Wardrobe Essentials: The Must-Have Necklace is Here

Wardrobe Essentials: The Must-Have Necklace is Here

must-have necklace

must-have neckaceWhenever I’m getting dressed, I feel the hard part is over once I’ve decided what I’m wearing for the day. Then, I turn to my jewelry box and select earrings, decide if I am wearing a different ring for the day (I LOVE rings), and then, everything comes to a halt. Necklaces. What to do about a necklace? For some reason, I have bracelets galore, rings, earrings – but I am sadly lacking in the necklace department. Or, more accurately, I am sadly lacking in necklaces I can wear with what I choose to wear. If that makes sense. They never hit in the right spot to complement the look. Determined to correct this situation, I went in search of the must-have necklace. To my mind, the must-have necklace would be wearable with a t-shirt, sweater, v-neck top, blouse, or halter style neckline. But what could possibly be that versatile?

Then I saw them in all their glory. The adjustable necklace.


must-have necklaceYes – adjustable necklaces are THE thing. The must-have style for women who are tired of finding the necklace they want to wear is completely invisible when paired with the outfit of the day. I recently packed for a beachy family reunion and was overly excited about being able to throw one necklace in my jewelry case and know that it would be the right addition to anything I wore. The photos in this post are all of the same necklace worn three different ways.must-have necklace

There are many styles and metals to choose from – so check them out and see if a must-have necklace with adjustable length doesn’t make you feel a little more complete in the best fashion-sense. Bonus: they’re also perfect for layering.

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