Keep Skin Moisturized in Cold Weather with these Tricks

keep skin moisturized

Here it comes, the crisp fall air! It’s time to get our skin prepared for the colder, windier days.I always find myself warmer in the fall/winter as I wear so many thin layers of clothing. And this could also apply to your skin care regimen. Layering lightweight, nourishing ingredients helps keep skin moisturized!

Here are some of my favorite ingredients to keep skin moisturized:

Vitamin C & Ginseng Serum

  • Stimulates dry, dehydrated skin to keep skin moisturized. Combined with Vitamins A and C, this serum helps to repair skin roughness while promoting cell regeneration and smoother skin.
  • It increases the production of collagen and stimulates the fibroblasts. It also contains Vitamin E, which is a natural moisture binder that aids in skin elasticity and oxygen absorption, a highly effective anti-oxidant.
  • Try my serum and see what you think.

Emu Oil

  • It is a deep, penetrative moisturizer; a cell nourishment with essential fatty acids to keep skin moisturized.
  • It quickly and easily absorbs into the skin, rather than simply “sitting” on the top layer of your skin cells, as most other oils and lotions do. It travels deep in your epidermis.
  • It is non-comodogenic, so it will not clog pores or cause acne or other skin ailments.
  • It is anti-inflammatory as emu oil contains linolenic and oleic acids; the essential fatty acids your body needs to nourish its cells. Research has shown that emu oil can thicken the skin, which reduces the appearance of aging. It also regenerates collagen which helps keep our skin supple, elastic and smooth.
  • It has excellent healing properties; it can be used for scars, burns, arthritis and muscle aches. In fact, many people use 100% pure emu oil for relief of symptoms related to numerous conditions, including eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, rheumatism, and hair loss.

Grapeseed Oil

  • High in linoleic acid.
  • Gentle, thin & silky delivery of hydration.
  • Good choice for those with nut allergies.

Avocado Oil

  • Lubricating and skin-nourishing qualities (Vitamins A, D, E and K )
  • Avocado oil has the highest penetration rate of any plant oil
  • Healing, softening and anti-wrinkle properties with anti-bacterial properties.

Marula Oil

  • Marula oil is rich in essential fatty acids Omega 9 – oleic and Omega 6 – linoleic that deeply hydrate and reduce redness while nourishing, healing, moisturizing and improving skin elasticity.
  • Marula oil helps reduce transepidermal water loss and increases the smoothness of skin.
  • It is easily absorbed, supports the natural buildup of the skin’s lipid layers and possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Hyaluronic Acid

  • Hyaluronic is unmatched in being able to hold more water (1000 times its weight) than any other natural substance, and aids in cell renewal and rejuvenation.
  • Results in increased smoothness, softening and decreased wrinkles.
  • Has the texture of water so it feels weightless and excellent for layering.

Hyaluronic Acid is a major constituent of the extra-cellular matrix surrounding rapidly dividing cells. It has been shown to be an integral component in the rapid wound healing observed in fetal and neonatal organisms. In addition, the cellular actions precipitated by Hyaluronic Acid are integral to the seemingly magical biochemistry of fetal development. It is well documented that fetal tissues contain large amounts of Hyaluronic Acid and that decreasing Hyaluronic Acid content correlates with aging and wrinkling. Therefore, practical attempts to prolong and recapture youth by revitalizing damaged tissue should include this molecule.

Stem Cell

The fascinating thing about stem cells is their regeneration ability. Found in all multicellular organisms, they can self-replicate and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types in order to propagate the growth of an existing cell type. When applied to the skin, they result in wrinkle reduction, collagen proliferation and skin rejuvenation. In short, they protect the human epidermal skin cells from damage and deterioration.

The most promising stem cell so far has come from the tree known as Uttwiler Spatlauber, cultivated in Switzerland 300 years ago. These apples form a protective film made of stem cells on the surface when the apple is cut. Liposome encapsulated apple stem cells topical cream in a clinical study, reduced wrinkle depth by an average of 15% after four weeks.  (, September 2017)

  • Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Preserves longevity of skin stem cells
  • Preserves the vitality and youthful appearance of skin

So what to do with all of these ingredients??  Keep layering! One of our best potions is our Cocktail of Oils which is a blend of Avocado, Marula, Avocado and Jojoba oil. It’s so lightweight and you can use this over your serums or layer with moisturizers. You can even use this over your foundation mid-day when you are feeling dry. Just take a couple of drops and pat it into your skin(press lightly), around your eyes or around your mouth and it will feel so good!

You can also add the hyaluronic acid to your water based lotions that you have or with the Ginseng + Vitamin C serum. It’s an explosion of lightweight emulsions to keep skin moisturized!



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