6 Rules for the Perfect Summer Vacation Wardrobe

summer vacation wardrobe

Holidays were once a time to get away from it all, but now, with social media, everyone shares every moment, so what you’re wearing is important. It’s time to put together your summer vacation wardrobe with the same thought and care that you do your work and evening closets.

From choosing the best bathing suit to deciding on the ultimate day-to-night dresses and accessories that are beach-appropriate, I share my rules to achieve the perfect summer vacation wardrobe.

1. Be yourself.

The best beachside look is a natural extension of our personal style. (Personally, I’m inspired by Grace Kelly in “To Catch a Thief.”)

summer vacation wardrobe
Alice and Olivia Adrianna Fluttersleeve Mockwrap Maxi Dress

2.  Consider your cover-ups.

Since I’m petite (5’2″ when I really stand up straight), I’m not really into traditional kaftans… they swallow me up. Instead, I think the best cover-ups are amazing sun dresses that you can wear to the beach. Then, you can put your strappy sandals on and head straight to a restaurant.

summer vacation wardrobe
PITUSA Cover-Up Maxi Dress

3.  Keep accessories to a minimum.

I really can’t take the “fussiness” of super-fine gold jewelry all layered up. Lots of chains, bracelets, and rings stacked up just look like a tangled mess to me when paired with swimwear. I’m a huge fan of a single big statement jewelry piece that plays equal partner to a swimsuit, but always underplay it. Don’t look like you’re trying too hard.

summer vacation wardrobe
Coral Reef Collar Necklace – BaubleBar

4.  Makeup at the beach is never a good look.

Natural skin with a bronzy glow and a beautiful hat are divine with a touch of mascara and a pop of lip gloss in a juicy color. Learn how to achieve that perfect glow here.

summer vacation wardrobe
Sun-kissed skin – Bobbi Brown

5.  Treat your swim wardrobe like you do your ready-to-wear.

For me, your bikini or swimsuit is like every other outfit you have in your closet. What you want to wear is driven by mood and where you’re going, so have a selection of different swimsuits that fit in with your style. However, I think every woman should own a well-cut one-piece, even if you’re more of a bikini woman. Some days you might feel like a really clean, sleek, and sophisticated style of swimsuit… one that’s easy to have a swim in. Other days, you’ll wake up in a girly, fashionista mood, and then a ruffled two piece can look amazing too. And, always remember, swimwear is always worth investing in. Cheap swimwear is that price for a reason and you want it to last more than one season.

summer vacation wardrobe
Beach wardrobe – Everything But Water

6.  Remember that everyone is in the same boat.

No matter how confident someone looks on the beach or by the pool, they have their own personal body hangups. It’s intimidating for most people to be in their swimwear. The best thing is to be at ease and look confident.

Women having a good time always look their best. Don that summer vacation wardrobe, put your feet in the sand, and with a glass of rosé in hand, enjoy the best feeling in the world… Summer Vacation!


summer vacation wardrobe
Woven Maxi Dress, $59
summer vacation wardrobe
Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress, $68
summer vacation wardrobe
Short Sleeve Maxi Dress, $72
summer vacation wardrobe
Bubblestream Collar, $38
summer vacation wardrobe
Tassel Necklace, $98
summer vacation wardrobe
Garden Necklace, $57.99