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Career Maker

5 Flexible Jobs for Women Over 50

Have you been dreaming of a more flexible job than you have currently? Has the COVID-19 pandemic and society’s reaction to it caused you to rethink your career? Have you lost your job as a result, or has it made you question staying in your current job for another decade… Read more

Finding Balance

The Emotional Challenges of Social Distancing

For the immediate future, social distancing is the norm, at least for those of us who want to stay healthy. But “social distancing” is an inexact term. What does “social distancing” really mean in relation to our behaviors and emotional needs? Let’s break it down into two components – physical… Read more


Who’s Wearing Heels These Days? Not us!

One casualty of the pandemic has been high heels. With most of us working from home and with no dinners out, no parties, no weddings, no graduations, no nothing - the need to don a pair of high heels has been non existent. There will come a time when the… Read more

Featured Destinations

Where Will You Go?

Most of us have been sheltering in place since the end of March. Many people have had trips canceled or postponed. We're getting cabin fever, plus summer is just around the corner. I mean Memorial Day ushers in summer, right? So, where will you go? As a travel advisor, I… Read more


Best Advice to Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Let’s start with the good news: with better food choices, the human body can change and heal itself. It is an incredible machine. This proves doubly true for our brains. Good nutrition can prevent and protects us against all forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s. The Research From the latest research,… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

Don’t Give Up Your Makeup Routine Just Yet

Stuck inside and feeling like makeup is the absolute last thought on your mind? Perfectly understandable, but before you throw in the towel when it comes to your makeup routine, a few professionals share why a few cosmetics can go a long way in these trying times. After all, “wearing… Read more


5 Great Types of Summer Dresses

Summer is right around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about summer dresses. With the stay home orders in effect, many of us spent time cleaning out our closets and putting away winter clothing. The approaching warm weather and longer daylight hours will make you want to take… Read more


The Definitive Guide to Exercise for Women Over 50

You need exercise to be healthy. Regardless of your goals, had your body come with a user’s manual it would have included exercise. Exercise for women over 50 is not the same as for men or for younger women. You have unique hormones, metabolism, and body composition and your exercise… Read more

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