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Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Women Over 50

A few things that make it tougher to lose weight after age 50 include lower metabolism, achy joints, reduced muscle mass, and even sleep issues. At the same time, losing fat, especially dangerous belly fat, can dramatically reduce your risk for such serious health issues as diabetes, heart attacks, and… Read more


Inside Secrets To Writing A Bestseller

Writing a book is part of many people’s dreams – but few achieve it. Most dream of publishing a novel, but there is a much easier book we can write today and at little cost. It may not make you the fortunes of John Grisham, but it could help your business… Read more

Food and Wine

The Most Decadent Cheese Sandwich of All

Since it is the beginning of the year, most make a resolution to diet...but when you want something very special to splurge on, try this delicious sandwich that is based on an Italian classic. Crescenza is one of those cheeses that no one has ever heard of but everyone loves… Read more


New Year, New You: In Bright Hues

While the holidays bring to mind glitz, glamour and cozy textures in hues of red and green, the January following can feel like a drain, we're facing the long-end of winter and revert back to our moody neutrals of grey and black. However, we think you should consider sprucing up… Read more

Career Maker

Start Smart: 3 Steps Every Successful Executive Takes In the Morning

I admit it. I am not a morning person. I don't bounce from the bed ready to stare down monsters, nor spring forward at 5 a.m. extolling the virtues of sunrise as I prep for work. I am steeped in "early bird catches the worm" rhetoric that I know many… Read more


A Balancing Act: Tip the Scales in Your Favor

Much has been written of the challenges of menopause, particularly of coping with changes to our bodies, metabolism, and weight gain. It can be a big balancing act to cope with accepting some inevitable changes, trying to maintain a healthy weight, all while trying to come to terms with the… Read more


Ruby Ribbon

No Bras, Flat Tummies, and Booty lifting- Oh MY! WE ARE FRIENDS, daughters, sisters, caretakers, mothers, wives, aunts and breadwinners. Each and every one of us are on the same TEAM. Busy, beautiful and brave every day. Women who believe in themselves, in each other, bound together by a ribbon of… Read more

Personal Growth

50 Ways to Leave Your 40s: #7 A Christmas of Two Halves

It feels a bit strange writing this blog as it's not an 'experience' I particularly chose, but it's an experience that has never happened before, so I guess it kind of counts. Although I must add it's not a Christmas experience I wish to repeat either... Sitting comfortably? Then I'll… Read more

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