Get healthy diet and weight loss/maintenance tips from our nutritionist/doctor contributors specializing in the over 50 woman.

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Get healthy diet and weight loss/maintenance tips from our nutritionist/doctor contributors specializing in the over 50 woman.

Keto diet and fasting woman thinking feature

Keto Diet vs. Fasting: Which is Best For You?

Excess weight is a common issue that many adults face. According to the CDC, nearly half of adults in the United States are obese. The reason that bei... Read More
Beach ready body ProLon

How I Got Beach Body Ready in Just 5 Days!

We missed out on vacations the last two summers because of travel restrictions and issues with trying to fly internationally. Sure, we made it to some... Read More
Brain fog

Top 5 Foods That Cause Brain Fog

Some days you just can't quite get it together. You can’t seem to focus on one task, and you can't find your keys - again! After several cups of cof... Read More
Vitamin D3 supplement

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D in Your Diet?

We all aim to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, but it can be hard to get all of the vitamins and nutrients we need to thrive despite our best intent... Read More
Portion Control PLATE

7 Reasons to Join Portion Control PLATE Now!

While there are a lot of good reasons to join Prime Women's new portion control PLATE, i.e., eating and living healthier, feeling more in control of y... Read More
Woman drinking a protein shake

Protein Shakes for Optimal Nutrition

When many people think of protein shakes, they think of bodybuilders and avid gym-goers slugging down these things after an intense workout. While tha... Read More
alternate-day fasting vs. intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting vs. Alternate-Day Fasting: What is the Difference?

Fasting seems to be all the rage these days, and it does boast some serious benefits. However, it’s essential that you learn more about the differen... Read More
intermittent fasting to lose weight

Intermittent Fasting Mistakes Beginners Make — And How to Avoid Them!

Intermittent fasting is not really considered a diet but a particular eating pattern. This eating plan has gained immense popularity in recent years, ... Read More
Can L-Glutamine help with weight loss

Does L-Glutamine Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss is the unicorn that everyone is trying to find. It seems like the ability to lose weight must be out there, somewhere. But, where? is the ... Read More

The Benefits and Risks of Drinking Raw Goat Milk

The first milk that comes to mind for many people in North America is milk from dairy cattle. Cow milk is not the only highly nutritious milk choice a... Read More
drinking water to lose weight

The Power of Drinking Water to Lose Weight

Water, water everywhere – and plenty of drops to drink! Samuel Taylor Coleridge wasn't thinking about weight loss when penning Rime of the Ancient M... Read More
Eating breakfast keeps you lean and gives you more energy

Secret To Getting Lean And Having More Energy?

It might surprise you to learn that, according to a recent study, the answer to how to get lean and have more energy is eating breakfast. The National... Read More