LOLA Collective: The Secret to the Best Decolletage

LOLA Collective: The Secret to the Best Decolletage

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I am a big believer in loving the skin you’re in. As I navigate through my PRiME years, I’ve come to realize I can love my skin while taking better care of it by using natural products like LOLA Collective.

Lola’s flagship collection is the “Time To Glow Décolletage Collection,” aimed at helping women improve the appearance of their neck and chest areas. They wanted to go far beyond a simple neck cream or moisturizer. With a team of experts, they created a 3-step line designed to attack this problem area in a 24/7 continuous effort while making it easy to stick with the routine.

One week ago, I started applying the Time to Glow 3-Step Décolletage Anti-Wrinkle Collection, and I can already see a difference. LOLA Collective is the premiere neck and chest skincare solution. Their three products work together to fight the signs of aging with natural ingredients. They reverse sun damage and plump skin as an alternative to medical procedures.

LOLA Collective

The brand’s mission is to serve the most often neglected areas of skin. Founded by Shawna Haider, a wife and mother of 3 boys who found herself growing increasingly more frustrated each passing year by the appearance of her aging neck and chest area. She soon realized that she had been missing parts of her skincare routine over the years that no one had ever talked about. Most women protect their face, their arms, and legs but never really think of what she came to learn was called the ‘décolletage.’ Teaming up with biochemists, dermatologists, and other females experiencing similar frustrations, she founded Lola Collective with the sole mission to serve the most neglected areas of the skin.

Best Decolletage Products

The Time to Glow collection starts with a sleep mask. The Good Night Décolletage Sleep Mask goes on before bed to help prevent the fine lines and creases that side sleeping creates by tightening the area. This product contains both Gatuline® and Argireline® and targets expression lines and deep-set wrinkles. By relaxing the muscles, contractions are reduced, and wrinkles appear less prominent, so your skin is noticeably plumper when you wake up. No heavy lifting, just apply and say good night.

Lola Collective Good Night Decolletage Sleep Mask


Followed by the Bright Morning Smoothing Cream, this all-day moisturizer has absolutely no greasy residue and contains Argireline®, known as nature’s Botox due to its ability to freeze surface muscles. It renews skin, hydrates to activate our skin’s natural defenses, improves firmness and elasticity, and best of all, it smells good.

Lola Collective Bright Morning Decolletage Smoothing Cream


Finally, after sun exposure, LOLA Collective created Damage Control Vitamin C Primer to help reduce redness and even out blotchy skin. I live in the South and enjoy all outside activities. I apply sunscreen, but my chest has seen the effects of UV rays. After applying this product, it had the most immediate effect on my skin, and I’m not alone. In controlled studies with two groups of women aged 45- 56, these women showed a visible reduction in fine wrinkles of up to 51% from the first application of the Damage Control Vitamin C Primer. Participants reported firmer, smoother skin after 28 days of use. The secret sauce? Gatuline® In-Tense.  This is a natural botanical extract from the flower of the Paracress (Spilanthes acmella) plant known for its anti-inflammatory and pain relief qualities.   With just a few drops of Damage Control Vitamin C Primer serum, your skin’s architecture is rearranged, and your skin’s natural defense process is activated, resulting in your best decolletage.

Lola Collective Damage Control Vitamin C Primer


Try It Yourself

While I’ve always been proud of my deep expression lines because they help me remember who I am and the wonderful life I’ve lived. As these lines fade away, I can honestly say that I won’t miss them. The three steps in LOLA Collective work to help improve the neck and chest area day and night in an easy-to-stick-with routine. Fill in, plump up, and tighten all day and all night!

You should try LOLA Collective, and if you use code PRiME15, you’ll receive 15% off of your purchase (enter the code at checkout to receive the discount).

How to Improve your neck & chest area with Time To Glow Décolletage Collection by Lola Collective


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