Stylish Ways to Wear Athleisure Outside of the Studio

Let's explore the present-day athleisure wardrobe, so we can wake up, get dressed and start (and finish) our day in one outfit.
Athleisure Feature

Working women have always been stuck in a sea of stiff dress pants and business suits, but the athleisure market has changed all of that. It’s grown from a sea of yoga pants and people on a busy schedule to something that offers both style and functionality. In fact, global athleisure sales are expected to reach over $244 billion by the end of 2024.

Athleisure: Everyone Is Doing It

Major box stores have caught onto the growing demand for comfortable clothes, along with other popular name brands. Target’s Joy Lab offers fun basics in an array of patterns and fabrics, along with Walmart’s Avia and Old Navy’s ever-growing collection. Even specialty stores are joining the athleisure club—like Talbots’ T By Talbots and Chico’s Zenergy. And don’t get us started on stores like Athleta and Lululemon, which are changing the way we shop (and the amount we spend) at an accelerated rate.

This growing market may be attributed to the relaxation of dress codes, but even people who do not work from home can still wear them and look professional in the workplace. After all, the fabrics are generally wrinkle-resistant. And why shouldn’t we be comfortable where we spend a large chunk of our time?

Athleisure isn’t just for workouts anymore.

And it’s worth noting that athleisure is way more than leggings and sports bras. Even the trusty sneaker has morphed into a functional style statement. While some women may have brought a pair of walking shoes for their commute and changed into a stiff pair of heels upon entering the office, today’s woman may don a pair of OnCloud Cloudnova Form Sneakers until 5 PM.

So, let’s explore the present-day athleisure wardrobe. We can wake up, get dressed, and start (and finish) our day in one outfit.

An Everyday Look

For a cute basic pant, try something in a durable stretch woven fabric. A light, breathable tank is perfect for impending spring weather and also provides an opportunity to show a little pattern with a bold sports bra. Layer on a lightweight jacket, slip into some cushioned sneakers, and voila!

Ready-In-A-Flash Athleisure

For something that lets you get dressed and out the door in a flash, try a basic solid-colored jumpsuit. If it’s chilly, an open-front sweater is a foolproof way to add a stylish layer. And since we’re keeping it pretty basic, introduce some fun patterns on your feet.

Zoom Call Chic

Attending virtual calls for work and/or happy hour with friends? Keep it comfortable and professional with some soft joggers, a sleeveless polo, and an open cardigan. If you feel like slipping into a dress, try a breathable midi style. They may not be able to see your feet during the call, but in case you need to let the dog out, they’ll definitely compliment your trainers.

Date Night Athleisure

Just because it’s athleisurewear doesn’t mean it can’t transition to a casual night out with your friends or your beau. Opt for lightweight dresses in varying lengths and dress them up with your favorite accessories—you’ll be comfortable enough for a backyard barbecue or drinks by the pool. Or, throw a chic blazer over your dress or pants for the evening.

Athleisure is here to stay, and we personally love the shift. While it’s not for every day and every occasion, there are a lot of days when we don’t want to go back to wearing clothing that binds or pinches. We will want to be cool and comfortable, sporty and stylish.

Stay chic, and don’t be afraid to show off your shape!

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