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Skin Care & Make-Up

Are Neck Creams Really Necessary

When I turned sixty years old, I decided my skin routine needed a boost. Dry skin and aging were teaming up against me, and unavoidable lines appeared more prominent on my face and neck. I’ve always been conscientious about using a facial moisturizer, and most of the time, I applied… Read more


The Metabolism Whisperer: A New Way to Eat

"I am the metabolism whisperer." So begins the best-selling book, The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight. Author Haylie Pomroy describes herself as a body mechanic or a personal trainer for your metabolism, and she aims to revolutionize the way people feel about and use food.  The… Read more


How To Wear A Bob 5 Ways

A bob, or carré as the French call it, is a haircut that has been around since 1910. That was a pivotal time in our hair history when women decided to liberate themselves from their long locks and turn-of-the-century updos. Now every few years, like clockwork, this haircut becomes trendy… Read more

Dating - New Love

7 Tips for Dating a Younger Man

Have you thought about dating a younger man? What is it about relationships between women and younger men that intrigue us? Is it simply because this kind of relationship is the opposite of what we expect, of what society has condoned for centuries? Occasionally, news of a tryst between a… Read more


Everything You Need to Know About Uterine Prolapse

Uterine prolapse is a condition in which the muscles and ligaments that hold the uterus in place weaken, allowing the uterus to migrate down into the vagina. At its mildest, it is practically unnoticeable. At its worst, the decline of the uterus can interfere with the bowels and bladder, causing… Read more


Fashion Favorites: Top 10 White Blouses

The White Blouse is ever-present and a closet must-have. Gone are the days of finding only a button-up-Oxford, which as much as we loved, needed a bit of variety. As we shift into a modern era, the white blouse has also shifted to maintain its ubiquity. Transformative Properties In your… Read more


6 Classic Summertime Prints

One of the best things about summertime fashion trends is the endless selection of colorful prints! Our winter wardrobe naturally tends to be a bit more somber, which is reflective of the season and makes it so clothing can be easily layered. However, in the summertime, we shed the layers… Read more

Marriage & Divorce

Pondering Divorce Over 50?

My friend Jane smiled broadly standing next to her new husband. She looked elegant — dressed in a simple pale pink sheath, her long grey hair fastened neatly in a bun. It was great to see her so happy. Just four years before I sat with Jane, alternately handing her… Read more