Build Your Brand: Four Ways to Promote Yourself...Without Bragging

Build a Personal Brand: 4 Ways to Promote Yourself – Without Bragging

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You never know when opportunity will knock. Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss an opportunity because you didn’t promote yourself when you should have? No one wants to be called a braggart. You know, the ones that are always tooting their own horns and taking all the credit.

That type of bragging isn’t good for anyone’s brand. It’s annoying and just not good business. At the same time, it’s crucial that those willing to open a door for us know that we’re worthy of the opportunity. There’s also a financial cost when you do not promote yourself.

4 effective ways to promote yourself

1. Say thank you.

Don’t downplay a compliment. Instead, a simple thank you will do. Or go a bit further and say, “Thank you, I appreciate you noticing.” In the article, The Right Way to Sell Yourself, William Arruda is quoted as saying, “Building a strong personal brand isn’t about telling people how great you are. It’s about showing people how great you are.” He adds that employees should understand where they can contribute the greatest value, and then demonstrate those things that make them exceptional.”

2. Share your accomplishments.

Social media is a beneficial tool to have your latest accomplishments noticed. LinkedIn profiles provide a section just for “tooting your own horn.” Add your latest certifications, training, and awards. People love a good story, so use the summary to tell a story about you, your credentials, accomplishments and something personal. It should be engaging and tap into people’s emotions without you being a braggart. Occasionally post an update about something exciting that happened. Instead of saying, “I am the best sales person in the whole region,” say something like, “today I was recognized as one of the top sales people in the region. What an honor to be included!”

3. Promote someone else.

Recognize a colleague for their success. More than likely they’ll return the favor. Not only will people notice your colleague’s achievements, but they’ll notice your generosity and leadership in celebrating someone else’s advancement.

4. Speak to your audience.

When you promote yourself, you are sharing your value with the people who are going to make a difference in reaching your goals. Find the right moment to share an achievement without randomly bringing it up in the middle of a conversation with people who may not care.

For example, if your boss is having a meeting to discuss reaching the company goal, don’t be afraid to speak up and say, “When I was responsible for a campaign last year, I was able to help us reach a sales goal by using XXX technique. We met our goal two months before the deadline.” This sounds impressive without bragging and gives them a measurable benchmark. They’ll remember you for
speaking up.

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