6 Signs You’ll Age Well

Do you wonder what will happen as you get older? Will you look older than your years, or stay refreshingly youthful? Here are signs you'll age well.
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If every day, when you look in the mirror, you wonder just how long you can keep that youthful glow intact; you’re not alone – wondering if you’ll age well is a common concern for women. But, taking these queues, there are ways to tell if you’re aging well. Keep reading for all of the details. 

Think of your mother for a minute. While you may be blessed in the fact that you can talk to her face to face, or it’s been so long since you’ve seen her in person, it can be hard to remember her facial details at times (That’s me. I lost my mother when I was 36.), she is/was beautiful no matter what age you were. 

For me, my mother never looked her age. People would compliment her on her youthful look, and she would just smile and thank them. Honestly, she never really did anything to hinder the aging process; I think she simply had great genes. I never thought of my mom as old, even when she hit her eighth decade in life, as she always seemed to have those same smooth cheeks and big dimples and never went grey gracefully. 

Fast forward to my sixth decade of life. Happily, I take after my mother, and folks refuse to believe I’m in my fifties. I get carded when ordering a drink and when I’m entering my local casino. My daughter is 21, and it’s a constant jawdrop when people find out her age. (I can see them doing the math in their heads. Ha!) And while it may make me sigh for inconvenience’s sake, I’ll miss it when people stop asking. 

Looking at my daughter, I can see both my mother and myself in her looks, although some claim she’s the spitting image of her father. She looks much younger than 21, and thanks to her Latin roots, her skin is gorgeously smooth. For her, my fingers are crossed that she’ll be the third generation of women in our family to keep their youthful looks when getting older. 

With each generation, we learn the no-nos and what not to do to keep healthy, especially regarding our skin and looks. In my mother’s heyday, it was Pond’s Cold Cream at night. For my generation, it was Seabreeze products for the win. These days, we’re all about keeping our skin healthy from the inside out. Here’s what to look for to tell if you’re aging well. 

1. A Lack of Sunspots

sun spots

As a child from the 1970s, the sun was my best friend, as it was for all of us. We’d play outside all day, never wear sunscreen, and sunburn, while painful, meant a good base for a suntan. With each new decade, we know the sun does more harm than good and can cause sunspots and, even deadlier, skin cancer. 

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. If you see loads of sunspots, aka, the brown spots on your neck, hands, arms, and mainly your face, it means you’ve been in the sun a lot in your life. These pesky marks not only age a person, but they can also be hard to cover up with makeup. 

2. No Wrinkle in Time

Wrinkles are an easy way to see if you’ll age well. If you notice crow’s feet while you’re still younger, it can mean a loss of collagen and elastin. Add in, again, sun exposure throughout your life, and premature skin aging will rear its face sooner rather than later. 

To keep wrinkles at bay, make sure to wear sunscreen every day, even on cloudy days. 

3. How High Are Your Cheekbones?

beautiful woman with high cheekbones

When you look in the mirror, do you have perfect cheekbones like Meryl Streep (My goodness, she doesn’t age!)? It turns out that women born with high cheekbones and oval faces look more youthful as they age. Why? It’s all due to the balanced proportions of the forehead and cheek area. 

4. Your Parents Look Young

I feel I’m very lucky in that department, but if your mother looks youthful in her older ages, there’s a good genetic chance you will as well. First-degree relatives (mom and dad) will show you how you’ll look as you age because your genetic makeup has a massive impact on appearance. 

Keep this in mind, though: no matter how young your parents may look, not exercising, sun exposure, smoking, and drinking will have a negative effect on your youthful looks. 

5. Lux Locks

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Gorgeous, flowing, healthy hair always looks youthful compared to brittle and dull tresses. Additionally, if you have thinning hair, you’ll look older no matter how young you are. Hair is viewed as a symbol of vitality, so make sure you take good care of it with the proper shampoo and conditioner and even take vitamins

6. Melanin Amount

The more melanin in your skin, the more likely you are to preserve the youthful appearance of your skin. Of course, if you nix the sunscreen, no matter what your skin tone is, you’ll be no better off than someone with fair skin. 

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