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Marriage & Divorce

How to Move on After Divorce? Open Yourself Up to the World

Do you believe in life after death? What about something that has caused you to die internally? An ended friendship, leaving a dream job or perhaps it could be that your last child has just left the nest and you can’t quite cope. Whatever the reason may be, something has… Read more


6 Best Butt Exercises to Boost Your Rear View

Your best butt not only looks good in those jeans, it keeps you from injury. Strong "glutes" make a difference in every move you make during your workout and during the rest of your day. Want a strong sculpted booty? A great butt can be yours with the right exercises!… Read more


Is it Normal for Curly Hair Types to Change During Menopause?

All your life people have admired your gorgeous curls and waves, but with age no one comments anymore. Has this happened to you? As we mature hair changes, there is no doubt about that. Hair becomes thinner, dull and can even become very brittle if not cared for correctly. Generally… Read more

Finding Balance

Ditch Multitasking And Get More Done in Less Time

We are all guilty of thinking about numerous things at the same time. I picture it as multiple bubbles floating in our heads with titles like laundry, clean house, don’t forget doctor’s appointment, finish that report, get groceries, etc. We have all heard that women are naturally good at multitasking,… Read more


The Simple Solution to Fix Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Sponsored Post Women and their hair, it’s a love story that starts early in life. Little girls love to comb and braid each other’s hair, they play with it for hours, decorating it with bows and ribbons.  Teens spend countless hours straightening, curling and trying new styles and products. Having… Read more

Dating - New Love

Is He Just Not That Into You? Really?

You may know that Greg Behrendt is the more visible co-author, with Liz Tuccillo, of the wildly popular advice book for women, He’s Just Not That Into You. In it they tell us, among other things, that if a man you’re dating doesn’t call you at least once a day,… Read more


How Much Protein Does a Woman 50+ Really Need?

You think you eat a balanced diet — grains, veggies, fruit, dairy — but you're questioning what 'balanced' is more and more. So of course when it comes to protein, you wonder if you are getting enough? If you haven't really assessed it for years, you may need to up… Read more


13 Simple Tips to Make Fitness a Priority

Everyone knows fitness and health are important. But even for people who are religious about working out, there are days it is hard to make yourself do it, or even find the time. And if you're just starting off on a fitness journey it's difficult too! Everyone is juggling commitments… Read more

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