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Book Lover Gifts: 20 Books to Give Readers at Every Age

As the holiday gift-giving season approaches, I turn to books as my go-to for a “novel gift idea” for everyone on my list. Everyone needs books! But the problem of what to get for each person can be daunting. This book lover gifts guide will help you find the right… Read more

Money & Finance

Five Tips for Meaningful End of Year Giving

Giving seems to take on added urgency in December each year as we consider our tax write-offs. Many people partake in end of year giving, but it doesn't have to be something you do just because everyone else does. End of year giving is a chance to help others and… Read more

House & Home

Give the Gift of Safety with Panasonic HomeHawk

Sponsored Post When you think of the best thing you can give a loved one is peace of mind on the list? With the new Panasonic HomeHawk you can do just that. Especially for women that live alone, a home monitoring system can make them feel safe. So why not… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

Be Party Ready With This Full Face Makeup Tutorial

Have you seen our dramatic eye makeup tutorial yet? It's an easy look anyone can do whenever they've got a party, date or night out planned. Now, make-up artist, Elizabeth Rist shares her full-face makeup tutorial. This look is only a few steps but will bring out your natural beauty… Read more

Food and Wine

Planet Friendly Green Wines For Your Holiday Table

With the holidays upon us, and all the shopping that entails, why worry about picking the perfect wine for your festive table? There is enough pressure already, what with everyone’s dietary restrictions and preferences. Focus rather on selecting a variety of wines you and your guests may like no matter… Read more


Have 15 Minutes? Try This Full-Body Workout!

Has this ever happened to you? You’re super excited because for the past few weeks you've been exercising consistently. You're starting to feel stronger and have more energy, but then WHAM! You get hit with a crazy week and everything is thrown off. When life gets busy we often feel… Read more

Prime Picks

Prime Pick: Get Back Time With Hello Fresh

I love a home-cooked meal but hate the hassle of having to actually do it. The grocery store is always crowded. I loathe trying to come up with a weekly menu that has variety and is on budget. And don't even get me started on meal-prepping! Who wants to spend… Read more

Career Maker

Can Gratitude Help a Job Search?

As the holidays approach the focus is on what we are grateful for and spreading joy. But job seekers, or those in any type of career transition, may find that the pressures that come with a job search can make it hard to feel grateful. But gratitude is a powerful… Read more

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