Faux fur has been creeping into the 2018 trends that initially appeared by way of the fuzzy cardigan. However, with 2019 on hand, faux fur has jumped into the lead and just in time as the temps drop and our patience with winter runs thin. Faux fur has become attached to every other trend out there, from western to leopard, even ‘millennial pink’,  you can find any of the big trends of 2018 settling softly into a cozy, casual faux fur companion.

Many of the pieces available could easily qualify as your statement coat of the season, brought out to spice up an all black ensemble, or stylize your jogger-and-sneaker kind of days. No matter what your specific level of tolerance for the faux, there’s an option for you. Faux fur is working it’s way into the trims of otherwise very conservative pieces as well as providing an all over aesthetic. It’s even on bags and shoes. So have some fun and get the “faux to know!”

#ShopTheLook: Below you’ll find our favorite faux fur pieces for everyone’s personal style and preferred price point.

Jackets & Coats

Kate Spade faux fur trim fluffy coat

Kate Spade, Faux Fur Trim Fluffy Coat, $798

Ted Baker London Faux Fur Cuff Skirted Coat

Ted Baker London, Faux Fur Cuff Skirted Coat, $629

Bold Ambition Faux Fur Jacket

Bold Ambition, Faux Fur Jacket, $349

Reformation Lucille Faux Fur Trim Coat

Reformation, Lucille Faux Fur Trim Coat, $348

Apparis Sophie Faux Fur Coat

Apparis, Sophie Faux Fur Coat, $295

Jakett Leopard Jacket

Jakett Leopard Jacket, $228

Tayberry Faux Fur Coat

Tayberry Faux Fur Coat, $228

Unreal Fur Dream Faux Fur Jacket

Unreal Fur, Dream Faux Fur Jacket, $185

Free People Kate Faux Fur Coat

Free People, Kate Faux Fur Coat, $168

TopShop Camille Faux Fur Coat

TopShop, Camille Faux Fur Coat, $150

Snowfall Sherpa Jacket

Snowfall Sherpa Jacket, $98

Leith Fur-Fect Faux Fur Jacket

Leith, Fur-Fect Faux Fur Jacket, $89


The Volon Plaid Great Box Bag with Faux Fur Trim

The Volon, Plaid Great Box Bag with Faux Fur Trim, $1,175

Love Token Fringe Poncho With Detachable Faux Fur Collar

Love Token, Fringe Poncho With Detachable Faux Fur Collar, $218

JSlides Selene Faux Fur Lined Waterproof Boot

JSlides, Selene Faux Fur Lined Waterproof Boot, $175

Ugg, Benson Faux Fur Leather Boots, $160

La Fiorentina Multicolored Faux Fur Scarf

La Fiorentina, Multicolored Faux Fur Scarf, $90

RENVY Faux Fur Flyaway Vest

RENVY, Faux Fur Flyaway Vest, $80

TopShop Freddy Faux Fur Tote Bag

TopShop, Freddy Faux Fur Tote Bag, $52

BP Faux Shearling Triangle Tote

BP, Faux Shearling Triangle Tote, $26


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