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Lessons on Aging Well

We would all love to think that we'll grow old gracefully. Perhaps you want to be one who sees the world with her circle of friends well into their 90's. Or maybe you aspire to be like the 105-year-old cyclist who is still setting records while sporting the physical health… Read more

Prime Picks

Prime Pick: Best Product to Conceal Your Years

You Ask, We Answer: Our pick for the Best Concealer, specifically for aging skin! Look - we're not trying to be 30. But being seen by others as we see ourselves is important to women. Thankfully, we have a bevy of beauty products to come to our rescue, but there… Read more

Personal Growth

Setting Boundaries IS Self-Care

How often are you certain you know what something means and then realize you weren’t clear about it after all? I think that is what happens around the subject of self-care. In my last column, I said this next one would explore boundaries. And what I have come to see… Read more

Personal Growth

50 Ways to Leave Your 40s: #23 Surprise, Surprise!

There's something terribly exciting about planning a surprise for a very dear friend. There's also something incredibly terrifying as well. Armed with both emotions, (that were running wild in my tummy and head) last Sunday I headed to London to surprise my good friend Lesley of 26 years, the day… Read more


Simply Black and White

It's no secret that black is slimming and chic, universal and easily worn. So, what's a gal to do in summer?! Pair all your black favorites with bright white and create endless black and white outfits. Favored by the minimalist Parisians, who know that simple can be the most striking.… Read more


Before You Fly, Buy the Best Bag for Your Trip

Traveling to and from a destination is no fun anymore. There are long lines for check-in, security clearance, immigration and customs and no one enjoys the travel experience (although we all love the adventure and being there). But the thing that can be most frustrating is the actual packing and… Read more


Why Women Over 50 Bloat And What to Do About It

Bloating is one of the most frequently experienced problems by women entering perimenopause and menopause. It is so prevalent that it is often referred to as menopausal bloat. Bloating caused by gas can lead to discomfort and be awkward and embarrassing. Bloating will lead to tightness around your abdominal area, which… Read more


Travel on a Budget Like a Pro

Do you want an adventure next time you travel? Why not try to stay at someone’s home instead of a hotel? Why not try a small restaurant, where you will taste typical dishes? Without really “roughing it,” there are many ways of traveling and gaining a sense of life in… Read more

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