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Vaginal, Sexual & Urinary Symptoms Of Menopause: What You Need To Know

This is a sponsored post.  You need to use the bathroom...again. And you need to use it now! If you’ve gone through menopause and are noticing increased urgency, frequency, or discomfort in urination, you may have what’s known as GSM, or genitourinary syndrome of menopause. What is genitourinary syndrome of… Read more


Vitamin C Benefits for Young, Healthy Looking Hair

From the days of the Flinstones variety, we were told it was important to make sure we get enough vitamins every day. One of the most important, also offered to us in the form of copious amounts of orange juice, was vitamin C. That still holds true today, and as… Read more


Where Prime Women Will Go in 2022

After months of crafts, bread baking, emptying old boxes, and organizing stuffed closets, we are finally planning our end-of-2021 and ready-for-2022 travels. Some cruises are already fully booked for the end of the year, and because of historically low deposits, tours are already maxing out. Delta and United recently announced… Read more


5 Ways to Fix Thinning Hair

Regardless of the season, one thing we get to wear every day is our hair! Some days it looks good, and we feel like we can take on the world, but some days it just isn't working for us. It can get even more difficult as we get older, especially… Read more


Spring Dresses for Prime Women

Colorful is the word for spring dresses, and it's not surprising since we are coming out of a year-long pandemic that has had all of us in the doldrums. Nothing brightens our day more than a lovely dress in a flattering shade, perhaps with a swing in the skirt that… Read more


Reversing Osteoporosis After A Diagnosis

Osteoporosis can be a scary diagnosis for any woman. It used to be the beginning of a regimen of lifelong medication, such as a bisphosphonate, that is designed to slow the disease's progression. These days, more women are deciding to take matters into their own hands. Attempting to reduce the… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

The Best Spring Makeup for Older Women

Applying makeup is a skill that takes practice and guidance. While we can't train you in person, we can offer a guide to which makeup is best for older women. I know, "older women" sounds so 1940. But what is important to hear in that statement is all makeup is… Read more


Top 10 Health and Fitness Tips for Women

It can be difficult to know where to start when you want to establish a wellness plan. These 10 tips for women can help you make a health and fitness plan that works for you. 1. To Be or Not To Be Like any important thing in our lives, our… Read more