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7 Reasons to Join Portion Control PLATE Now!

While there are a lot of good reasons to join Prime Women's new portion control PLATE, i.e., eating and living healthier, feeling more in control of your eating, sleeping better, etc., but these 5 reasons should motivate you to sign up today! 1. Lose 1/2 to 2 lbs per week* without… Read more


Dental Implants — These Aren’t Your Grandmother’s False Teeth!

All About The Different Types of Dental Implants Maybe you had parents or grandparents who used to take their teeth out at night and put them in a jar. It’s not a pretty sight! Luckily for our generation, technology has marched along and provided a better solution: dental implants. I’m… Read more


Women’s Blazers: Fashion Over 50 Style

Women's Blazers  - Wear Them Over Everything This Fall In case you don't know, women's blazers are strong in a big kind of way this season. While the blazer has always been the go-to item for work, they now show up at casual get-togethers and dressy dinner parties. You'll see… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

Re-learning Makeup and Making a Discovery

  50 Ways to Leave Your 40s Experience 35: The Make Up Lesson I've always been fascinated with make-up, albeit I've probably never appreciated — or used it —to my advantage. Pots of eye colour, jars of foundation, glosses to make lips sparkle, shine and, if required, seriously pout. A… Read more

Personal Growth

4 Self-Appreciation Tips: Great Achievements Not Required

How do you show others that you appreciate them? Kind words, a thank you note, a thoughtful gift? We enjoy giving special recognition to others. It comes to us easily and naturally. Yet, it’s often a different story when it comes to appreciating ourselves. Take a moment and think about… Read more


Old Wives Tales: The Many Myths About Women Over Fifty

How many myths? As Elizabeth Barrett Browning said, “Let me count the ways.” It’s incredible the things I believed when I was young about my future middle and old age, and it’s even more incredible what younger women believe about it today. Myths come in generalities and in specifics; myths… Read more


Exercising to Lose Weight? Stop. It Doesn’t Work!

Sorry Ladies, despite the title of the article, this column is not a hall pass to sit on the couch and be sedentary. Instead, I hope it encourages you to get off your tush and move frequently but for reasons other than weight loss, when you understand better how to… Read more

Featured Women

Kathy Whitworth – A golf legend turns 80, pushes ahead

Kathy Whitworth is a legend. One of the greatest female golfers of our time. Her story intrigues me. Do you think the founders of golf ever envisioned a 15-year-old, tall, lanky girl from Jal, NM holding the record number of wins in professional golf for either men or women? Especially… Read more

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