22 Special Occasion Bras for Any Event

22 Special Occasion Bras for Any Event

Backless dresses need a special occasion bra

We’ve all been there… we purchase a fabulous new dress or top, but our bra straps are peeking out, and we can’t go without one. We try on our entire bra collection, tucking in the straps or crisscrossing them in ways they weren’t designed, but nothing works. As if wearing a bra every day wasn’t bad enough, now we have to try to MacGyver it into suiting our needs. I found myself in this predicament when I attended an event recently. It made me realize that while we have recommendations for the best bras for mature women, best bras without wire, and even the best bras to keep you cool while working out, we don’t have a list of special occasion bras.  

So, we set out to create a list of bras that work for every situation. And I mean EVERY situation. Do you have a backless dress or need a racerback bra for that flashy new dress or top? We’ve got you covered. Heck, we even found some amazing boob tape that will work in pretty much any situation. The next time you’re out shopping for a gown for a special occasion or see a fabulous top that you love, don’t let the stress of finding a bra hold you back. We’ve got you covered. 

Best Bras for Any Occasion

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Bras for Low-Cut Outfits

A plunging neckline can look fabulous on the right occasion. Have you been eyeing a mother of the bride dress that has a bit deeper v-neck than you typically go with, but your bra keeps peeking out? Or perhaps you found a beautiful cashmere sweater that looks amazing with your favorite slacks but again… there’s your bra! Never fear, we’ve found a selection of bras in a wide range of prices, colors, and fabrics that work perfectly with low-cut tops. 

Bras for Backless Outfits

When you think of a backless outfit, do you envision a totally backless dress that you might never consider? That’s what came to mind for me, but then I found a gorgeous dress for my recent event and – while it was cut low in the back – it certainly didn’t bare all. It was simply lower than I typically go. And that’s when I found myself completely unable to hide my bra strap. There it sat – 2 inches above my dress line – ruining the outfit. I found a great bra that worked perfectly, and we compiled a list of others that will keep your breasts covered and lifted without ruining your look.

Bras for Racerback Outfits

I’m a pretty simple dresser when summer comes rolling around – I love to wear a pair of shorts or a skort with a casual top. When it starts heating up, that’s when I love to start selecting from my collection of tank tops. With cold winter weather descending upon us, I’m dreaming of warm sunny weather and have begun to prepare for the tank top days ahead by adding some extra arm exercises to my daily routine. I’ve been focusing on my underarm fat and even trying to tackle my back fat. I’ve found, however, that my bra straps often show when I’m wearing a tank top, and the need to keep tucking them back in throughout the days drives me crazy. Last summer, I invested in some bras designed for racerback tops and found they work so much better than my typical bra. 

Breast Assisted Accessories

If one of the bras for special occasions above still won’t fit the bill for your dream outfit, it might be time to work with one of the other breast assisting accessories. For example, if a bra simply doesn’t work, you might consider trying some pasties so you aren’t self-conscious about your nipples. If you’re worried your breasts are going to sag with your lovely dress, invest in some boob tape to lift them while staying hidden. It’s amazing what people come up with when it comes to breast accessories, isn’t it? 

Now is the perfect time to check out some special occasion bras and prepare for Valentine’s Day, the wedding season, and, yes, even get primed for summer. Considering it’s already February, I suspect this year is going to fly by before we know it. 

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