Top 5 YouTubers Inspiring Women Over 50

Inspiring women over 50 is made easier with platforms like YouTube.

Not only is YouTube is the most popular video-sharing and streaming website but also the second largest search engine in the world — beaten only by Google. 

While the channels might cover the same topics (comedy, games, food, tutorials, etc.), each YouTuber gives their videos a unique style, which makes it one of the best platforms for people from all ages to spend their free time browsing.

Even though the most popular video creators are young bloggers, some older women have attracted a lot of attention with their content that ranges from makeup tutorials to playing video games. 

Top 5 YouTubers over 50 who are inspiring women:

Tricia CusdenLook Fabulous Forever

As the founder and CEO of the beauty brand Look Fabulous Forever, Tricia Cusden runs a YouTube channel named after herself. In it, she shares tips, tricks and advice on everything from how to get elegant looks for any occasion to how to take care of the skin.

With over 30K subscribers, Cusden is often labeled as a pioneering YouTuber who wants to prove that that age should not be a barrier when it comes to looking fabulous. One of the most striking aspects of her videos is that the models who try the makeup are older than 50, emphasizing her pro-age message.

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Margaret Manning – Sixty and Me

Run by Margaret Manning, Sixty and Me is a YouTube channel with over 70K subscribers focused on helping women over 60 create an independent, healthy and financially secure lifestyle.

To do so, Margaret regularly shares videos talking about travel, relationships, finance, beauty tips and spirituality. 


Shirley Curry

The most common way people believe that grandmothers spend their days is knitting or cooking. However, Shirley Curry and her gaming channel are here to break that stereotype.

Her more than 700K subscribers can enjoy watching Shirley solving puzzles of different RPGs (role-playing games) or even listening to her stories in her entertaining video blogs, inspiring women to do what they like the most and step out of their comfort zone.


Emily Kim – Maangchi

Korean YouTuber Emily Kim, best known as Maangchi, has been uploading videos since 2007. Now, with over 3.5 million subscribers and a website, she is one of the most famous creators of content over 60-years-old.

Staying true to her roots, Maangchi shares recipes of Korean cuisine while showcasing her bubbly and funny personality. Thanks to her online popularity, she published her first cookbook in 2015 and is about to release a second one, proving that age doesn’t matter when you are perseverant and creative.


Nikki Boyd – At Home with Nikki

Having gathered more than 472K subscribers on her YouTube channel, Nikki Boyd is a family woman with three adult children whose videos are focused on helping others keep their houses as beautiful as possible.

To do so, she shares tips on home organization, interior decoration, crafts, and cooking that are innovative and age-inclusive, so that women of all ages can have the house of their dreams.

There are other women YouTubers over 50 who are inspiring us, so explore the platform yourself. And tell us about the good ones so we can share!





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