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Marriage & Divorce

Is My Marriage Worth Saving?

He snores. He's messy. He doesn't listen. There's no more sex, romance, or fun. You may find yourself wondering...is my marriage worth saving? Asking the question does not mean your marriage is doomed. Most couples dance with the topic at some point in their marriage. But sometimes, it can seem… Read more

Food and Wine

Crostini Recipe with Roasted Vegetables and Smoked Mozzarella

Have you been searching for a delicious crostini recipe? Try this easy roasted vegetables and smoked mozzarella crostini. They make perfect hors d'oeuvres or a light lunch, are easy to make, and are always delicious. For easy preparation, you can pick up the roasted vegetables at a deli so that… Read more


Anti-Aging Foods You Should Be Eating

Who doesn’t want to live a long, healthy life? I mean, isn’t that the goal for most of us? To make it long enough to leave a lasting legacy, to watch our children grow older and spend time with our grandchildren as they age? But until they find a real… Read more

Family & Friends

What to do when a child dumps you for their new partner

The ability to handle things in life often comes through the process of anticipation. Here’s what I mean: you’ll be surprised at everything that happens if you’ve never had an imagination for what could happen, even if it isn’t likely. As mothers, we want to believe that our bond with… Read more


6 Ways to Get Ink Stains out of a Leather Purse

Leather is a supple material that often increases in both beauty and flexibility as it ages. Leather's enduring quality and natural beauty make it an ideal material for crafting handbags and purses that can last for decades. One of the primary benefits of a good leather purse is its longevity.… Read more


What to pack for a warm weather vacation

We are coming on spring break here in Florida—the first wave of visitors are heading back to the cold climates from their warm-weather vacation, and over the coming weeks, Florida will host thousands more visitors. The weather is great this time of year, and what's more fun than a warm… Read more


Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Training

Physical health is something many young people prioritize, but as we age, we lose touch with that desire to keep our physical health strong. However, maintaining physical health becomes even more important as you age because your body goes through many changes. So it's key to keep that movement going. But, we recognize… Read more


7 Surprisingly Unhealthy Diet Foods

If you think these surprisingly unhealthy diet foods are helping you reduce fat and calories, you might want to think again. Sometimes eating the fuller fat version of a food is actually the healthier option because to get the fat and calories out of food, it needs to be processed,… Read more