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Skin Care & Make-Up

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth the Cost and Upkeep?

I do public speaking as a part of my work and sometimes get my makeup done before events. It's fun to get made up by a professional before an event. These days they ask if you'd like fake eyelashes, the kind with nonstick glue that easily comes off that night,… Read more


4 Weighted Ab Workouts We Love

Abs are often an afterthought, tacked onto the end of your workout in the form of a few basic sit-ups. But like any muscle group, to achieve strength and definition, you've got to step things up to avoid the dreaded plateau. If you can plank, crunch, and twist like a… Read more

Beauty & Fashion

5 Jean-Inspired Date Night Outfits

Keeping the romance alive is integral to any relationship, and there are few better tools in our relationship toolbox than a fun date night. It allows us to relax, unwind, and catch up with our loved one away from the usual setting. Depending on your location and interests, there are… Read more


8 Tips to Put Pen to Paper From a Best Selling Author

You have an idea for a book. Or maybe you just want to start journaling or author a blog. When you actually sit down and try to begin, it can be harder than you thought. So, how to write and write well? Although each writer's method varies, and you'll discover… Read more


3 Steps to Help Cope When Your Mother Passes Away

If you haven’t yet experienced losing your mom, you can imagine what a void that will leave. While the relationship I had with my mom wasn’t perfect, it didn’t compare to any of my other female friendships. Whether it’s your best friend or favorite aunt, it seems there isn’t another… Read more

Beauty & Fashion

Get Dazzling Eyes with the Best Drugstore Eyeliner for Mature Women

The cost of makeup can add up when you consider all of the different facets that go into getting our full face applied. If you follow the trends, you'll find that your wallet is lighter, but the quality of your makeup isn't necessarily better. To help save some money and… Read more


DoFasting Review: Is It Suitable for Women Over 50?

Sponsored post. We have already discussed why intermittent fasting is a go-to practice for women over 50 and the general rules on intermittent fasting. This time, it’s time to share a secret on how to practice intermittent fasting without struggling to ensure that it is a lifestyle instead of a… Read more

Beauty & Fashion

The Ultimate Guide to Polka Dot Dresses

I love dresses. I love it when they sway and move around me like I'm dancing while I walk. I love that I can add a little flare and personality to my day with just one slip of clothing. And I love - LOVE - the fun, almost vintage-inspired look… Read more