John_and_SandyIf it was a big anniversary for you and your spouse or maybe it’s one of those milestone birthdays you would just as soon forget but might as well celebrate AND you had 30 days to go around the world. Where would you go?

John and Sandy are celebrating their 30th anniversary and John’s birthday (not a milestone but at a certain age, they’re all milestones, right?). Their selection for their around the world trip looks a little different than most people’s would because they’ve traveled so extensively already. After living in Paris for 10 years and Tokyo for 5, they’ve pretty much seen and done most of the world. In fact, three of their choices are repeats. Their selection as they travel around the world in 30 days: Hawaii, Bali, Singapore, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Morocco.

Maui_HIFirst up was Maui. The couple went back to the spot where they spent their honeymoon 30 years ago, the Hyatt Regency. It was also a great place to relax and let their bodies make one of many significant time changes they will experience as they go around the world before returning to Houston.
There’s nothing quite like a luau and no matter how many you’ve done, it’s just magical on the beach in Hawaii. And who can resist those beautiful fresh flower leis?
They started their day with a 7 a.m. yoga class (NOT as impressive as it sounds – everyone from the States is up at 3:00 trying to find coffee – time change is a killer.) The Hyatt activity center offers dozens of classes and all the normal beach resort activities, and 25+ tours… more than enough to keep them busy.

Tour_Of_The_StarsThe highlight of the evening was a “Tour of the Stars” from the rooftop of the Hyatt Regency Maui, named by CNN Travel as the WORLD’S TOP HOTEL FOR STARGAZING! Over 1000 years ago the Polynesians were guided to Hawaii with the help of the stars. They Hyatt’s Director of Astronomy taught them the names and legends of the stars, planets, and constellations. You observe them first with the naked eye, then through giant astronomy binoculars, an 11” telescope, and finally with the Hyatt’s 14-inch reflector telescope. Truly amazing!!!




Their time in Hawaii passed too quickly but up next was another return visit to the place they say is maybe their favorite place in the world. What do they love most about it? The people, who are so peaceful and loving, they make tourists feel special. That’s enough reason to go even if it wasn’t stunningly beautiful!
Bali_BeachDinner on tables and chairs in the sand on Jimaran Bay, which is known for the best sunsets in Bali .

PedicureGetting a pedicure at the Pertenim Spa, which is Balanese for body care.

John_BreakfastSandy sneaks a picture through the vegetation of John at breakfast.

WalkToBreakfastHere is the walk to breakfast in the hotel’s lush tropical grounds.

TheFoodThe food is special as seen in the picture of the Balanese duck entrée.

IndonisianRestaurantMurni’s Wartung is a great Indonesian restaurant in Ubud that is 4 – 5 flights of stairs down from street level in a river gorge.

The tropical vegetation is 80-100m feet high and offers a spectacular view especially when lit up at night and you see the occasional Komodo dragon wandering the riverbank. (Komodo dragon? Sounds scary!!!)

BaliDancerPhoto of the Day – Dancers in Ubud, Bali
The highlight of the evening was the Legong Dance in Pura Delem Temple in Ubud.

Rice_Field_01Rice_Field_02Our hotel, Tegal Sari, is in the middle of rice fields. Today we were able to get up close and take personal photos of the women who do the rice harvesting the old fashioned way.

John_And_monkeysFeeding the monkeys is fun and safe if done according to the guides instructions. (Sure it is!)

MonkeysMom and their babies are quite attached. John and Sandy had a lot of fun watching and photographing them.

Sadly, their time in Bali came to a close. They are now off to scintillating Singapore!
Check in next week for more pics and tales of their journey.


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