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The Best Nutritional Advice for Women Over 50

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You are thoughtful about your nutrition. Perhaps you even consider yourself an expert — or at least an enthusiast. But you are not happy with your weight, body composition, and/or your relationship to food. You think: If only I could eat the way I should… Read more


What’s Coming Up In August

Can you believe it's already August? This year has been a challenging one to navigate, but it's also one that's brought us back to reality. We've been spending this time with our families and maybe spending a little more time by the pool. So while you're breezing through your summer… Read more

Second Acts

What Inspired Me to Become an Author After 50

I didn't think I would become an author after 50. My first career was in business. I left that world after my mother died, her death making me realize in my mid-forties that my life, too, was finite. I’d always wanted to write a novel, but had never had the… Read more


The Prime Woman’s Guide to White Summer Tees

The white summer t-shirt is a must-have closet staple. It can be dressed up or down and is always in season. To choose the right style of white tee, we first need to know what suits our body type. Start experimenting with these different tee necklines to see what looks… Read more

Home Decor

10 Travel-Inspired Candles To Transport You To Your Favorite Destination

Sad about those postponed vacation plans? We may be unable to book a trip and hop on a plane, but that shouldn't stop us from treating our senses and bringing some relaxing out-of-office energy to our spaces. Read on for some lovely travel-inspired candles to help conjure up that vacation… Read more


Go-To Style Staples For Everyone’s Summer Wardrobe

Before making a clothing purchase, it's always wise to imagine at least a few different ways to make it work in your wardrobe. Having a few go-to style staples will also help you get dressed more quickly — after all, how many times are we in a rush with "nothing… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

The PRiME Woman’s Guide to Wearing Bright Lipstick

Many women think that bright lipstick can be aging, but it's really all about how you wear it! So whether you're aiming to look good during a Zoom call or a socially-distanced outing, let's run through some bright lipstick tips and tricks. (Spoiler: it's not as intimidating as you may… Read more


How To Wear A Bob 5 Ways

A bob or carré as the French call it, is a haircut that has been around since 1910 when women decided to liberate themselves from their long locks and turn-of-the-century updos. And every few years like clockwork, this haircut becomes trendy again. All it takes is a celebrity that makes… Read more