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Our Guide to Handbag Styles

Ask any stylist about the one element in a woman’s wardrobe that tells the story of who she is and they will likely say: “her handbag.” You can throw on a pair of old sneakers, jeans, and a tee-shirt, but add a great bag and suddenly your entire look is… Read more

Dating - New Love

Survival Guide to Looking For Love – Or Just A Date

Finding one's self alone after a long and happy marriage is daunting on multiple levels at any age. Being on the far side of 60 brings its own set of unique experiences; online dating exceeds unique. I was widowed at 63 and within a year friends and acquaintances alike were… Read more

Personal Growth

Best Weapons of Self-Defense for Women

I am a partner in a property management firm. Recently, I showed a property and felt a little vulnerable. I don't often feel this way, but I just happened to be showing the property later in the day than usual. My lack of fear might be false security because I… Read more


Why Flossing Your Teeth May Save Your Life

Your whole life, you've been told that flossing your teeth will benefit your oral health and decrease the number of dental problems you may experience. But new studies have put flossing in a more important light: doing it regularly can significantly increase your chances of living a longer life. According… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

The Best Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Caution! Your weekly visits to the nail salon may be worrisome to your health. We all want to look and feel polished with a manicure/pedicure, but we do not want the harmful toxins in the nail products. Pay attention and read the ingredients of your favorite brands. There are even… Read more


Top 8 Plus-Size Clothing for Online Shopping

Being a woman over 50 often comes with a life-shift that effects your closet as menopause causes weight fluctuations, and as society evolves to accept women of all shapes and sizes. Here at Prime Women, we want you to know that you are okay just the way you are! That… Read more

Personal Growth

Enjoy Life – Let’s Dance!

Do you remember Raffi, the children’s troubadour? For decades now, he has been writing and singing wonderful songs and music for little kids. Baby Beluga and Banana Phone have become classics. You may currently be playing Raffi music to your grandkids or maybe you remember his songs from when you… Read more


What Is the Best HIIT Workout for Women Over 50?

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, has been a buzzword in the fitness world for almost a decade. Studies confirm that simply by adding bursts of high-speed, high-energy activity into your workout, and alternating it with slower moves, you can “shock” your body into burning more fat, building stronger muscles, and… Read more

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