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Career Maker is where you find expert advice on how to reach that last rung on the ladder in your pursuit of the executive suite or how to find a seat on a public board.

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Career Maker is where you find expert advice on how to reach that last rung on the ladder in your pursuit of the executive suite or how to find a seat on a public board.

Hamlet Career Advice
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Career Advice from William Shakespeare

“This above all: to thine own self be true.” -William Shakespeare, Hamlet Act I, Scene III [caption id="attachment_48565" align="aligncenter"... Read More
Skill Stack for Career Advancement
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3 Tips to Inventory, Stack and Sell Your Skills for Career Advancement

Whose got skills? Women in their Prime have, whether by design or default, developed many skills. When it is time to look at career advancement, secu... Read More
Gender Wage Gap
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8 Tips on Closing the Gender Wage Gap

In the decade of the 1970’s, I graduated from college with a degree in mathematics and certification to teach that subject. Upon graduation, I could... Read More
Mental Flexibility Tips for Career Growth
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10 Mental Flexibility Tips for Career Growth

How’s your flexibility? No, not "can you reach your toes", but mental flexibility? Turns out it is important in a variety of ways, and here I want ... Read More
Morning Ritual
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Start Smart: 3 Steps Every Successful Executive Takes In the Morning

I admit it. I am not a morning person. I don't bounce from the bed ready to stare down monsters, nor spring forward at 5 a.m. extolling the virtues of... Read More
social skills_presents
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6 Things You Can Do to Polish Your Party Presence

The holiday season is chock full with opportunities to enjoy each other’s presence and show off our social skills. Be ready to connect and deliver ... Read More
Ageism Feature
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How to Age-Proof Your Job Hunt

Agism is pervasive in the job market and, according to study findings, women are more likely to be discriminated against because of their age than men... Read More
Power Nap Feature
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Can Napping Make You a Better Leader?

Do highly successful people sleep more or less than everyone else? There is no real answer to that question. Many leaders do just fine on a few hours ... Read More
Reputation Management Feature
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The Importance of Managing Your Digital Reputation

They say reputation is everything but what about in the digital age? Let’s face it, social media has changed the world. That’s true when it comes ... Read More
Career Maker

How to Have a Dynamic Career: 40s, 50s, 60s

Women’s lives are complicated in their 40s, 50s and 60s. As someone who researches professional women in midlife and is a long time executive coach ... Read More
how to resign
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How to Resign? 8 Steps to Negotiate Your Best Exit

It’s not been easy...deciding to leave the company. Almost as difficult as the decision to leave will be the discussion with your leader about your ... Read More
soft skills
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3 Steps to Showcase Your Soft Skills and Land the Job

In a report from the Age Smart Employer Award program, a project of Columbia University’s Columbia Aging Center at the Mailman School of Public He... Read More