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What Factors Drive Women to Binge Eating at Night?

One of the most significant changes we have to face as we age is the fact that our bodies don’t work as well or as efficiently as they used to work when we were younger. This is an extraordinarily tricky phenomenon for women over 50 to face. The reality is… Read more

Personal Growth

New Year’s Resolutions: 10 Ways to Recommit

Want a Healthier 2019? It's time to talk commitment, ladies: Commitment to yourself! Already January is sneaking by, so let's check in with our new year's resolutions. Every New Year presents us with a fresh start to make the changes we know will improve our health and our lives. Life-long habits… Read more


Getting Intimate with Your Undergarments

As we age, subtle and not so subtle shifts takes place. Gravity inevitably takes control and having brought life into the world doesn't exactly aid in maintaining elasticity. This doesn't mean that women over 50 have to throw in the towel, especially when considering what the best lingerie has to… Read more

Personal Growth

50 Ways to Leave Your 40s: #8 Writing for Children

It's no great secret, I love writing. From an early age I've loved writing stories; my favourite homework at school was creating and inventing some wonderful escapism, and no great surprise my best two subjects were both English Lit and English Language. The ability to lose yourself in a world that… Read more

Anti Aging

Get A More Youthful Appearance with Forever Young BBL™

Forever Young BBL ™ is an increasingly popular, innovative technology that delivers light therapy in the deep layers of the skin to boost the body’s natural ability to fight aging and provide a more youthful appearance. Forever Young BBL™ targets brown spots, broken capillaries and damaged collagen. The treatments effectively… Read more


Fit at Fifty: How Wellness Wear Can Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals

Fit at fifty! What a beautiful thing. And at sixty. And at seventy, too. These days, we all know that fitness matters. A healthy lifestyle affects our weight. Our love lives. Our longevity. And quality of live. Benefits like these are so well known, in fact, that they’re just common… Read more


Fashion Finds: Top 10 Sweater Dresses for Winter

Has there ever been any wardrobe choice as easy as a comfy sweater dress when the temps start to dip? Now's a great time to pick up one while you can still get a couple of months or more wear AND several of our top 10 are on sale, a… Read more

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Things to Do in Budapest in 48 Hours

Budapest has been a very trendy European capital to visit for years. There are indeed many reasons to visit and enjoy this beautiful city. Hence, tourists flock there every summer to enjoy its quality of life and its incredible architecture! Young Europeans and Americans come here to party the night… Read more

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