BTW, RU UTD on UR Acronyms?

They Pop Up Everywhere!

You cannot read an online news magazine or blog without the copy being chock-a-block with acronyms. Many of which I believe are made up on the spot just to make the reader feel clueless. My go-to source for what the latest initial letters of words mean is U.D. or Urban Dictionary, an app that can be secured at Apple’s store to explain these popular acronyms.

Most of the following came from U.D. or a daily newsletter that I get called “theSkimm” which is a lighthearted look at current events. Obviously written for someone much younger than me, it is fun to look at the world through the eyes of an “X-er” or “Millennial” at times.

However, a good many of these acronyms were taken from magazines like Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, and even Martha Stewart’s Living. Like I said, they show up everywhere along with really annoying abbreviations like “merch” for merchandise, and “derms” for dermatologists. These shortcuts sound stupid to my “prime ears,” but maybe you live in a world of young people and have to adapt to these conventions. If that is the case, I have the names of several great psychologists and psychiatrists if you are in need. As kids say now, “I feel you!” Oh, I seriously doubt that statement. 

Acronyms That I’ve Run Across in the Last Month:

  1. ICYMI – In case you missed it…
  2. TFW – that feeling when…
  3. IMHO – in my humble opinion.
  4. NARP – non-athletic regular person.
  5. DINK – an oldy that is being recirculated that means double income no kids.
  6. SINK – another oldy for single income no kids.
  7. HENRY – high earner not rich yet.
  8. OOTD – outfit of the day.
  9. AFAIK – as far as I know.
  10. SMH – shaking my head.
  11. BTW – by the way.
  12. RU – overused for are you?
  13. UTD – up to date.
  14. UR – also overused for you are.
  15. FTW – for the win.
  16. AMA – ask me anything.
  17. GOAT – greatest of all time.
  18. YoPro – young professional.
  19. Props – proper respect.
  20. NSFW – not safe for work.
  21. Q – the only letter in alphabet not appearing in the U.S.A.’s 50 States. (Why do we care?)
  22. Sick – a phrase meaning crazy cool.
  23. “D” – can be part of a man’s anatomy or stand for “Detroit,” which is becoming a very “sick city” again. Just sayin.’
  24. “N” – abbreviation for “and.”
  25. NOOB – A person who knows little and is unwilling to learn.
  26. Next Gen Update – largest gaming and hacking forum on the internet.
  27. SIS – sit in silence.
  28. T – can mean true, be a substitute for toke or pot or also be shorthand for testosterone.
  29. U – short for you and criticized by internet junkies as being far too overused.
  30. Y – prime timers probably use it most to mean yes, but young generations use it to mean “why?”

Hopefully, you learned a new phrase or picked up some popular acronyms here and feel quite “with it” as you go about your day. Care to make up some acronyms of your own and share them? We will do our best to get them in a soon-to-be published edition of primewomen.


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