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Prime Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts on the 19th of July for the public, but if you are one of their card holders, you get early access! Find incredible savings on everything a fashion-forward woman wants. Styles and sizes will sell out quickly, so shop with haste. These cardigans transition you… Read more

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Five Active Vacations for Prime Women

Vacation to actively transition into retirement Boredom is a common fear of women approaching retirement along with a nagging feeling that they won't know what to do after leaving the workplace. As appealing as lounging in bed after the usual workday alarm sounds most days, doing only that is terrifying.… Read more


Too Late to the Les Mis Party?

50 ways to Leave your 40s: Experience 28 - Les Miserables Ok, ok, I know I'm very late to the party with this one but all the best things are worth waiting for, right? Jobs, friends, relationships, marriage.... surely the longer you wait, the sweeter the outcome. Well, I certainly… Read more

Food and Wine

US Premium Rosé Wine Brands vs French – A Taste Test

Watch Tricia's Rosé Tasting Reviews https://youtu.be/pmP7TeErpp8 Dry rosé wines are produced all around the world in many wine regions using countless varieties of red grapes. Rosé wines have been the fastest growing category of wine consumed in the last few years. Rosé wine brands in the USA are growing rapidly.… Read more


The Best White Jeans for Women

Forever free of the rule of not wearing white after labor day, the hunger year round for a great pair of white jeans grows season after season. White jeans for women make it easy-breezy to feel chic. Especially during those tricky transition times like we are about to head into.… Read more

Personal Growth

12 Common Life Mistakes Women Over 50 Make

Life Mistakes Often Made By Women over 50 We all know growing older does not necessarily mean being old. Many older people are leading active lives and proving that age is just a number. However, women tend to hold onto certain ideas and it's harder for us to shake them.… Read more


The 10 Best Travel Accessories for Women

Everyone needs to be organized when they begin their travel experience. There is too much chaos in the travel itself (airport delays, security checks, etc.). The only way to bring some sanity and calmness to the time before arriving at your destination is to have all your travel essentials in… Read more

Featured Destinations

Budget Travel : Central Europe

Seeking budget travel to Europe? Not only will you save money, but you’ll connect with the local population on a whole new level. Several countries haven’t yet been touched by en-masse tourism and are still affordable for budget travelers. When planning a trip with a budget in mind, consider regions… Read more

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