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18 Creative and Fun Gifts for Kids

It's been a long two years filled with stress and worry, and it's hard to overlook the impact it's had on the children in our lives. They've had to live through missed days at school or daycare, quarantining because of possible exposure, missed field trips and vacations, and canceled holiday… Read more


Spicy Roasted Cauliflower Recipe

Autumn is a great time to try out some delicious new recipes. But so often, the dishes that we prepare are full of calorie-packed ingredients like cream and butter that can wreak havoc on our waistlines. That's why it's fun to come across a healthier option like this baked cauliflower… Read more


Best Exercise Equipment To Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss can be so elusive. How many times have you felt motivated, tried to get on the right track to lose a few pounds, do a whole bunch of cardio for a few days, and instead of losing weight, you lose sight of your goal? A pretty good rule… Read more


How To Wear a Scarf Like a Parisian

What is it about a scarf that immediately adds chicness and has the ability to transform you into a woman of style and grace with a hint of European charm? I don’t know, but Parisian women don’t leave home without one. Scarves in Paris are not about keeping one warm… Read more

Marriage & Divorce

Suddenly Single: Dealing With Your Emotions

“Breakin’ up is hard to do.” Neil Sedaka certainly knew what he was talking about. But really, it’s more than hard – breakups are one of the most difficult things to process.  Regardless of whether you were dating for just a few months or were married for twenty+ years, the… Read more


What To Wear Today

Who hasn't stood in front of their closet and thought, what am I going to wear today? It doesn't seem to matter how much clothing we have in our closets, we just can't seem to find anything we want to wear. Because this is a dilemma we've all faced at… Read more


5-Day Fast Challenge

If you've been a Prime Women reader for the past six months, you know that we formed a partnership with ProLon®, a fasting-mimicking diet (read THE KEY TO WEIGHT LOSS AND LONGEVITY). This partnership with L-Nutra’s ProLon®  has been an exciting addition to Prime Women's offerings. We fully believe in their products… Read more

Prime Picks

What’s That Smell?

Sponsored post. The results are in! Responding to a survey conducted by ProBioraPet®, dog and cat owners in North America reported on their pet’s breath. And while the results aren’t too surprising, the good news is bad pet breath can be fixed! Fifty-eight percent of pet owners said their pets… Read more