The Best Fall Jeans To Wear This Season And Beyond

Best fall jeans

We may have spent our summer in breezy maxi dresses and linen, but now that autumn is upon us, it’s all about denim. And whether you prefer a leg-lengthening crop or a relaxed wide-leg, we’ve already done the shopping for you! Keep reading for the best fall jeans to add to your fall closet.

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High-Waisted Straight Leg Jeans For Fall

Classic Straight Fit Jeans
Classic Straight Fit Jeans, $59.99
Cindy 30" - Monique
Cindy 30″ – Monique, $229
Marilyn Straight Jeans
Marilyn Straight Jeans, $139

Skinny Jeans For Fall

High Rise Skinny Moore Jeans, $118
High Rise Skinny Broome Jeans
High Rise Skinny Broome Jeans, $118
Margot Ultra Skinny - Novela
Margot Ultra Skinny – Novela, $219
Ami Skinny Jeans
Ami Skinny Jeans, $129

Flattering Tapered-Leg Jeans for Fall

Amanda Classic Straight Jeans
Amanda Classic Straight Jeans, $48
Baggy Tapered Jeans in Dressler Wash
Baggy Tapered Jeans in Dressler Wash, $98
Boyfriend Tapered-Leg Jeans
Boyfriend Tapered-Leg Jeans, $69.50

Flared Jeans For Fall

High Rise Flare Jeans
High Rise Flare Jeans, $59.99
Genevieve - Black Fog Luxe Coating
Genevieve – Black Fog Luxe Coating, $259
Ava Flared Jeans
Ava Flared Jeans, $119

The Best Bootcut Jeans for Fall

Cali Demi-Boot Jeans in Glenside Wash
Cali Demi-Boot Jeans in Glenside Wash, $138
Mid Rise Baby Boot Jeans with Washwell
Mid Rise Baby Boot Jeans with Washwell, $79.95
Kimmie Boot Cut Jeans
Kimmie Boot Cut Jeans, $198

Boyfriend Jeans To Wear

Boyfriend Ridge Jeans
Boyfriend Ridge Jeans, $108
Boyfriend Mid Rise Jeans
Boyfriend Mid Rise Jeans, $59.99
Brigitte 26” - Bare White Distressed
Brigitte 26” – Bare White Distressed, $209

Every woman’s wardrobe should contain at least one pair of jeans that fit them perfectly. Thankfully, we’ve made this process easy — check out the best jeans for women over 50!

Header images via The Middle Page and Fashion Should Be Fun

The Best Fall Jeans