of honest, fresh air.

Her most popular video, “How To Heat Press A T-Shirt 101”, is not based on beauty, but keeping on scrolling through her popular videos, and you’ll spy hair tips, how to create an Afro Puff, and plenty of others.

Nikol Johnson


If you’re looking for an empowering channel for women over 50, look no further than Nikol Johnson. She’s passionate about sharing that women should have no beauty rules (now that I can get on board with!) and truly believes that we can stay beautiful, confident, and feel wonderful even if we’re past 40, 70, 80, or 100 years of age.

With 2.6 million views, her most popular video (“Makeup Tutorial Featuring My Mom – Super Special Episode”) features her mother and makeup tips for women in their 70s and how the proper makeup and tools can enhance our beauty without hindering it.

Amanda Ramsay


Amanda’s been a professional makeup artist for 17+ years. Her space is all about women over ages 40, 50, and 60+ years looking for age-appropriate, real, honest, and genuine beauty know-how. If you’re not ready to embrace middle-aged mediocrity, you’ll want to give her a go.

I found her through her “Everyday Makeup Tips for Hooded Crinkly Eyes” video. Showcasing where to and how to apply everyday natural eye makeup for droopy eyes it’s taught me super easy tips for keeping my eyes bright and youthful.

Dominique Sachse


Another relatable YouTuber that you need to check out is Dominique Sachse. Her channel draws you in with its “Yes, you can do it!” tips for transformative hair and makeup, fashion looks for every season, and health and wellness-related content for the mature woman in their PRIME! I really enjoy her vlogs on anti-aging and hair styling as well.

A must-watch video (and I’m not alone in my suggestion – it has 12 million views!) is called “The BEST Makeup To Look 10 YEARS YOUNGER! 10 Youthful Tips & Tricks” and highlights application and technique – something I can always brush up on.

Angela Masson


While we all may not dig the concept of fast fashion, Angela puts her personal spin on the term because her channel focuses on exploring fashion over 50, searching out amazing deals, and putting outfits together to help you feel confident in what you wear every time you head out the door. If you’re looking for style inspiration, hers is my go-to channel.

If you’re in the same boat as I am (aka, you’re all about comfy shoes these days), her popular video title, “The 5 Most Comfortable Shoes I’ve EVER Owned!” has 525K views and offers sound advice on looking both comfy and current.

50 and Fabulous with My Friend Dierdre


Passionate about fashion and style, beauty and skincare, as well as wellness for ladies like me, who are over 50, Dierdre has content on how to look and feel fabulous with help and advice with style and fashion, makeup and beauty, wellness, and happiness, made especially for us.

She focuses on vitality, positive beliefs, and self-love to help us get that zest for life, so we can feel like new women, so it’s all positive vibes from her.

I know I’m dealing with this one, and you may be, too, so it’s worth a watch: her “How To Hide A Belly Over 50” video has racked up 201K views and gives us no-brainer tips for concealing our muffin tops.

Shopping on Champagne


Last but definitely not least is Nancy with Shopping on Champagne. Her channel is about building a capsule wardrobe, learning how to shop for clothes, and pulling the plug on clothes that no longer fit or benefit you. And no matter your age, size, or style, you’ll find her videos practical and highly useful.

Giving us a kick in the pants to edit our wardrobe, her “Are You *STILL* Wearing That?” video showcases things we don’t need to wear.

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