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It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Life

Several years ago I was a very small hamster running endlessly around on a very large wheel. The proud owner of a high street day spa and training school in Somerset, UK, that was printing me money, but killing me softly. At nearly 50 years old, my children were slowly… Read more


4 Easy Ideas for Summer Salads

I have become something of a salad master. While I don't enjoy cooking, I find the chopping, peeling, and mixing of salad making suits my creative side. I feel making a great salad is a craft. I like to think of the combinations, colors, and flavors. Salads are especially great… Read more

Leadership Growth

Mentorship at Any Age

Throughout our lives, we have people who teach us many lessons. Once in a while, a special person appears to give us more. This is a person who finds it in themselves to give to others in the form of teaching or mentoring. Many of us pursue mentoring in the… Read more


6 Women Share Their Experiences With Going Gray

I am one year into letting my natural hair color grow in. It’s been challenging to watch salt and pepper replace dark brown, not so much because I am worried about having gray hair but because growing out a dye job really doesn’t look that great. It’s been so challenging,… Read more


3 Easy Swaps for a Delicious Plant-Based Meal

The thought of changing up your diet can be daunting, even when you are aware of the many benefits a whole food plant-based diet has to offer. Let’s face it. We’re such creatures of habit that we’re not always open to the challenge of trying new foods or creating alternate… Read more


What To Expect When Using a Travel Advisor

Navigating travel in the future is going to take more than online research and a few clicks of the mouse. Just like you would not want to take on a court battle without an experienced attorney or try to diagnose yourself when you are suffering from an illness (a WebMD… Read more


Pet Care: Nixall Pro VetResponse Skin & Coat Grooming Solution

I'd like to invite you into my house. It's a place that's absolutely teeming with life. Plants crowd my windows and sliding doors. Succulents, sweet peas, and a small sassafras tree compete with calamint and chamomile for the bright morning sunlight that floods my kitchen. Aquatic ferns dance lazily with… Read more


Want a Strong Core? Just Relax and Breathe

The idea of relaxing and breathing before engaging the core may seem counter-intuitive. After all, we think of doing core work as exerting maximum effort, feeling a burn, and sweating. We often tense up and get ready to attack our core like a gladiator, convinced our six-pack will reveal itself… Read more

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