Get healthy diet and weight loss/maintenance tips from our nutritionist/doctor contributors specializing in the over 50 woman.

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Get healthy diet and weight loss/maintenance tips from our nutritionist/doctor contributors specializing in the over 50 woman.

Eating fish and cancer risk

Could Eating Fish Increase Your Risk of Cancer?

Fish has long been considered an essential part of a healthy diet, better for you than red meat. More than 3 billion people worldwide have fish in the... Read More

Feeling Deficient? Check Out the Best Vegan Iron Supplements

Iron is essential to the human body in many ways, and an iron deficiency can cause a wide range of health ailments. These can range from severe fatigu... Read More
woman with broccoli sprouts

Slow The Aging Process With Broccoli Sprouts

The first thing you must know in order to understand how broccoli sprouts might slow the aging process is the chemical composition of broccoli. In add... Read More
Is Meatless Monday Good For You?

Meatless Monday – Is it still a thing and why is it good for you?

It was all the craze years ago: Meatless Monday. But is it still a thing? And does it make sense for you?  That’s yes, sort of, and probably... Read More
Woman eating a meal built around the keto diet

What You Need To Know About the Keto Diet For Women Over 50

The keto diet. A diet that has resurfaced in mass popularity over the last few years. “Keto” is short for ketogenic, and it is a diet that forces ... Read More
Foods that will protect your smile

Foods That Protect Your Smile

We’ve all been taught how critical it is to brush and floss our teeth regularly if we want to keep them healthy. That’s a no-brainer. And we also ... Read More
Fisetin Dietary Supplement
Anti Aging

Can This Plant Pigment Extend Our Lifespan?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a magic pill we could take to help slow the aging process or at least buy us more time in life? Well, that magic pi... Read More
Best anti-inflammatory diet feature

5 Best Anti-inflammatory Diets

Inflammation is a natural reaction by the body against infection or injury. It’s caused by a wide range of issues, including infection, rheumatoid a... Read More
healthy diet and diabetic supplies

Type 2 Diabetes & Prediabetes: What to Know & How to Manage

According to the CDC, just over 1 in 10 US adults were living with diabetes in 2021. What’s even more important is that more than 1 in 3 US adults w... Read More
Healthy diet and exercise

The Ultimate Guide to the Dirty 30 21-Day Fix

The Beachbody Dirty 30 21-Day Fix combines an intense workout with a diet program to help you get in shape and lose weight in just one month. The p... Read More
Prolon and diabetes

Can This Fast-Mimicking Diet Improve Health When You Have Type 2 Diabetes?

According to the CDC, “More than 37 million Americans have diabetes (about 1 in 10), and approximately 90-95% of them have type 2 diabetes.” It’... Read More
How to add sea moss to your diet

Add Sea Moss to Your Diet and See the Benefits

Whether they are chugging chagaccinos or slathering on skin creams, celebrities and Instagram influencers have a knack for catapulting foods, products... Read More