Get healthy diet and weight loss/maintenance tips from our nutritionist/doctor contributors specializing in the over 50 woman.

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Get healthy diet and weight loss/maintenance tips from our nutritionist/doctor contributors specializing in the over 50 woman.

Find out what actually happens to your body during a fast

What ACTUALLY Happens To Your Body During a Fast

Weight loss is something that a lot of people struggle with. In fact, according to a study, 45% of adults in the United States said they want to lose ... Read More
Find out what the six essential nutrients are.

The Six Essential Nutrients And Why You Need Them

The World Health Organization (WHO) note that essential nutrients are crucial in supporting a person’s reproduction, good health, and growth. The WH... Read More
eating plan

My Five Day Modified-Fast Eating Plan

This article was first published in January 2018. Let me start off by saying I am not a doctor or a dietitian. I had one class in nutrition in coll... Read More
How to lose weight after menopause

How To Lose Weight After Menopause

Losing weight can be tough. And as you get older, you may notice that maintaining your usual weight becomes even more difficult. Unfortunately, many w... Read More
how to lose postmenopausal weight

Losing Postmenopausal Weight: There’s an App for That!

Even though you don't change your eating habits, postmenopausal weight gain is almost inevitable. The question is why? It seems that scientists have k... Read More
Can L-Glutamine help with weight loss

Does L-Glutamine Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss is the unicorn that everyone is trying to find. It seems like the ability to lose weight must be out there, somewhere. But, where? is the ... Read More
The benefits of eating Tomato Soup

The Health Benefits of Tomato Soup

There’s nothing better than a warm bowl of tomato soup on a cold day. It’s the gold standard for comfort food and with good reason. But did you kn... Read More
Healthy Food

8 Foods That Can Help Prevent Clogged Arteries

Clogged arteries are no joke. This condition is medically referred to as arteriosclerosis and, as stated by the Mayo Clinic, it “occurs when the blo... Read More
Low Oxalate Diet

What Is A Low Oxalate Diet?

If you’ve ever experienced a kidney stone, you know just how painful they can be. I’ve only ever had one thankfully, but I remember it being one o... Read More
inflammation-fighting soups

Inflammation-Fighting Soups To Enjoy Right Now

Many people struggle with inflammation, but it seems to be more common around the holidays. Why? Because over the holidays we're usually eating more o... Read More
best foods to eat while intermittent fasting

The BEST Foods To Eat When You’re Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has been front and center among the diets that work for women over 50. It's even the cornerstone of our weight loss program, PLAT... Read More
benefits of cherry juice

Why You Should Start Drinking This Fruit Juice Immediately

Cherries boast some seriously succulent flavors, and when it is the season, they are the thing to stock up on for snacking at home. But did you know t... Read More