Vintage-Inspired Looks We Are Loving This Summer

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Fashion trends are becoming more and more accessible with the increase in social media and technology. You don’t have to wait weeks to see the best looks from the Met Gala – you can view them instantly from live streamers and media influencers. Staying current on what’s hot and what’s
not is widely accepted and easier than it used to be.

This summer, we are loving vintage looks. Many vintage styles and accessories are coming back, making this summer one to remember. Between bathing suits, jewelry, and glamour dresses, the style from decades past reminds us of what fashion looks like.

Here are a few of our favorite vintage looks for this summer!

Vintage swimsuits

This summer is all about fun swimsuits that work as outfits and standalone swimwear. Vintage swimsuits from places like Calypsa will be a gorgeous look this summer. Between the floral prints and high-waisted bottoms, these swimsuits are giving us all the vintage feels.

Whether your preferred swimwear is a modest one-piece, a fun and bright triangle-top bikini, or a  floral tankini, there’s a vintage option for you. The best part about vintage swimwear is having the option to turn it into an outfit. You can use a pair of sheer cover-up pants with a fun floral bikini top and head to your favorite beach bar after hitting the waves or taking a long walk in the sand.

Vintage swimsuits give you the ability to make things unique and still look fabulous. From swim tops with underwire to high-leg one-pieces, you can make this summer your best one yet.

50s summer dresses

vintage 50s style summer dresses

One of the most popular summer dress styles this summer is the 50s summer dress. These dresses look like vintage swing dresses or those with a tea-cup cut. The chest is tight, usually with two thin straps, while the tightest point will be at your waist, often with a tie or ribbon to accentuate your waist. Then the skirt creates a beautiful full look, making the perfect swing dress. 

This style is a huge hit this summer because it’s a blend of glamour and relaxation. It’s not too flashy but it’s still a cute way to make a statement at summer events. If you’re hosting a gathering at your house this summer, this dress style will look great in your outdoor entertaining space and give you a gorgeous vintage style that your friends will love.

Pair this style of dress with vintage patterns like polka-dots, strawberries, or pastel pinks and blues. Top the whole look off with a pair of white Keds or Vans to keep things simple and chic. Your go-to summer look will be comfortable, breathable, and fabulous!

Festival fashion

Girl wearing a corset and pants

If you’re trying to find the top fashion trends of the year, take a look at festival photos. Celebrities and influencers alike put on their best outfits for hot festivals such as Coachella. Once these outfits are debuted, they become popular throughout the rest of the year and become fashion staples.

This year, the corset is making a huge comeback. The vintage, figure-hugging garment that used to be worn under clothing is now a hit all on its own. You can pair the corset with a pair of jean shorts, leather pants, or a colorful mini-skirt. The possibilities are endless and you’ll love the boost of confidence from wearing fabulous shapewear.

Another hot trend for the summer is 60s-inspired flare jeans. They’re so versatile and comfortable, making them a beloved choice of tons of celebrities and influencers. You can dress them up or dress them down, making them an invaluable tool in your closet. Pair them with chunky tennis shoes or a pair of neutral platform shoes to make this look shine.

Fun sunglasses

Woman wearing chunky square sunglasses

Complete your vintage summer look with fun sunglasses. Say goodbye to outdated, boring frames, and hello to styles like the cat-eye or chunky square frames. These are both a nod to vintage styles
that are making a huge comeback.

Even the biggest stars such as Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, and Beyoncé love cat-eye sunglasses. From a casual day in L.A. to a tropical beach vacation, celebrities have been seen with fun cat-eye sunglasses. They’re chic and simple but still give off a wow factor that we can’t get enough of.

If cat-eye is not your style, you could opt for a pair of chunky sunglasses that influencers and stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian love. These are great for a long day in the sun because you can have full eye protection from harmful UV rays. Try a pair in black or tortoiseshell to ensure that these sunglasses match any outfit you have planned for the summer.

Vintage jewelry

Vintage jewelry and cognac

The last but certainly not least important look for the summer is vintage jewelry. It’s important to have accessories and jewelry paired with your new summer looks to tie everything together. Before you
step out this summer, consider your accessories like your shoes, handbags, and bling.

The 70s style of jewelry is making a huge comeback this summer. It’s all about chunky gold and silver pieces right now. From diamond-encrusted gold hoops to chunky silver rings that cover most of your hand, these pieces are making a huge statement with A-listers. Pair the rings with a vintage gold bracelet and you’re in business.

Instead of looking for the biggest diamond for your next ring, consider finding unique gemstones to go with your outfits this summer. Gems are taking over the jewelry (specifically, ring) industry right now, making them a hot addition to your summer style.

Once you have your jewelry picked out, consider the type of shoes you’ll be wearing this summer. Bulky sandals and platform heels will be the perfect addition to your summer dresses and casual wear. You can go from a day on the beach with a pair of comfortable bulky sandals to a night on the town with a pair of black leather platform heels.



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