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8 Steps to Avoid Weight Gain This Holiday Season

Avoid Weight Gain! It's hard to believe that the holidays are upon us - a celebratory time of year that thankfully revolves around family, friends and traditions. Socializing and spending time with the people we enjoy is wonderful for our health. Unfortunately, the numerous cocktail parties, company festivities, and family get-togethers often… Read more

Family & Friends

What’s Your Grief Archetype?

Everyone experiences grief at some point in their lifetimes. Whether the loss is that of a home, a job, or a loved one, the thoughts and feelings that surround grief can be disorienting, leaving us bewildered and blinded. For the last 25 years, Dr. Annette Child, a Fellow in Thanatology,… Read more


What Running ACTUALLY Does To Our Brains

Whether you're a seasoned runner or not, you've probably heard of "runner's high". These experiences are usually attributed to a burst of endorphins that are released during a workout, but is it truly an endorphin rush? Or is it something else? Let's break down the phenomenon of runner's high and… Read more

Anti Aging

Are There Long-Term Effects Of Botox?

Ever since Botox emerged in the 1980s, people have been using this injectable to cheat the aging process. But how does Botox work? And are there any long-term effects to keep in mind before making that appointment? Keep reading to learn about the good (and not-so-good) long-term effects of Botox. … Read more

Gift Guides

Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Yourself

While we're all shopping for everyone on our lists this holiday season, don't forget to treat yourself while you're at it! It's the best time to score something on sale, so if you've been eyeing something in particular, we say go for it. Keep reading for the best gifts for yourself… Read more


Why You Shouldn’t Lighten Up Your Thanksgiving Dinner

A recent search on how to "lighten" up your Thanksgiving dinner had some interesting options. For your stuffing, they suggested you use rice, barley or quinoa instead of bread crumbs. That would be okay if you were going for gluten-free — certainly not for taste. To lighten up your sweet… Read more

Family & Friends

So, What’s REALLY Behind Jealousy?

Jealousy is a complex emotional response triggered by a real or perceived threat to something of value. Whether it be a girlfriend jealous of her paramour’s flirtations, an employee jealous of a co-worker’s promotion, or simple sibling rivalry, jealousy affects us all at one point or another. It is also… Read more


What To Do When Face Masks Interfere With Your Hearing

Face masks may be the new normal this year, but some of us are definitely having a harder time than others. When facial expressions disappear under a mask and lipreading becomes impossible, those with hearing loss definitely face greater communication challenges. In addition to these hurdles, masks also reduce the… Read more