6 Fabulous Looks to Start the Year

6 Fabulous Outfits Pairing Jeans and Heels

Jeans and heels are both classic staples found in pretty much every woman’s closet, and when you put them together, you have the perfect outfit! A surprising number of women have a strange affection for a good pair of heels… not only are you able to fool people into thinking you’re 3 inches taller, but your posture and grace are enhanced. Once you’ve mastered the ability to glide across the room while wearing a killer pair of heels, you’ll find that they give you a certain amount of elegance as you walk. With so many different choices of high heels, it becomes difficult to decide which one is the best pair to wear. To help you out, we’ve compiled 6 outfit options below for you to find a look (or two!) that are great for you.

6 Fabulous Looks to Elevate Your Style Game

Luxuriously Layered

Whether you’re heading out for a date night or out for drinks with your friends, this outfit idea is sure to impress. Burgundy jeans will kick your look up a notch and help you escape the typical jeans look. Add a cute cami and a pair of strappy heels, and your look will be set. But with the chilly winter weather, a cute cardigan is a great addition to keep you warm while you’re out and about. If you want to take this look in a different direction, you could even add a white blazer or a different pair of dark color jeans (or even some black skinny jeans) for a great way to create several jeans outfits. 

Jeans and Heels Outfit 1

Burgundy Jeans, $950 (cheaper option here) | Grey Cardigan, $50| Cami, $49.50 | Black Heels, $59.99 | Necklace, $68| Bronzer, $29

Comfortably Casual

Pair dark-washed jeans with a monochromatic sweater, and you’ll look sleek while staying comfortable and cozy. Elevate this popular style with some flashy bright lipstick and some bright block heels to kick it up a notch. This option definitely takes casual outfits to the next level, and you can pair it with any bright color you love to make a number of cute outfits. 

Jeans and Heels Outfit 2

Dark Washed Jeans, $118 | Monochrome Sweater, $69 | Red Heels, $118.95 | Black Tote, $168 | Red Lipstick, $34

Everyday Style

Some nights out aren’t meant to be big formal affairs… that’s why it’s key to have some staple items on-hand that you can go to in a pinch. Invest in a pair of flattering white jeans and then pair them with a colorful top. Add a pair of killer leather boots and some matching accessories… and voila! You’ll be ready for a relaxed evening just about anywhere. You can even add a denim jacket or a simple blue shirt to create a simple outfit for the cooler months.

Jeans and Heels Outfit 3

White Jeans, $178 |  Green Top, $268 | Checkered Shirt, $79.50 | Chelsea Boots, $188 | Gold Bracelet, $80 | Brown Crossbody, $130

Soft and Elegant

I’m a huge fan of soft feminine sweaters; I think they should be a wardrobe staple in every closet. In my opinion, they add a touch of elegance to any occasion, and when you combine one with a pair of grey jeans and soft heels… well, it’s just about as classy and elegant as you can get while still staying casual. Add chandelier earrings, and you’re all set for a night of soft romance. 

Jeans and Heels Outfit 4

Grey Jeans, $78 | Pink Sweater, $59 | Nude Heels, $140 | Earrings, $88 | Eye Palette, $29

Bold and Beautiful 

Some occasions just call for a bit less flash, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still add a dash of color. If you don’t have a great pair of black jeans in your closet, I suggest you invest in some now. They’re great to have on hand for more formal events and offer a bit more of a laid-back style. Pair them with a beautiful white top and some deep red accents, and you’ve got the perfect combination to create a classic look and a great outfit for a variety of events. 

Jeans and Heels Outfit 5

Black Jeans, $78 | White Shirt, $65 |  Burgundy Heels, $138 | Handbag, $185 | Lipstick $29

Sleek and Chic 

When we put together this fashion board with the high waist cream jeans, deep burgundy top, and cream-colored accents, all I could think was ‘wow.’ I love this look. I love the rich and bold colors on top while keeping it simple and class throughout the rest. And that deep red matching ring? It’s gorgeous. This outfit will take you just about anywhere, and it’ll do it in style. If you want an easy way to take this look to the next level you could even add a pair of animal print heels.

Jeans and Heels Outfit 6

Cream Jeans, $130 | Burgundy Top, $68 | Cream Boots, $170 | Clutch, $148 | Gold Earrings, $104 | Ring, $75

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe a bit, we’ve covered a number of different looks for just about every occasion. From casual nights out with your friends or your beau to an elegant evening at your favorite restaurant, a great pair of jeans and a killer set of heels can get you there in style. 

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