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The One Ingredient That Every Woman Over 50 Should Use Under Her Eyes

vitamin k benefits

We’ve already professed our love for vitamin C and other miracle ingredients in our favorite skincare products. Still, there’s one vitamin that definitely needs to be incorporated into your skin regimen. Meet vitamin K! This vitamin plays a vital role in several body functions, but it turns out there are plenty of topical benefits too. Read on to learn more about vitamin K, the skincare benefits, and some top-reviewed products you may want to try. 

What is Vitamin K?

Vitamin K, or phytonadione, is a fat-soluble vitamin that’s produced in the liver. It’s responsible for healing wounds, blood clotting, bone health, and blood calcium regulation. In fact, it’s called vitamin K because the German word for coagulation is koagulation

The main components of vitamin K are K1 and K2. K1 is found in leafy greens like kale and spinach, vitamin oils, and cereal grains. K2 is in fermented foods and animal products like butter and egg yolks. It can also be produced by the good bacteria in our gut. (Remember, a healthy gut is very important!)

vitamin k benefits

Vitamin K Benefits

Research is still underway in regards to the skincare benefits of vitamin K, so stay tuned! However, this vitamin carries many health benefits, and we all know that good skin is a common side effect of good health. Regardless, here are the potential skincare benefits of vitamin K:

  • It can also strengthen the skin. Many vitamin K skincare products can minimize scars and reduce the look of spider veins and stretch marks! 
  • Vitamin K can prevent and reduce bruising. Mature skin can bruise easily due to weakened capillaries. This vitamin works to strengthen those blood vessels so that your bruises heal faster. Vitamin K can also be applied topically after laser treatments, fillers, and other procedures to prevent swelling and bruising! 
  • It can help fade under-eye circles. Dark circles are caused by weakened capillaries (the same blood vessels that can cause bruising). Because vitamin K is great for bruising and increasing circulation, it can help fade those pesky undereye circles in a flash. Be sure and pair it with your favorite retinol or caffeine product for a double-punch. 
  • Vitamin K reduces inflammation. This vitamin works to reduce inflammation and calm redness by improving blood circulation. So whether you have sensitive skin or you’re regularly exposed to the sun and free radicals, vitamin K can soothe redness.

The Best Vitamin K Products

Revision Skincare Vitamin K Serum, $49

Calms and condition your skin with an antioxidant blend plus Phytonadione, a potent form of Vitamin K, and Arnica Montana Extract, a natural botanical extract that soothes skin and reduces the appearance of redness.

LovelySkin Vitamin K Creme, $22

This advanced skincare cream reduces the intensity of discoloration and aids in speeding up the healing process after bruising occurs.

Dermal K Vitamin K Cream, $22.99

Dermal-K Clarifying Cream is a moisturizing cream made with vitamin K and natural fragrance from botanicals. Vitamin K cream promotes youthful-looking skin by reducing the appearance of discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles. The paraben-free formula is safe for use on the sensitive skin under your eyes to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

HD Beauty Vitamin K & Green Tea Brightening Eye Cream, $22

This brightening eye cream contains plumping hyaluronic acid and vitamin K to minimize the appearance of dark circles. It also fights visible puffiness and soothes skin with organic almond, avocado, and sesame oils. 

Dermlogic Vitamin K Cream with Arnica, $29.98

This vitamin K cream contains maximum strength vitamin k and arnica to help clear and fade marks and spots from bruises and bruised skin. It also improves microcirculation in the capillary area to reduce the appearance of spider veins, helping to clear them from your face and body. Finally, the powerful blend of anti-aging botanical peptide creams (including hyaluronic acid) reverses years of puffiness and under-eye dark circles, improving collagen and elasticity.

If you’re looking to turn back the hands of time on your face, there’s no better place to start than in the area under your eyes. The sensitive skin is so fine and delicate that it needs additional attention to keep it looking plump and youthful. Vitamin K can make a world of difference when it comes to reducing puffiness and discoloration, making your eyes look and feel better with each day you use a quality product. 

If you really want to maximize the benefits of vitamin K, pair it with retinol! Here’s everything you need to know about adding a retinol to your skincare routine

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