Romantic Dinner Menu for Two

Romantic Dinner Menu for Two

romantic dinner menu

If you want to have a truly romantic dinner menu for two, it’s important that it be easy to prepare and the result, moan-able. Steamed lobster is the perfect choice. Enjoying this elegant meal in your home, using your special china and plenty of candlelight, roses and romantic music is the perfect setting.

Glenda Kemple Valentine's Day Dinner

Glenda with her future lobster dinner

The menu is simple. One lobster per person, (usually 1 ½ -2 pounds each), plenty of melted butter for dipping, a small salad, half ear of steamed corn and a simple chocolate dessert, usually “store bought.” This year we are adding a sparkling red wine, a Merlot from Long Island, to start the evening, and a nice red wine at the end of the evening as the perfect complement to the chocolate dessert. For more chocolate and wine pairings, try these by famous chocolatiers.

Preparing a lobster is not difficult. Being married to a native Mainer, we have a large red lobster pot, and he is not afraid to put the live lobster into boiling water. If you are a bit squeamish to do this most locations where you purchase them will steam them for you.

You can also order lobster to be delivered. We use James Hook & Co out of Boston. They ship over 50,000 pounds of lobster daily and they arrive alive at your door step ready to steam. Lobsters need to be prepared the same day they arrive. Store until cooked in the refrigerator.


1 ½ -2 pounds fresh lobster per person
Melted butter for dipping
½ ear of fresh corn per person
Fresh salad fixings of your choice
Chocolate dessert of your choice

According to James Hook & Co, here are the cooking instructions for the Lobsters:

1. Boil water in a large pot and add sea salt.
2. Place live lobsters in pot.
3. When water begins to boil again, cover and cook according to the following weight chart:
1-1½ lbs 10-12 minutes
1½-2 lbs 13-14 minutes
2-3 lbs 16-18 minutes
4. Lobsters should be bright red, the tail should curl, and the meat should be firm.
Drain the lobsters and let cool enough to handle.

Here are the steps from Legal Seafood to deconstruct the lobster:

Remove the claws from the body of the lobster. With a claw cracker, crack open the claw and knuckle segments and slide the meat out. Snap off the tail sections. Break off the flipper from the tail. Use a small fork to push out the meat. Separate the shell from the body. We discard this and the fingers, but some enjoy eating this part. Place the lobster segments on each plate and add the corn on the cob. Light the candles. Pop the cork, kiss your love, and enjoy!

XOXO, Betty

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