Cancer doesn’t just weigh on physical health. It’s an aspect of life that can have someone with even the most unyielding resolve convinced that their entire sense of being has been defined by their illness. Appearances are altered by hair loss, emotional well-being rivals a number of internal conflicts and, in more ways than some might like to admit, there are moments when a strong, influential woman can feel like less than the person she once knew herself as.

What’s more, cancer tends to strike at a curious time. More often than not, those we know who are affected by the illness are at an age when they’ve raised their own children (and perhaps grandchildren), established themselves in their careers and developed a solid sense of self. But the confidence that these experiences help us rack up can be sidelined by the pitfalls of the disease and its treatments, and individuals are charged with the task of reawakening that confidence and establishing a new kind of resiliency.

For that reason, Colorado based hat company, Wallaroo, has introduced a line of head scarves and turbans to help women suffering from some of the more appearance-related side-effects of cancer treatments feel strong, confident and in control. The Christine collection offers an array of modern designs and patterns to fit personal styles and preferences. With ultra-soft and smooth fabrics made of cotton and bamboo viscose, Christine is designed to offer comfort and versatility for all seasons. In addition, these scarves and turbans also prevent perspiration to control dampness.

We were taken by how these new scarves and turbans “pop,” making no compromises on style and helping women reclaim the power to show off who they are now—from fighter to supporter to survivor.

For a variety of styling options, try the Basic Long Crinkled Cotton style. You can tie, knot or bow the ends for a unique look.
For those more active days, try the moisture-wicking bamboo fabric of the Yoga Turban for a bike ride or a day of cleaning the house.
If you prefer a more classic look, try the Easy Basic for silk fabric that you can wear all day long, from a morning stroll to a formal evening dinner.
Christine was an obvious choice for Wallaroo, which has lent tireless energy and support to the American Cancer Society, the Skin Cancer Foundation and other cancer-related groups over the years.
Women can learn more about Christine by clicking here.














Lenya Shore & Stephanie Carter Co-Founders



In April 1999, Lenya Shore and Stephanie Carter founded Boulder, Colorado based Wallaroo Hat Company, as a tribute to their passion for sharing the coveted Australian secret to maintaining beautiful healthy skin. Each year, they collaborate to design the collection, expanding the line with new fabrics, patterns and brim styles.


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