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5 Ways to Recover from Workouts

Workout recovery is as important as the workout itself. It gives the body an opportunity to build and rebuild muscle bone and cells. Unfortunately, most of us grew up in the days of more is better, including working out. We were led to believe that the more we worked out,… Read more


To Go Gray or Not to Go Gray?

Most of us have spotted the infamous sign of “getting older” … the dreaded gray hairs. Once this happens, we have to ask ourselves should we color it or go gray? The question I want to ask is why is this even a question we have to think about? As… Read more


Best Handbags for Spring

Ask any stylist about the one element in a woman’s wardrobe that tells the story of who she is and they will likely say: “her handbag.” You can throw on a pair of old sneakers, jeans, and a tee-shirt, but add a great bag and suddenly your entire look is… Read more


Top 5 Hair Products for Frizz

I live a comfortable life. Spring, summer, and fall I enjoy an even, air-conditioned temperature of about 70°F. And in the winter, I'm lucky to have that heater pumping at 74°. Your favorite temperature range may be different than mine, but I bet you live a comfortable life, too. And… Read more


Hair Growth for Women Over 50

Sponsored Post Noticing a difference in the quality, thickness, and length of your hair after 50 is more common than you think. It is natural to experience changes in your hair because of menopause - hormones play a huge part in hair health. Be aware, Be Informed and Be Proactive!… Read more


Could a Wellness Retreat Be Your Post-Divorce RX?

Are you feeling drained and depleted after an arduous and emotional departure from your former life? If all you want to do is run away to a warm beach hut and take a nap for the rest of your life, you're not alone. The truth is a divorce, as with… Read more

Books and TV

Sandy’s Selections of New Books

If there was ever a time we needed some new books to read, it is now! Sandy's selections of new books include gripping story lines, Coco Chanel, and a mystery to solve, not to mention Prime Woman Diane Keaton's new memoir. Here are 7 new books to keep you distracted… Read more

Finding Balance

When this is Over: Promises to Myself

From a 50-Something-Year-Old Woman Working at Home in her Slippers When this is over, I promise to hug my family and my friends for a moment too long. When this is over, I promise to understand the difference between need and want more clearly. When this is over, I promise… Read more

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