Fashion Flashback: Classic Trends from the Golden Globes Red Carpet

It's award show season, and it kicks off with The Golden Globes. Let's take a look back at the iconic looks from previous years.
Golden Globe fashion

The Golden Globe Awards—more than a night of accolades for outstanding TV and film is a dazzling showcase of style and sophistication spanning over eight decades. 

Let’s take a journey through the ages, revisiting iconic fashion moments that transcend time and resonate deeply with the grace and elegance of women. 

The Fashion Legacy of the Golden Globes

Elizabeth Taylor Golden Globes
Photo: Getty Images

The Golden Globes have always been more than an awards show; it’s a playground for the fashion elite. Remember Elizabeth Taylor gracing the red carpet in 1957, adorned in an embroidered gown and a tiara that screamed regality. 

Also, Meryl Streep’s elegant black dress from her first appearance in ’99. These weren’t just gowns; they were powerful statements exuding grace and sophistication that remain etched in our fashion memory lane. From custom silk crepe gowns to classic brown dresses, these stars showed up to make lasting fashion statements.

Celebrating Classic Sophistication

Cher Golden Globes
Photo: Getty Images

The ’70s and ’80s brought a wave of exuberance, yet amid all the flair, sophistication reigned supreme. Who can forget Sonny and Cher’s Studio 54-inspired appearance in 1973? Cher, in her iconic midriff-baring ensemble, exuded a classiness that transcended the trends of the era. 

And in 1987, Melba Moore graced the red carpet in a ravishing red gown, a symbol of timeless sophistication that still resonates profoundly.

Minimalism Beauty

Angelina Jolie 1999 Golden Globes
Photo: Getty Images

As the ’90s dawned, minimalism took center stage. Angelina Jolie’s silver sequined tank dress in 1999 epitomized classic beauty in its simplicity. It is a clear testament that elegance knows no bounds; it speaks volumes with subtlety.

Age-Defying Grace

Reese Witherspoon Golden Globes
Photo: Getty Images

The turn of the 2000s witnessed elegance finding new expressions. Halle Berry’s ruched pastel blue number in 2003 and Reese Witherspoon’s iconic yellow Nina Ricci dress spoke volumes of grace and style. These divas sparked the fashion of form-hugging dresses with deep necklines.

Elegance Meets Modernity

Lupita Nyong'o Golden Globes
Photo: Getty Images

The modern era blended refinement with contemporary fashion. Lupita Nyong’o’s red Ralph Lauren cape dress in 2014 and Brie Larson’s shimmering gold halter gown in 2016 were the epitome of sophistication with a touch of modern flair.

Fashion and Empowerment

Lady Gaga Golden Globes
Photo: Getty Images

Recent years turned the red carpet into a canvas for empowerment. The #TimesUp movement made a powerful statement in 2018, while 2019 celebrated individuality. Lady Gaga’s lilac Valentino gown and Janelle Monae’s unexpected tweed ensemble were testaments to women owning their narratives.

A Tribute to Timeless Beauty

Gwyneth Paltrow Golden Globes
Photo: Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY

In 2020, Gwyneth Paltrow stunned everyone in a caramel-color Fendi Naked Dress that defied all age barriers. This set an example for women approaching 50 that you can wear everything regardless of your age. The same year, the age-defying Jennifer Lopez walked out in a long Valentino Couture dress of green and gold adorned with a giant bow. Ladies, channel your inner J Lo. and don’t hesitate to embrace bold shades and designs.

The Fashion Anticipation of the Golden Globes Red Carpet this Year

If there’s one thing to look forward to, it’s the hues that paint the red carpet. High-shine jewel tones, radiant blondes, and deep, rich shades have made heads turn and cameras flash. Based on the latest fashion trends, these are some dressing styles we can expect to see on the Golden Globes 2024 carpet:

  • Micro-Fringe Hemlines: Burberry, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta are some of the few designers who enticed everyone with their shocking colors and micro-fringe bottoms. Celebrities are expected to ride this trend wave and incorporate this style in their gowns.
  • Sheer Dresses: Sheer or nude dresses can never go out of style as they are the Meryl Streep of the fashion world. You might see various actresses decked out in transparent clothing, proudly rocking their curvy bodies.
  • Armor Dresses: Since not everyone can win big on the Golden Globe night, some celebs may dress in armor (not real ones, though) to deflect the result of unexpected announcements. Based on Balenciaga and Georges Chakra’s Couture Fashion collection, your favorite stars might walk on the carpet in breastplates, structured metallics, and chainmail.

How To Stream The Golden Globes 2024?

Now, here comes the big question: how can you catch this spectacular fashion parade? For those opting for the classic cable route, CBS will air the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 7th, at 8 PM EST/5 PM PT. 

But if cable isn’t your thing, worry not, as the streaming world has got you covered. Paramount+, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, Fubo TV, and DirecTV Stream are all set to live stream the event. These platforms often offer free trials, so you can still get your front-row ticket to the fashion fiesta even if you’re not a subscriber.

Ready, Set, Bling!

As the countdown begins for this year’s Golden Globe Awards, the anticipation isn’t just about who’ll take home the trophies; it’s about the fashion moments that’ll grace the red carpet. Will we see a resurgence of classic hues or the birth of a new trend that’ll set pulses racing? One thing’s for sure—it’s going to be a night where fashion history is made once again.

So, grab your popcorn and settle in for an evening of glitz, glamor, and a front-row seat to fashion’s finest hour!

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