9 Best Hairstyles for Gray Hair for Women Over 60 

Have you gone gray, but you aren't sure how to style your hair? Here are some great hairstyles for gray hair that will make you look great!
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Every five to seven years, our hair changes texture. Add in the fact that once we hit our seventh decade, it’s most likely that we have gray hair, and now we may be dealing with a complete change from what we had in our forties and fifties. So, what do we do with it that’s easy to style and offers a youthful appearance? Here are the best hairstyles for gray hair for women over 60.

Disclosure: In no way is this post on the best hairstyles for gray hair for women in their 60s meant to sway your opinion or style. Instead, it’s intended to give you some fun options with little effort. Of course, please feel free to talk to your hairstylist if you have additional questions.

Embracing Change

Gray hair is much different from your hair when you were younger. First, the loss of pigment (aka melanin) and sebum that naturally hydrates the hair is much less. So, what you now have in your 60s is coarser, drier, or even wiry. But with that comes a more natural body you may not have had when you were younger.

So, not only may you be working with a new hair color, but you’re probably wondering what to do with your new texture as well. Here are some super easy-to-style hairstyles that will make your life easier.

The Pixie

gray hair pixie cut

If you truly want a hairstyle with the absolute minimum of effort, the adorable pixie is the way to go. Closely cropped to the head, you can literally wash and go. Additionally, it looks excellent for hair that’s completely gray or is transitioning. This style is ideal if you have gray roots and want to get rid of the older color and long length.

Keep this in mind: With shorter hair, including a pixie cut, you will have to pop into the salon more frequently than if you had a longer hairstyle to maintain it at a cropped length.

Wavy Lob

woman with curly lob or bob haircut

What’s a lob, you ask? In a nutshell, it’s a longer bob that sits anywhere below the chin and above the collarbone. By adding in soft layers, you’ll get more volume and texture than a blunt version.

Blunt Bob

gray hair, blunt bob hairstyle

A blunt bob is just that: there are no layers in it, and it offers a very clean edge to the style. This is the way to go if you want a hairstyle that you can dry with a flat brush and blow dryer.

Ask for a length just below your jawline or an inversion that sweeps longer in the front than near the nape of your neck.

Wavy Mid-Length

Gray or blonde hair mid-length wavy or curly

I don’t know about you, but I love a longer-length hairstyle. A wavy, mid-length style not only gives length to your face, but its soft edges are very romantic. If you have a lot of hair, ask for long layers to keep it from being weighed down.

Layered Bob

gray hair layered bob

Not all of us are graced with full hair. In fact, I’m one of those ladies whose hair is very fine. But there is a solution for women with thinner, finer hair: the layered bob. By adding layers, this style will give the appearance of having a fuller head of hair. To get the style, use a curling iron on completely dried hair and run your fingers through it.

Noteworthy: You’ll probably want to wash your hair more frequently with this style, as any excess oil will weigh it down.

Short or Mid-Length with Flipped Layers

short haircut flipped out, gray hair, layers

If you want a hairstyle with whimsy, flipped layers are the way to go. Instead of curling your layers under, use a round brush or flat iron and direct your hair towards the outside.

You’ll love this style if you have fine air, as it will give much-needed volume.

The Shag

shaggy hairstyle

Another hip style from the 1970s is never out of style for women in their 60s – The Shag. The hairstyle features shaggily-cut layers, with the longest layer hitting right at the shoulders, and it’s a no-muss, no-fuss style that looks both youthful and stylish.

Asymmetrical Bangs

Pixie haircut with asymmetrical bangs

If you were wondering whether or not to go for bangs or fringe, the answer is a big yes. Not only do bangs hide larger foreheads, but they’re also a youthful look that women of any age can pull off.

If you want a chic, trendy look, ask for a short haircut with longer layers on top and graduated bangs that sweep to one side of the face.

Shoulder Length with Minimal Layers

woman with lob with bangs

Another cool option for ladies with fine hair is a shoulder-length style with minimal layers to lock in thickness. Ask your stylist for barely-there layers and no more than a couple of different lengths.

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