Aging Gracefully According to Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Signs and Aging

Is how you age written in the stars? We don’t know, but it’s fun to think about. Here are our very unscientific predictions about how the zodiac signs aspire to age.

Zodiac Signs and Aging


You love thinking about the future and are an early adopter of new ideas. That approach to life will keep you fresh when others might go stale. You also love intellectual stimulation and problem solving, so put your good mind to understanding what your body needs in terms of food and exercise — that will pay off mightily as the years roll by. Be aware that Aquarius women tend to bottle up their emotions and work on expressing your feelings for better mental health.


Little fishes go with the flow, and they love other people. In your early years, this could look like late night after late night spent overdoing it at parties. That takes a toll on a body, so if you want to age well, you’ll need to double down in later years. Redirect that social energy into fun but healthy activities like dance classes and volunteering. The best news: People with tons of friends tend to live longer and happier.


With unflagging energy, you’ve got the stamina to live long and healthily. Your stubbornness serves you well, since you’re willing to find out what it takes to be your best at any age then then put in the hard work to do it. As your youthful beauty shifts into a more mature look, don’t be too hard on yourself. Your inner glow will always be apparent. Aries thrive on exploration and adventure, so maintain those as priorities.


You are a hedonist who loves all the good things: rich food, fine clothes, counting the stars, and seeing every sunrise. Moderation has never been part of your vocabulary. Your philosophy: Who wants to live to be 100 if that means giving up caffeine, alcohol, and sugar? However, you may find that as you grow older, you enjoy a bit of a slower pace. Still, you will never miss a chance to smell the roses.


Your sign exemplifies duality, and you’re living proof that age is only a number and youthful is a state of mind. As you grow older, your pendulum personality may not swing in quite as wide an arc, but you’ll never give up that gorgeous Gemini energy. Your active mind and love of trends means you’ll always be the first to sign up to try something new. That quality will keep you a step ahead of the rest for all your years.


Cancers adore routine and ritual. Build yours around health and wellness. Daily exercise and eating consciously comes easy for you. Cancers also need a lot of love and kindness — from themselves and others. Treat yourself with great care and let yourself be loved throughout your life. Nurture your relationships with friends and family. Those practices combined practically guarantee that you will grow old gracefully.


Laughter is the best medicine, and you have an abundance of that in your life. Your sense of humor will power you through the harder times of growing older. You’re a fire sign, which means you’ve probably spent too much time in the sun. Hopefully you heeded everyone’s warning to wear sunscreen. If not, though, you can probably pass those wrinkles off as laugh lines. You don’t take ageism lightly — and we love you for that.


Virgos like structure in their lives, including in the realms of nutrition and exercise, because it lets them focus on the details — and by focus on the details, we mean worry. Worrying equals stress, and stress equals early aging. Counter this natural tendency with yoga and meditation for a longer, happier life. Once you’ve got those things down, you’ll enjoy sharing their transformative powers with others.


Balance in all things. That’s you — and that’s lucky when it comes to aging gracefully. Maintaining a pleasurable yet healthy lifestyle is easy for you. You really like people, and having a significant other in your life is important to you. You’ll be the first on a dating site in your 60s, if that’s what it takes. You also love intellectual and artistic pursuits, and that bodes well for keeping a sharp mind.


Whether through good genes or good discipline, Scorpios seem to never age. While bodies start to fall apart all around you, yours will mysteriously stay intact. Be humble about that, lucky lady, and keep up your devotion to daily exercise, hydration, and nutrition. Avoid the isolation that is sometimes your preference. You need people, and you have a lot to offer them. Volunteer work is ideal for you.


Your active approach to life could make for an easy transition into your later years — or it could make for a rough one. You get to choose how your natural go-go tendency is expressed in a lifestyle that’s either beneficial for aging or detrimental. Keep in mind that reaching goals is something you’re good at, and once you make your mind up to do something, you’ll do it. Traveling will keep you young.


Your work ethic and no-nonsense attitude have played to your advantage your whole life — and they don’t stop here. You’ve taken care of your body and mind as well as you’ve taken care of your finances, and you’ll stay determined to see 101 till the very end. It will serve you well, however, not to take yourself so seriously sometimes. Part of aging gracefully is being able to laugh and kick up your heels.

Illustration: Alexandra Gritz



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