Swimwear for Women Over (or Nearing) 50: Suits for Every Body Type

Swimwear for Women Over (or Nearing) 50: Suits for Every Body Type

Swimwear for every body type

As the days warm up and we’re treated to long sunny afternoons, our thoughts turn to more peaceful, relaxing days ahead: lazing on sandy beaches, lounging by crystal pools, taking refreshing dips in cool lakes, and maybe even going for a ride on a catamaran in the ocean, searching for whales. This is the year to find an adventure – and there’s no better way to do that than by donning a new swimsuit, grabbing your towel, and heading out for some fun. 

Let’s help make those fantasies a reality and find you the perfect swimsuit to make those experiences joyful and help you feel good about yourself. Because the most important thing about a swimsuit (or any piece of clothing) is that it makes you feel confident. But our bodies aren’t all alike – we’re blissfully unique, and what works well for one person doesn’t work for another. Also, we’re not all going on the same adventure, so our swimsuit needs are different. 

Here are our suggestions for the perfect suit for your body shape and your specific purpose.



Slender Body Shapes

Larger Busts

Tummy Control

Trending Fashion Statement


Active Lifestyle






Slender Body Shapes

Trending Fashion Statement

Whether you’re hitting the pool, heading to the beach, or planning a swim workout, we’ve got a swimsuit that’s sure to fit your needs. But remember, when you’re picking out a new swimsuit (or any clothing, for that matter), finding something that makes you feel confident and helps you put your best foot forward is really important. Because in the end, that’s what really matters. Now go have some fun!

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