7 Signs You’re A Fashion Addict

fashion addict

Fashion is more than the clothes you put on your body or the shoes on your feet. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent months – nay, YEARS studying the world and have become familiar with the designers, the models and the critics in the industry. You subscribe to the “required reading” list… Vogue, W, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

Not only do you have the knowledge, but you understand fashion as a form of self-identity. There’s not a better way to show what mood you’re in on a given day, what interests you, or how you would put together an ensemble. To you, fashion is more than just what you wear, it’s everything, and you never leave your house without a perfectly styled #OOTD (outfit of the day).

Yes, us fashion-fanatics stalk our favorite bloggers’, stylists’, and designers’ Instagram feeds like it’s our job, but sometimes, being a fan can swiftly escalate to a full-blown addiction before you know it. Here’s a small list to know if you have an “issue.”

7 Signs of a Fashion Addict

7.  The homepage of your iPhone essentially looks like a mall directory.

6.  Jenna Lyons is your guru, goddess and spirit-animal.

5.  In your version of the dictionary, a mule is not an animal… it’s a form of footwear.

4.  When you hear the word “stack,” you immediately think of jewelry.

3.  You always overpack for trips because you know you’ll want outfit options when you arrive.

2.  You have your credit card number memorized.

1.  You find it completely reasonable to spend up to 50% of your paycheck on a single handbag. 😉

 Feed Your Fashion Appetite

large rhode resort white laura dress
Rhode Resort Laura Dress, $365
fashion addict
Stretch Organic Cotton Jersey Shift Dress, $138
fashion addict
Castaner Carina Low Wedge Espadrilles, $175
Jabrina Wedge, $79
fashion addict
Vince Camuto Crossbody Bag, $118.80
fashion addict
Chloe’ Otis Layered Cord Bracelet, $412
Black and Lavender Tassel Bracelet, $58
fashion addict
Floral Maxi Dress, $242
fashion addict
Marte Frisnes Alex Feather Earrings, $95
fashion addict
Diane Von Furstenberg Striped Stretch-Cotton Skirt, $310

What other signs am I missing? Are you a fashion addict? Share your comments with me via Twitter!7 Signs you are a fashion addict (1)

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