Get a Prime woman’s take on the latest best seller, new author or television series. What’s worth your time, and what’s not.

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Get a Prime woman’s take on the latest best seller, new author or television series. What’s worth your time, and what’s not.

new ways of doing things
Books and TV

The Sport of the Deal: New Ways of Doing Things

I hope you started the new year with a spirit of enthusiasm and the knowledge that all things are possible, because they are. As 2018 progresses, ... Read More
winter olympics
Books and TV

2018: My Winter Olympics Experience

There are a generation of us -- women who grew up in a world where participation in sport was not available or not encouraged. Some of us became recre... Read More
women over 50
Books and TV

Why Women Over 50 Ignore Advertising

J.Walter Thompson's London Innovation Group released a recent report on the lifestyles and attitudes of British women between the ages of 53 and 72 (t... Read More
Downton Abbey
Books and TV

Downton Abbey Fans Rejoice! The Exhibit is Underway

A version of this article first appeared on mylittlebird.com. Michelle Dockery plays a rifle-toting widow in Netflix's new limited series "Godless"... Read More
gray divorce
Books and TV

Book Review: Gray Divorce by Jocelyn Elise Crowley

My own "gray divorce" was finalized when I was just past fifty, twenty-five years in and after a long separation during which I kept looking for ways ... Read More
Books and TV

A Well Heeled Film – Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

If you, like me, ever watched Sex and the City and wondered how on earth Carrie Bradshaw could sashay through the streets of New York in Manolo Blahni... Read More
Jane Austen
Books and TV

Join the Party Celebrating Jane Austen’s 200th Anniversary

[caption id="attachment_25433" align="alignleft" width="325"] Picnickers at the Jane Austen Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. Photos courtesy of the G... Read More
summer reading list
Books and TV

Don’t Leave Home Without These Books from Our Summer Reading List

Were you one of the kids who looked forward to that summer reading list your teacher distributed, or did you groan in agony? Summer reading mean... Read More
Carl Reiner
Books and TV

Carl Reiner: If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast

Flipping through the channel guide the other day on my TV, I came across the title, If You're Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast. How could anyone resist ... Read More
Books and TV

8 TV Shows to Binge Watch: From Costume Drama to Adult Animated Series

There are so many resources available now for watching TV shows - network channels, premium cable, streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon P... Read More
Must Read Books
Books and TV

Bookworm Goals for 2017? Start with These Must Read Books

I love reading!!! It’s a great way to learn about new topics, it’s a great escape, it expands my vocabulary, it’s a stress reliever, and it teac... Read More
Books and TV

7 Books on Aging That Won’t Get Old

Rather than seeing life through the lens of dread and dismay, these seven books on aging approach the process the Prime Women way: with big energy, go... Read More
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