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Dating - New Love

Is He Just Not That Into You? Really?

You may know that Greg Behrendt is the more visible co-author, with Liz Tuccillo, of the wildly popular advice book for women, He’s Just Not That Into You. In it they tell us, among other things, that if a man you’re dating doesn’t call you at least once a day,… Read more


How Much Protein Does a Woman 50+ Really Need?

You think you eat a balanced diet — grains, veggies, fruit, dairy — but you're questioning what 'balanced' is more and more. So of course when it comes to protein, you wonder if you are getting enough? If you haven't really assessed it for years, you may need to up… Read more


13 Simple Tips to Make Fitness a Priority

Everyone knows fitness and health are important. But even for people who are religious about working out, there are days it is hard to make yourself do it, or even find the time. And if you're just starting off on a fitness journey it's difficult too! Everyone is juggling commitments… Read more

Dating - New Love

7 Signs of Love that Prove it’s the Real Deal

I was a divorced woman with 2 young granddaughters temporarily under my wing. I was a small business person, a personal property certified appraiser also managing an antique mall in a large historical home. I was just trying to survive. Then my knight in shining armor appeared. Actually he was… Read more

Personal Growth

It’s Time to Stop Trying So Hard!

Part of the Women Over 50 — What Really Works? Series When I talk with my friends about this series of articles, sometimes they give me great ideas of what to talk about next. This one came from a conversation about New Year’s Resolutions. My friend Toni suggested we debunk the idea.… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

Road Test: Gua Sha Facial

A centuries-old Asian skin treatment is fast becoming the favored facial for women seeking to smooth wrinkles and plump fine lines using natural methods versus synthetic dermatological pharmaceuticals. It’s called gua sha — pronounced war-sha — and on the surface (pun intended) it’s a soothing facial massage. But this ancient Chinese treatment… Read more


You’re Not Too Old For… Sexy Lingerie

Back in my 20s my boyfriend (now husband) surprised me with sexy lingerie one Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, his purchases had an adverse effect on my libido. Aside from being too small, the items were made of a very scratchy lace. Absolutely nothing about trying to squeeze my size 8 butt… Read more

Dating - New Love

Single On Valentine’s Day? Fall in Love with Someone New

Although Cupid’s intentions are pure, he causes a lot of anxiety each year. Especially for the single crowd. Instead of celebrating love, or the mere possibility of it, Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap. “Singles Awareness Day” becomes the most dreaded day of the year for those not spoken for,… Read more

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