How I Lost 15 Lbs and Kept it Off

Over a year ago, I weighed 143 lbs. While not a ton of weight for my height (5’4″), I had never weighed that much in my life. My clothes didn’t fit. I felt terrible physically and mentally. Losing weight after 50 is hard and, trust me, it doesn’t get any easier after 60 either. I found myself googling ‘how to lose 15 pounds after 50’ in search for the answer. 

I tried many diets but with very little success. Sugar Busters, Atkins, Flat Belly diet, vinegar and grapefruit (yuck). You name it, I tried it. Unfortunately, none of them worked. Oh, at first I would lose a few pounds, sometimes as much as 10 pounds, but then I would quickly gain back what I lost and usually more. They just weren’t sustainable. I even looked at Paleo and Keto but I knew that any diet that required me to cut out whole food groups, or at least severely restrict them, could not be healthy in the long run — or at least not for someone who doesn’t have any major health issues they are trying to address. And fortunately, other than being overweight for my height, I was healthy.

The Turning Point

When I saw a notice from Prime Women that they were starting a trial for a new weight loss program, I jumped at the chance to participate. Having reached the highest weight of my life, with a HUGE stomach (seems to be where I carry ALL my weight), I figured I had nothing to lose but that big belly. Now to be completely transparent, I was also offered the position of moderator with one of the groups and told that if I was successful, I would be able to apply for a paid position as a moderator once the program launched. I was motivated for sure.

The Only Weight Loss Program for Women Over 50

Prime Women developed the weight loss program in conjunction with an Ob/GYN, Dr. Kathryn Waldrep. Who would know women’s bodies after 50 better than a GYN, right? In her practice, she has seen countless women just like me struggling, asking how to lose 15 pounds (or more) after the onset of menopause. It seems that along with wrinkles, our metabolism slows and we can’t eat as much as we once could. (I didn’t get that memo.)

She also had seen the ravages of osteoporosis so she was a big fan of dairy which I love. However, she also knew that many women become lactose intolerant as they age so the program had to allow for both. Additional protein was another need for us over 50 women, and of course, exercise had to be a component to keep us healthy and our bones strong. Another observation Dr. Waldrep made was that it seemed the women who had the most success in losing weight were the women who had support, particularly if they had other women who went on a weight loss program with them. Prime Women and Dr. Waldrep put all of this knowledge and research into a weight loss program designed exclusively for women over 50 and called it…


PLATE is an acronym for Portion control, Lifestyle, Accountability, Timing and Exercise. It combines portion control, exercise, recipes and support, which I would be a part of as a moderator. I looked it over and said, “sign me up”.  Ladies, I have never looked back. My starting weight was 143 and my height 5’4”. I lost 13 lbs in October and November, which was an amazing amount of weight to lose that fast for my height and weight. I lost another two pounds in December and January.

How to Lose 15 Pounds Without Counting Calories

I won’t lie to you, it was hard, especially at first. The hardest part for me was giving up sugar. I was a sugarholic. But after a week, my cravings went down and I felt so much better. It also helped that you had to start off cutting your hours of eating down to 12 so that meant I wasn’t snacking after dinner. I love that you don’t have to count calories or points and that you still get to enjoy the foods you like, just less of them. It really is all about portion control. When I went to a restaurant, I just told them to put half the meal in a takeout box and only serve me the other half, and amazingly, I was always full.

Exercise is another big key to weight loss and feeling better. Just walking ten thousand steps a day was a game-changer for me. I got a Fitbit, and come rain or shine, I walked 10,000 steps. I also got in some weight lifting a couple of times a week.

The Work Was Worth It

Now I weigh 128 lbs. I not only look better, I feel better. My self-esteem is through the roof. Was it easy, no. Was it worth it, absolutely! PLATE is not a quick fix. It is a lifestyle, one that I can do and love. Now there’s an app that makes the program super easy to follow and while the program no longer uses groups, there are plans to offer one on one coaching so I’m hoping I’ll get to be a coach once the program launches!

Ladies give yourself the best gift ever. Give yourself PLATE and maybe I’ll get to be your coach down the road and cheer you on!

If you want to lose 15, 20, even 25 pounds or more and keep it off check out PLATE. It is the only weight management system made for Prime Women. 



This article is strictly for informational purposes only. Please consult your doctor before following any of the dietary guidelines given in the article or joining PLATE or making any dietary changes.



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