5K and Hot Chocolate Run

Hot Chocolate 5K Run

Hot Chocolate 5K Run

I have to admit, I signed up to run the Hot Chocolate 5K (formally called the Hot Chocolate 15/5K, coined as America’s Sweetest Race, part of the RAM Racing Series) because of the goodies — a great fleece lined zip hoodie (black and my fave color, purple) plus the chocolate at the end of the race — cup of hot chocolate and warm chocolate fondue with cookies and fruit for dipping. This is a national racing series that takes place in 14 cities and benefits Ronald McDonald House Charities, the official charity partner of the Hot Chocolate series.



The only corral which was designated for runners exclusively was Corral A — these are the fast folks that they don’t want knocking over us slower ones. There were lots of walkers in the back corrals and in every corral, people of all ages.

I highly recommend these run/walks on weekends for any one who wants to exercise with a group, contribute to a good cause (almost every run has a charitable component), get exercise, get motivated to stay healthier, have fun, and get goodies. Plus I don’t know what it is about folks who come out early to exercise, but they are a happy convivial bunch. They lift your spirits and make you glad you came.

So yes, I “Will Run For Chocolate” and anything else offered up at these races. But really I’m in it for the fun and camaraderie along with the benefits of exercise and healthy living.

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