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Finding Balance

When this is Over: Promises to Myself

From a 50-Something-Year-Old Woman Working at Home in her Slippers When this is over, I promise to hug my family and my friends for a moment too long. When this is over, I promise to understand the difference between need and want more clearly. When this is over, I promise… Read more


Why I Finally Bellyed Up to the Barre

Balance. Strength. Flexibility. The ‘big 3’. Research now shows they are even more important as we age.  This is evidenced in, regardless of your fitness level, if you’ve turned the magical age of 65, your doctor’s first question to you will be “Have you fallen recently?”  That question is now… Read more

Food and Wine

Wineries and the Coronavirus Crisis: How You Can Help

It’s not unusual to see emails, notices, and special online offers from local and national USA businesses this week. All businesses, including the wine industry, are being impacted by the Coronavirus crisis. According to just-drinks Magazine, Treasury Wines (maker of Penfold's, Beringer, 19 Crimes, Stags Leap, and others selling 30… Read more

Career Maker

Work in Place But Where?!

This working from home business is hard. I’ve received emails from CEO s and other Senior Executives full of smiley faces and winking emoji just after being sequestered to “work in place". They were now working from home full time. For most, this was a first. Their notes exclaim “this… Read more


The Best Online Shopping

From folding tees in paper-perfect stacks to merchandising the giant windows of the downtown San Francisco Urban Outfitters, I cut my career teeth in fashion retail. Chances are you've cleared a dressing room or two in your day as well. While I loved all the fun stuff I got to… Read more


How To Care For Dry Clean Items Without the Dry Cleaner

Sponsored Post Here’s a mind-blowing fact for you: About 90% of items labeled dry clean can actually be washed at home. In fact, washing at home is better for delicate fabrics like woolens and silk, as the dry cleaning process uses harsh chemicals that can cause damage over time. (Not… Read more


The Gut Brain Connection to Aging

…We are just discovering that the gut is playing a critical role in the health and functionality moment to moment of your brain. Dave Perlmutter, MD A new term on the heels of a recent medical discovery is entering the lexicon: the gut-brain connection. Research confirms a direct connection between… Read more

Featured Destinations

36 Hours in Fes, Morocco

Life in the ancient medina, or walled city, of Fes, Morocco is a fascinating contrast to life in the States. The city was built at the close of the 8th century, and its history echos loudly down the streets.  You can hear the chuff of wood curling off furniture and… Read more

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