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Wacoal bras are designed for comfort, support, and durability. Here are some of our favorite options for every occasion.
Best bras for older women, Wacoal

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Choosing the best bra for women over 50 involves focusing on three main elements: support, comfort, and the option for wireless designs. As women age, their bodies change, and so do their lingerie needs. Understanding these changes and selecting the right bra can significantly enhance daily comfort and overall well-being.

You’ve probably heard of one of our favorite bra brands, Wacoal, because they’re a company women have trusted for fit, quality, and comfort for nearly 40 years.

Wacoal Bras: What You Need to Know

Wacoal bras are celebrated for their exceptional support and precise fit. The brand invests heavily in research and development to ensure each bra provides optimal support, particularly for women with fuller busts. Many Wacoal bras feature underwire designs that offer enhanced lift and support, while their seamless construction ensures a smooth appearance under clothing. The brand also offers an array of wireless bras that use innovative materials and designs to deliver comparable support without the discomfort of traditional underwires.

Comfort is a cornerstone of Wacoal’s design philosophy. The brand uses premium fabrics that are soft against the skin and breathable, making its bras suitable for all-day wear. Wacoal pays close attention to details such as wide, cushioned straps and adjustable closures to enhance comfort further. Its bras are designed to reduce pressure on the shoulders and back, which is especially beneficial for women with larger busts or those seeking relief from shoulder and back pain.

Wacoal offers a diverse range of bra styles, including full coverage, balconette, t-shirt bras, and sports bras. This variety ensures that every woman can find a bra that meets her specific needs, whether it’s for everyday wear, special occasions, or active pursuits. Wacoal bras are also known for their elegant and sophisticated designs, featuring lace, embroidery, and stylish details that make them both functional and beautiful.

4 Tips to Select a Great Bra

1. Support: A Priority

As women age, the skin loses elasticity, and breast tissue may become less firm. Thus, support becomes a critical factor in choosing a bra. A supportive bra can help alleviate back and shoulder pain, improve posture, and provide a flattering silhouette.

  • Wide Straps: Bras with wide, padded straps can alleviate pressure on the shoulders, a common issue for women over 50. These straps help distribute the weight more evenly, reducing the risk of shoulder pain and marks.
  • Full Coverage Cups: Full-coverage cups are ideal because they encase the entire breast, preventing spillage and providing a smooth silhouette under clothing. This type of cup also ensures that the breasts are well-supported from all angles.

2. Comfort: Essential for Daily Wear

Comfort is non-negotiable, particularly for everyday wear. An uncomfortable bra can lead to irritation, restricted movement, and even headaches.

  • Soft, Breathable Fabrics: These materials are gentle on the skin and help regulate temperature, which is especially important during menopause when women may experience hot flashes. The Wacoal Comfortable Cool Underwire Bra is the perfect choice to keep you cool, calm, and collected on days when you’re hot flashing (or just want to wear an amazing bra!).
  • Seamless Designs: Seams can dig into the skin and cause discomfort. Seamless bras offer a smooth fit, reducing the likelihood of irritation and creating a sleek look under clothing.
  • Adjustable Features: Adjustable straps and bands are essential for achieving a custom fit. As body shapes and sizes can fluctuate, these adjustable features ensure the bra remains comfortable and supportive. The Wacoal Simply Done bra has fully adjustable straps that convert to crisscross straps to work with a wide range of outfits and styles.
  • Leotard back: The leotard back helps keep the straps in place, and the mesh backing has a microthin spacer lining to help smooth it.

3. Wireless Bras: The Modern Solution

Wireless bras have become a favorite for many women over 50 due to their blend of support and comfort. These bras have evolved to provide substantial support through innovative design and materials. Look for bras with a wide band and side support panels that distribute weight evenly and provide a secure fit.

  • Molded Cups: Wireless bras with full support and molded cups can offer structure and support. These cups maintain their shape and provide a natural lift, enhancing the bust’s appearance.
  • Wide Underband: A wide underband is a hallmark of a good wireless bra. It provides the necessary support by holding the bra in place and distributing the breast weight evenly across the chest.

4. Practical Tips for Choosing the Best Bra

  • Get Professionally Fitted: Regular bra fittings are crucial, especially as the body changes with age. A professional fitting can help you find the right style for your size and shape. Wacoal goes above and beyond by including its ‘5 Points of Fit‘ program, which includes guidance on picking the correct band, strap, cups, shape, and lift. They even offer bra education videos so you can feel confident with your selection.
  • Test for Comfort: When trying on bras, move around, raise your arms, and bend over to ensure the bra stays in place and remains comfortable during various activities.
  • Check the Return Policy: Purchase bras from retailers that offer a good return policy. This allows you to try on bras at home and return them if they do not meet your comfort and support requirements. For example, Wacoal allows you to return your item up to 45 days from the original ship date.
  • Consider Health Conditions: If you have any specific health conditions like arthritis, look for front-closure bras that are easier to put on and take off.


Choosing the best bra for women over 50 requires attention to support and comfort. By focusing on these key elements and getting a professional bra fitting, women can find bras that enhance their comfort and confidence daily.

Wacoal’s commitment to innovation and quality is evident in its continuous efforts to improve bra technology and design. They employ state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and rigorous quality control to ensure that every bra meets their high standards. In summary, Wacoal bras stand out for their superior support, exceptional comfort, and elegant designs. These attributes make them a preferred choice for women seeking reliable and stylish lingerie.


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