Spring’s Must-Have Item? Plidi Skirts!

When I first saw a plidi skirt during Paris fashion week, it was like a blast from the past. They were familiar yet still seemed modern and trendy. If you’re wondering what a plidi skirt is, you aren’t alone. They’re basically pleated midi skirts. They typically run longer than a miniskirt, and you’ll find they hit you right around mid-calf or perhaps a bit longer.

Plidi skirts are a perfect option for all the spring events on the horizon. If you’re headed to an outdoor wedding, a longer skirt will make you look great while keeping your legs covered. They’ll also work well if you’ve got a day full of graduation events to cover because a flowing skirt will allow you to travel in chic comfort. Pair them with your favorite blouse or vest, and grab a pair of spring sandals or booties. 

You’ll see on our list below that plidi skirts come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so there’s an option for every fashion palette. 

Spring into Fashion with Plidi Skirts

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As you plan and prepare for spring weddings, graduations, and holidays, consider adding a plidi skirt to your fashion lineup. 

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