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Can Gratitude Help a Job Search?

Approach a job search with an attitude of gratitude

As the holidays approach the focus is on what we are grateful for and spreading joy. But job seekers, or those in any type of career transition, may find that the pressures that come with a job search can make it hard to feel grateful. But gratitude is a powerful way to attack negativity. And negativity, without a doubt, can impede job search success. So how do you conjure up and keep that attitude of gratitude?

How Gratitude Helps Your Job Search

For over 20 years, I have witnessed clients increase their job search momentum by focusing on gratitude. It enables them to be less fearful and stop acting out of a place of scarcity. Happiness, as it happens, stems from gratitude, and not the other way around. While in a career transition you may feel like there are not many things in your control. But you will find that by sprinkling in thoughts of gratitude during the holiday season, you are controlling your attitude. And controlling your attitude with a grateful mindset is a lifelong power sure to last beyond the holiday season!

Five Things Every Job Seekers Can be Grateful For

  1. Give thanks for the time spent in self-discovery, for new skills learned or new passions developed.
  2. Be grateful for friends and family members that you can lean on during the emotional ups and downs of the job search.
  3. Give thanks for the extra time to focus on what is most important: family, friends and relationships.
  4. Show appreciation for the new professional contacts and new professional relationships.
  5. And finally, give thanks for the new position that you will eventually land.

Other Things to be Grateful For in Your Job Search

  • If you used a job networking group, be thankful for the volunteers who provided resources and job search assistance, and the ability to use this service.
  • Are you on LinkedIn? Give thanks for the friends and colleagues who provided LinkedIn recommendations, endorsements, and letters of reference.
  • Many job seekers can be grateful for former colleagues, mentors and friends. From the senior executive who provided some valuable time and job-search advice to the former colleague who gave you two great job leads.
  • Give thanks if unemployed for severance benefits, outplacement assistance, and salary or benefits continuation.


Find What You Are Grateful For

gratitude attitude

I encourage you to personalize this list of gratitude. You can add just one or two more items to the list. Are you thankful for your tenacity? Your willingness to learn something new? The knowledge you gained from a new contact? Personalizing the list will make it personal and real. When you think of things you are truly grateful for in a job search or transition you can create a gratitude attitude that provides clarity, calm and confidence that you will make the best move for you!

So go ahead and give it a chance by filling in the blank: I’m thankful for _________.

During your job search take some advice from the great author Charles Dickens, who said, “Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” Sometimes, a totally different perspective can be found in even a few simple words of wisdom.



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