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Food and Wine

Making a Difference for the Girl Scouts and the Wine Industry

A few weeks ago, before the Coronavirus scourge, we at Prime Women, thought it would be fun to do a Girl Scout cookie and wine pairing video. Many of us were Girl Scouts, troop leaders, and mothers and fathers of Girl Scouts. And if we were none of those, we… Read more

Personal Growth

How Do We Cope with Uncertainty?

As we are being “sheltered in place” across the country, I am getting a number of calls from clients and members of my Great Girls Network about what it takes to cope with so much uncertainty. Many families and individuals feel at greater risk than ever before. The risk is… Read more


5 Tips for Growing Out Short Cuts

With societies social distancing and the closure of salons across the USA due to the coronavirus epidemic, we will be needing to find ways to grow out our short cuts gracefully. To help, here are five tips for growing out your pixie cut. 1. Take Care of your Hair Healthy… Read more


8 Ways to Stay Fit in a Crisis

Here’s something we never thought we’d see: our entire country shut down and the majority of us relegated to working, learning, shopping, and exercising from home. It can be challenging, and the temptation to sit around in our pajamas eating all the snacks is real. But just because the way… Read more

Featured Destinations

How to Travel the World from Home

During this period of confinement, we can still travel virtually. Virtual travel isn’t about only watching videos of famous travel shows. Nowadays, specific websites provide detailed insights. For example, many museums offer online tours and comprehensive explanations of artwork. Additionally, one can take virtual tours of several archaeological, historical and… Read more

Family & Friends

What I’ve Learned About Making Friends in My 50s

I never thought the act of finding friends was something I’d have to plan and execute. Why would I? In my experience, friends came to me. In college, new friends came with the dorm. Marriage brought couple friends and work friends and eventually friends from having babies at the same… Read more


5 Ways to Recover from Workouts

Workout recovery is as important as the workout itself. It gives the body an opportunity to build and rebuild muscle bone and cells. Unfortunately, most of us grew up in the days of more is better, including working out. We were led to believe that the more we worked out,… Read more


To Go Gray or Not to Go Gray?

Most of us have spotted the infamous sign of “getting older” … the dreaded gray hairs. Once this happens, we have to ask ourselves should we color it or go gray? The question I want to ask is why is this even a question we have to think about? As… Read more

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