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Career Maker is where you find expert advice on how to reach that last rung on the ladder in your pursuit of the executive suite or how to find a seat on a public board.

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Career Maker is where you find expert advice on how to reach that last rung on the ladder in your pursuit of the executive suite or how to find a seat on a public board.

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5 Smart Career Moves

Did you ever walk away from an interview and know you didn’t nail it? Introduce yourself to a new acquaintance and feel like you missed communicatin... Read More
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4 Tips for Effective Virtual Networking

The importance of staying connected to our friends, family and community is one of the key drivers of our happiness. When you are connected to a group... Read More
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5 Tips for Working from Home Effectively

Let’s agree on this one thing: there is a big difference between being busy and being productive. Agreed? Organizing the stacks on our desks, fli... Read More
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Work in Place But Where?!

This working from home business is hard. I’ve received emails from CEO s and other Senior Executives full of smiley faces and winking emoji just... Read More
Approach a job search with an attitude of gratitude
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Can Gratitude Help a Job Search?

As the holidays approach the focus is on what we are grateful for and spreading joy. But job seekers, or those in any type of career transition, may f... Read More
Surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial to business success.
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Life is all about people.  Business is all about relationships.

“Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.” ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo Having worked in tech for upwards of over three decades, a question ... Read More
Retirement Advice 600x410
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5 Things You Should Know Before Announcing Your Retirement

Congratulations! You are hot! Yes...you! As a woman in your prime, you just made history. You are the hottest demographic in the labor market today. ... Read More
Believability in the workplace is crucial to your success.
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5 Traits You Need for Clients to Believe You

The degree to which your clients believe you will dramatically impact your success. Research at the University of Houston identified five factors that... Read More
Ageing Feature
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Companies Benefit From Ageing Employees

Seriously threatening the bottom line of many American businesses today, there lurks a significant crisis—the loss of the institutional memory of ex... Read More
Federal Jobs Over 50
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3 Tips to Land a Federal Job

With a slew of holidays upon us that celebrate our nation, it only makes sense to pause and reflect upon the vast numbers of professionals it takes on... Read More
5 Tips For Landing A Job When You’re Over 50
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How’s Your “Business” Bedside Manner?

Could it be that the National Board of Medical Examiners and the Federation of State Medical Boards are on to something that far too many entrepreneur... Read More
Communicating with Clients
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You Never Write. You Never Call. Your Clients Go Elsewhere.

With infrequent communication, even your closest friends will forget about you- let alone those you count on for business. So, why is it we so often f... Read More