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Grilled Pizza 3 Ways from a Mozzarella Master

When it's too hot to heat up the oven and therefore your kitchen...let the grill save the day.  Though the basic recipe calls for using pizza tiles in the oven, Paula Lambert, Founder of Mozzarella Co., gives you instructions for grilled pizza with three bonus variations. Pizza Margherita and Grilled… Read more


Medical Nutrition Therapy: Will it keep genetic disposition at bay?

In the words of Hippocrates the father of modern medicine: “Let food by thy medicine and medicine be they food.” In an age that seems dependent on Big Pharma, it’s hard to believe that simply knowing what food to eat and what to avoid could be the answer to conditions that… Read more

Prime Picks

Prime Pick: What is Part Snack and Part Thinning Hair Solution?

Menopause have you blue with weight gain, thinning hair, lackluster skin? Want a little something that is sweet that you won't have to pay for later with an hour in the gym and unhappy skin!?" We do know of such a sweet treat that also helps with the other issues… Read more

Personal Growth

7 Things Strong Women After 50 Do Not Do

Do you consider yourself strong? I do not mean physically strong but mentally, emotionally, intellectually strong. All the time I hear the term “strong women” like it is a rarity or some phenomenon. So, I started thinking about what it is to be strong and then applied that to women.… Read more


The Big Sales. Worth an early rise?

50 Ways to Leave Your 40s – Experience #31: The Big Early Sales The sales — any kind of sales — have always fascinated me. But more importantly the BIG sales really, really fascinate me. Boxing Day, New Years, Summer Sales with their big red signs and stickers, luring you… Read more

Finding Balance

Stop Aiming for Perfect Unless You Know Your Own Definition of Perfection

People do not care about perfection as much as they care about honesty. It is our flaws that define us more than you think. With that said, so called "perfection," will vary from person to person because we are all uniquely different. In order to feel perfect, you need to… Read more


Top 10 Cardigans for Women over 50

Cardigans are the herald of the cooler weather that will be here before you know it. The problem is that by the time you are ready to wear one, all the good choices are low in stock and you may not be able to find your size or color so… Read more

Finding Balance

Organic Gardening: Food for the Soul

The Satisfaction of Organic Gardening We are all farmers at heart. Well, most of us, anyway! There is something calming, soothing, about putting your hands in the dirt. There is something divine in planting a seed, tending it carefully, watching it grow into a beautiful flower, tree, bush, vegetable or… Read more

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