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Fashion Favorites: Top 5 White Blouses

The White Blouse is ever-present and a closet must-have. Gone are the days of finding only a button-up-Oxford, which as much as we loved, needed a bit of variety. As we shift into a modern era, the white blouse has also shifted to maintain its ubiquity. Transformative Properties In your… Read more

Finding Balance

Ready to Get Organized? Start with Your Mind

Organization Begins with the Brain Perhaps you’ve always been the organized type, or maybe you’ve embraced the “get organized” trend and decided that the clutter in the spaces where you live simply has to go. Either way, visions of beautiful, organized spaces might be dancing in your head. If so,… Read more

Beauty & Fashion

Stand Out This Summer in Exotic, Tropical Destination-Inspired Prints

Stand out this summer with these unique styles from animal to oriental, these tropical prints  turn heads, taking their inspiration by mai-tais and lush jungles. These pieces sing of vacations in Bali. Even if you're not leaving your office, you can still put the chill-factor of summer into your wardrobe… Read more


Our Favorite Poolside Cocktails

Bored with your go-to drink? Amp up the festivity of your next pool party - even when it's a party of one. Get adventurous by trying new summer cocktails. You start celebrating with your eyes, so take the time to use your special glasses (plastic if near the pool!), ice… Read more


Will CBD help the pain in your joints and muscles?

Sponsored Post The sudden onslaught of twinges, tweaks, aches and things that suddenly go *ping* can seriously make us question that whole “age is just a number” philosophy. I’m a distance runner, so being in some amount of pain somewhere nearly all the time isn’t that unusual for me. However,… Read more

Prime Picks

Prime Pick: Anti-Aging Beauty Secret

Want in on a bigtime beauty secret? One of the biggest up-and-coming beauty hacks is broccoli seed oil. It's the perfect ingredient in a prime woman's skin care routine, because it's helpful to mature skin that’s looking for added hydration and a more youthful appearance by way of the resulting plumping.… Read more

Career Transition

5 Tips for Thriving in Your Second Career

Moving into a second career is a joy, but also complex and stressful.  I went from businesswoman to writer. Gulp. You may be going in the opposite direction: from artist, say, to managing a non-profit or becoming a fundraiser or board member. Whatever your transition, it’s bound to feel exciting,… Read more

Featured Destinations

Explore National Parks : America on a Budget

Looking for a new adventure on a budget? Let’s stay in the United States and tour some of the treasures our beautiful country has to offer. One of the cheapest and most fascinating ways to discover the U.S. is to explore National Parks. National Park system does incredible work protecting… Read more

Kate’s Journey From Hair Loss to Fuller, Healthier Hair Growth

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